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Let’s face it learning another language is challenging. So, why not plan a holiday in Provence that combines learning French and photography skills improvement? Avril Vanlerberghe is a language specialist based in Provence, and this summer, she is offering French and Photography experiences in July and August. These immersion programs blend classroom time, Provencal food and wine, and photography lessons – booking now!

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Avril en Provence

Avril Vanlerberghe is a certified translator who completed master-level studies in two languages (English and Spanish). She is fully bilingual and has leveraged her academic training by assisting foreigners in improving their French language skills for more than 13 years. After working with European Institutions staff in Brussels and as an interpreter for seven (7) years, Avril moved to the South of France and launched – Avril en Provence. From one-on-one training to classroom settings to simultaneous translation, please look at her impressive CV here.

Avril en Provence French Lessons

Based in a quaint village near Avignon, Avril supports clients wanting to improve their French level for professional (job interview, negotiations, technical language) or personal (relocation, connections) reasons. As learning styles are different for every individual, Avril adjusts her programming to suit. For example, she understands that French grammar and verb conjugation are tricky, but Avril makes the process entertaining with games and activities. Join Avril online or, better yet, in person this summer for a French immersion holiday.

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French and Photography

What could be better than French lessons in a charming village in the Provencal countryside?

Perhaps four (4) days of French classes in the morning followed by photography workshops in the afternoon. These language immersion holidays are limited to six (6) participants ensuring that everyone gets plenty of time with Avril for French studies and Emilie Reynaud-Cochet, a talented photographer. The language program incorporates topics covered during the workshops providing you with the essential grammar tools for communication.

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Emilie Reynaud-Cochet is a French photographer with international experience from Bolivia and Malawi to Cambodia. A graduate of L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Lyon, she has participated in several photography festivals including Les Rencontres d’Arles (2011), Phot’Aix (2018) and Le Parcours de l’Art d’Avignon (2018). Her work is a stunning collection of landscapes, portraits, and sporting events. During the French and Photography experiences, Emilie Reynaud-Cochet will expand your photography skills through image composition, narration, and lighting effects. Explore Reynaud-Cochet’s work here and here.

French and Photography is an incredible opportunity to combine language immersion with learning technical aspects of photo taking.

Registrations are open for the following dates:
July: 11-15 or 25- 29, 2022
August: 8 -12, 2022
Alternate dates are available upon request.

What does it cost?
The cost of this program is 1400 Euros/person for 15 hours of classroom work and 15 hours of photo workshops. This cost includes all the class materials, photography sessions, printed supplies, a souvenir book, and the classroom rental. Please note that the pricing does not include airfare, transportation, accommodation, or food costs.

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French Immersion Holiday

Aside from the French and Photography program described above, Avril has developed other thematic immersion holidays. Whether your interests lie in food, wine, local culture, or history, each morning starts with some classroom time. Then, the afternoons are a chance to test your newfound skills during an excursion in the region. Encounters might include local producers, artisans, or holiday accommodation owners: these self-improvement holidays are a cultural immersion and an opportunity to discover Provence while learning French.

Roussillon Ochre Cliffs

The following language-focused programs include 15 hours of classroom instruction plus workshops or cultural activities:

  • French and Photography
  • Food and Wine
  • French for Ladies
  • French and Theater (July only)

Plan to arrive the day before the workshop starts and leave the last day or the following day. If required, placement tests or pre-course interviews are completed online on Zoom, free of charge, for 30 minutes.

What about accommodation and transportation?
Avril is happy to organize accommodation and transportation for an additional fee. Alternatively, you can make your arrangements.

Avril en Provence French Language Teacher

Connect with Avril en Provence

Avril en Provence (website)
Email: contact@avril-en-provence.com

Avril en Provence delivers an open, dynamic, and playful teaching method based on conversation and practice. Whether your proficiency level is elementary or advanced, Avril helps you improve your language skills and overcome any fear of speaking. In addition, you will communicate more efficiently with native French speakers based on games and authentic situations.

Professional Training: Business French, Diplomatic French, Press French, exam training (DELF, TCF), and interpreter training.

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