Kids love clowns


I know. I know. You’re thinking: No they don’t. Kids are terrified of clowns. But the numbers don’t lie. It turns out, there might be a bunch of baby Pennywise the Clowns darkening your doorstep this Halloween. Will they be holding one red balloon and scaring the shit out of you?  Answer: Yes. Solution? Deal with it.

This week, according to findings published by Google’s 2019 Halloween costume trends, the most searched costume in September of 2019 was “IT.” Now, you might dismissively assume that this is only adults searching for adult costumes that would allow them to be Pennywise the Clown from IT. But there’s a problem with that thinking: It’s very possible that parents are searching for “IT” costumes for their kids. To which I say: What is wrong with everyone?

Stephen King is great and there’s nothing wrong with digging his books. This past year, I actually felt like I finally understood the dad in Pet Sematary for the first time. (He’s a good person and did nothing wrong.) But, I’m not sure about parents or children dressing up as Pennywise the Clown from IT. Because is this Google trend report is correct, you’re going to see a lot of adult Pennywises, and where there are adult Pennywises, that means there are at least a couple of baby Pennywises.

Still, according to Google, the most popular baby Halloween costume is a banana. Which, is thankfully, something Pennywise will hopefully never get near, ever.

For dads who don’t give a crap about their bodies, there’s also some good news. According to Google, the “Fat Thor” costume is up 4600 percent from last year. Which is interesting, because it seems to imply there was some lovely portion of the population who was searching for “Fat Thor” last year before Avengers: Endgame even came out. Did these people will “Fat Thor” into existence? If so, can they magically make Pennywise costumes go away?

Also, we prefer the term “Dad Bod Thor” and that is final. In fact, I’m dressed as Dad Bod Thor right now. And every day until I start running again.

Here’s Fatherly’s guide to great baby Halloween costumes that aren’t totally deranged. 
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