It may be more widely known for its fried chicken and hospitality, but the American South has  produced some beautiful baby names


These old-school names evoke charm, grace, tradition, and all the sweeter things in life. They strike the right balance between unique and established, ensuring your kid will neither blend in with the crowd nor face a lifetime of people asking them to repeat themselves. First names are a big part of first impressions, and Southern baby names, for girls and boys alike, set your child up for success. After all, anyone named Harper, Carlisle, or Selena just sounds like they’re bound for greatness, don’t you think? 
Southern Baby Names For Girls Addison Birdie Anna May Ada Caroline  Charlotte Kasey Georgia Ida Maribelle Magnolia Savannah Scarlette Ruby Millie Virginia Betsy Bea Celia Virginia Daisy Everleigh Violet Frankie Henrietta Isabelle Ingram Lucille Mae Vivian Nellie Stella Clarise  Dolly Etta Dottie Effie Hattie JoEllen Lala Lottie Louise Mellie  Trudy Nessie  Myrtle Opal Rita Selena Viola Wilma Sage Southern Baby Names For Boys Billy Abott Spencer Ardy Bennett Carlisle Jackson Stratton  Mason Sterling Tanner Marcus Dawson Davis Elliot  Duke Edison Walker Everette Graham Grady Francis Greer Hucksley Emmet Jackson Emerson Harrison Keaton Jasper Landon Jefferson Lester Merle Wylie Tucker Victor Warrick Hunter Knox Magnus Watson Wesley Quinton Orville Weston Wilson Wyatt Pratt Ramsey Preston Redmond Nolan Percy  Tuck Wesley Yates Southern Baby Names For Everyone Harper Sawyer Taylor Atticus Harley Julep Raleigh Darcy Winnie Greyson Reese Quinn Rowan Constance Related Articles: Don't Freak Out, But Chipotle Is Almost Out of Meat Netflix Might Start Cracking Down on Password-Sharing With Kids Books on Racism, Sexism Jelani Memory Follows Fred Rogers Scared Parents Are Avoiding Playdates For "Safety Concerns"
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