Living Room LED Lighting Ideas

Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes and the compact size and longevity of LEDs allow for a huge variety of light fixture types and designs. From luxurious crystal pendant lights to ultra-functional task lighting, you are sure to find an LED light that will suit your needs. Keep in mind the desired mood of lighting for your space as LEDs can come in a wide range of color temperatures. For bright task lighting, diffuse accent lighting, or ambient mood lighting, LED fixtures are a great choice for your living room.

Much the Same

Living room LED floor lamp ideas
VL38 Radiohus LED Floor Lamp By Louis Poulsen

LED Floor lamps are versatile not only because theyre easily movable but also theres one for any design scheme, from exposed Edison light bulbs to modern and sleek. Using the same design for LED wall sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps will provide different layers of light to a living room while maintaining a cohesive look. Since LED light is directional, you can adjust your various lighting fixtures to ensure an even wash of light throughout the living space.

Anything But Minimal

Living Room led cluster pendant ideas
Urban Mini LED Pendant Light from Axolight

Create a dramatic effect in your living room with LED pendant lights by clustering a large number of similar fixtures at variable heights. While anything but minimal, this type of grouping can still add to a minimalist aesthetic while providing warm, diffuse illumination for relaxing and entertaining.

In a Line

led living room ceiling lights
Urban Mini LED Pendant Light from Axolight

Another take on using similar fixtures at variable heights, this design takes it one step further with long-form LED flush mounted lights of different sizes. Instead of a large cluster, choose to place 3 or more in a line and add to the symmetry by creating a pattern with the sizes.

Better When Were Together

LED wall sconces for the living room
Tersus LED Wall Sconce from Cerno

LED wall sconces are better when used in a pair. Placed on either side of a fireplace or other interesting aspects, wall sconces in a neutral shade allow the feature to remain the focal point while providing ample accent lighting to the space. Up the usefulness by putting the lights on dimmers so that if task lighting isnt needed, they can be used to create the right mood of ambient illumination.

Star of the Show

living room led wall scone ideas
Sestessa LED Wall Light By ZANEEN design

Allow LED wall lights to become the focal point themselves by closely mounting a pair of sconces that are beautifully designed. The ring shape of these lights, along with the rippled nature of the shade, throws unique and eye-catching shadows across the wall while providing effective task lighting. The sconces can be incorporated nicely with other light fixtures for a perfect layered light effect.

Disappearing Act

living room led flush mount lighting ideas
Robotic LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from ZANEEN design

LED technology allows for an ever-changing range of lighting fixtures. Slim profiles and less ambient heat mean that you can install LED lights in ways that are less obtrusive. Using a design that virtually disappears into the ceiling lets beautiful natural scenery take center stage.

Artful Illumination

living room led chandelier
Parallel Ring LED Chandelier from Hammerton Studio

Looking more like a hanging art installation than a chandelier, the LED lights in this fixture provide diffuse light for a relaxing atmosphere. Because LED lights can come in almost any color temperature, be sure to choose a fixture that complements the style of the room and provides the necessary type of light.

Small but Mighty

LED clip on table lamp for living room task lighting
Jackie LED Table Lamp from ZANEEN design

LEDs have a slimmer profile which allows for more robust task lighting in a smaller package. When choosing an LED task light that will be used primarily for reading or evening tasks, choose a fixture that gives off cooler bluish lights.

Cozy and Cool

Living room led floor lamps
Jackie LED Floor Lamp from ZANEEN design

LED lights can be found in a range of color temperatures, from warm yellows to cool blues. Using an LED light that skews to the cooler side of the spectrum can create a cozy nook with plenty of task lighting for reading, relaxing, or enjoying a cup of tea.

Unique Situations

LED Flush mount and wall light ideas
Formala Plus LED Flush Mount Ceiling / Wall Light By ZANEEN design

The slim profile and flexible design of LED lights make possible more avant-garde lighting fixture design. Combine modern design with natural elements, such as the curved shape of a light or using natural materials, for a unique and artful aesthetic.

Giving Direction

Up down living room wall sconces
Dau Doble LED Wall Light from ZANEEN design

LED wall sconces allow for better control of directional lighting. Instead of choosing a fixture that only directs light upward, opt for sconces that provide wall washing illumination directed upward and downward. Use in pairs or groupings of 3 or more to highlight a focal wall or interesting piece of furniture.

Symmetrical Illumination

symmetrical living room wall sconces
Wave LED Wall Sconce from Grok

Create a comfortable seating nook by using LED wall sconces that project light upward and are reminiscent of the sun. For a contemporary rustic approach, be sure to incorporate natural touches like small plants, wood and leather furniture, and earthy colors. Use a pair of sconces to frame the area and provide balance and symmetry.

Dramatic Effect

living room led chandeliers
Mara Grande LED Chandelier By Tech Lighting

Theres nothing more dramatic than a multi-tier chandelier. The LED bulbs in each of the individual frosted globes provide softly diffused illumination throughout the room. Choosing a sculptural suspension light for your living room adds an artful focal point as well as perfect ambient lighting.

Banish the Dark

Wooden living room wall sconces
Tersus LED Wall Sconce from Cerno

Create a dramatic effect in a dark corner by choosing an LED wall sconce that bounces light up and down the wall and illuminates the unique textures of the space. Another task lighting will be required in addition to this accent fixture but layering light in this way is sure to complement the style of your living room.

Sleek Lines

Double suspension led chandelier
Ellisse LED Double Suspension Light from Nemo

The compact nature of LEDs allows for a wider range of inspiring designs. Choosing an LED fixture comprised of adjustable suspended bar lights will provide diffuse illumination in the direction of your choosing for overall ambient lighting and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Unexpected Elegance

living room LED floor lamp
Fons LED Floor Lamp from Cerno

LED floor lamps can be just as modern and effective as a beautiful chandelier. For a sophisticated take on a standard floor lamp, choose one that has clean lines, a minimal design, and an unexpected twist like a long boom arm with an adjustable-height shade.

Whether you need diffuse lighting provided by wall sconces or a floor lamp to yield bright task lighting for a reading nook, you are sure to find a good option in LED fixtures. And because they are available in a wide range of color temperatures and work great with dimmers, LED lights will be the perfect complement to the other fixtures in your living room lighting arrangement.

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