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Got out my journaling Bible.

Youngest sent us all a porch message using sidewalk chalk.

Breakfast prep the other day - burritos.
After more than 3 weeks, my MRH order finally came.  However, it came minus my stinging nettle, so I'll be checking the barns for it.
We made a trip to town, due to the mower blade needing replaced (which we forgot to bring with us).  We, at a safe distance, paid Mom a yard visit and dropped her off some groceries and necessities.  By necessities I mean wine.  She told us if she ran out she was "leaving her house."  We were not having any of that happening.  Nope.  We even scored toilet paper for her and us.  We looked like a gang with our masks on.  Mom was so happy to see real faces and talk to real people. I had gotten text messages prior to doing this and she sounded so depressed and crying.  I'm glad we made her day much better.  It was a drive for us, so we didn't get anything done at home, but if I can say I did something, it was take care of my mother.
Update on the "case" of the virus at Hubby's work.  He tracked down the person, and it was one who is habitual at finding an excuse to not work for months on end.  He told Hubby he had a sinus infection, which is why he had a fever, but they treated him as a virus case (without testing) suited him up in a hazmat suit and sent him home.  That's the problem now.  How are the numbers even showing true facts when they mark any illness (without testing) as the virus?
Our county is stating 49 "cases" but they are not testing all those "cases" either.  They stated "probable" and this is making a lot of shake our heads.
Once again, we woke up around 4am.  We are just now trying to pick items off our to-do list considering it's 30-some degrees out right now.  
Oh, one new tidbit - after shelling out $300 for Jesse's vet bill (which I felt was much lower than we expected), we had to shell out another $250 (much more than expected) to an emergency vet last night for Jasper (20 year-old daughter's cat).  He apparently has an inflamed bladder due to stress from moving.  He's now on meds.
Getting the new mower blade is back on the to-do list.  I guess our brains are not remembering stuff correctly right now.  If we can find someone open anyway.
One last note.  One of the cats that most likely were dropped here is pregnant.  We will be making calls to see if any animal control can pick her up before she has them.  I'm already feeding 3 cats right now, and another stray that hasn't left (we had 3 strays, now down to 2). #Homesteading #Kids #Family #Pandemic #Cats
Homesteading Kids Family Pandemic Cats

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