If You’re Feeling Down, These 105 Wholesome Posts Might Lift You Up (New Pics)

When life gives you lemons... you do what? Make limoncello! This attitude is what we’re all about in this post. In times of the pandemic, political turmoil and soaring real estate prices that feel like yet another economic crash is somewhere around the corner (not like we care, most millennials have come to terms with the fact that they won’t be able to afford a house in this lifetime, so we find comfort in a $10 avocado toast instead), we need to lift ourselves up and balance out all the negativity.

So please, make yourself a warm cup of tea, bring on those biscuits, and tuck yourself in with a warm blanket, because we prepared you a good news-only compilation with some heart-soothing and emotionally recharging posts.

Because the truth is, no matter what, there are always good people who bring back hope when we need it the most. And some more good news awaits in our previous post right here.

#1 Inspirational

Image credits: ahmedhankir

#2 The Last Two Runners In The Pittsburgh Marathon Not Letting Each Other Quit. Whoever These Two Runners Are, They Totally Made My Day

Image credits: Daniel Heckert

#3 Woman With Down Syndrome Opens Her Own Bakery After Getting Rejected From Every Bakery She Applied To

Image credits: colletteyscookies

#4 My Grandmom Is Legally Blind And Made Me This Blanket. She Told That She Had To Keep Calling Her Friend To Come To Look At It And Make Sure The Pattern Was Correct. I Love It

Image credits: Miranda Anderson

#5 I Was An Addict For Over 10 Years Of My Life But My Son Came Into This World With A Sober Dad

Image credits: huntervsaddiction

#6 What A Strong Relationship

Image credits: muzzpete

#7 After My Parents Never Vaccinating Me And Raising Me To Not Believe In Vaccines I Decided Enough Was Enough And Got My Pfizer Covid Vaccine

Image credits: dieselprogro

#8 This Gentleman Buying His First House

Image credits: askdoctornate

#9 It's Never Too Late

Image credits: DouglasLumsden1

#10 Beating Anorexia - 2-Year Transformation

Image credits: CalorieMuncher

#11 Jax Is 13 Years Young, He Can’t Walk Very Far Nowadays But Would Be Heartbroken If We Didn’t Take Him For A Walk. So We Pull Him In His Wagon

Image credits: naturalhiker705

#12 One Year Being Myself

Image credits: WakaWaka789_

#13 My Son Was Born Today. I Don't Have Anyone Else To Share It With

Image credits: Rickyspanish33

#14 I Think He Did Great At Announcing Our Pregnancy

Image credits: Cassie Stoddard

#15 A Journey

Image credits: BenInLDN

#16 Please Stop Throwing Kittens Out In The Road, Mkay? I'm Running Out Of Names. Here's Cheese

Image credits: power-cube

#17 Lost My Mom Recently After Being Her Caretaker For 20+ Years. I Have Been Going Through Her House And She Has Left Me Notes All Over In Drawers And On Paperwork

It makes me forget about the last 5 years of her dementia and the struggles. She was a sweet loving woman and knew I'd need this.

Image credits: Pyrojodge

#18 You Go, Girl

Image credits: TinaLasisi

#19 The Levels Of Cute Here. I Cannot

Image credits: vivianho

#20 My Wife Is On Her Way Home Right Now And Probably Thinks She's Going To Have To Immediately Take Over Taking Care Of The Kids. This Is What I Have Waiting For Her Instead

She got up at 2 AM this morning to hike a mountain with some friends.

Image credits: JephriB

#21 A Little Boy About 3 Came Up To Me And Asked If My Head Was Cold. I Said Yes A Little Bit (Melbourne Weather) He Took His Beanie Off And Said That I Could Have It

I thanked him with tears in my eyes and said back to him that he would get cold. He came back with I have another one.

Image credits: Tracey Ryan

#22 Now His Teacher Will Not Complain

Image credits: neil-gaiman

#23 This Father And Son Were Treated By The Same Nurse At NICU More Than 30 Years Apart

So as many of you may know, our son was born 10 weeks early at St. Peters hospital and has been in the NICU ever since (he's doing amazing btw!). What some of you may not know is that his father (my amazing fiancee) was also born about 6 weeks early at the same hospital! Last Sunday, he dug out his baby book to show me. As I was looking through, I came across a picture of him as a baby and a lady holding him. I knew that lady!! I immediately asked him who she was and he confirmed that she was the nurse who took care of him during his stay in the NICU and his mom loved her so much that she needed a photo of the two of them on the day he was discharged! Well, the reason I know her is because I swore she was the nurse that had been taking care of our baby boy for the past three days! David didn't believe me. We brought the picture to the hospital where 3 other nurses confirmed it was her! Yesterday (Valentine's Day) she was back at work and taking care of our little nugget again so we had to recreate the picture! The past 2 weeks have been filled with worries and uncertainty but we can breathe easy knowing my lil nuggets nurse is the same one that helped the man I love when he was in the same situation.

Image credits: Renata Freydin

#24 One Year Since My Wife Brought A Flea Ridden, Tiny Baby Back To Life With A Blood Transfusion

Image credits: Paradoxial85

#25 Jennifer Rocha Took Her Graduation Pictures In The California Fields Where She Has Worked Along Her Immigrant Farmworker Parents Harvesting Vegetables, For Many Years

She is the first member of her family ever to attain a high school degree. 

Image credits: Ana Navarro

#26 My Mom Is On Hospice And Her Little Chihuahua Stays At Her Side 24/7. My Dad Feeds Him Dinner In Her Lap Every Night And Then Brings His Water Over To Him

Image credits: Ashley Mills

#27 Absolute King

Image credits: mattdoogue

#28 My Friends And I Organized A Skirt Day For All To Fight Against Gender Norms

Image credits: reditnooby

#29 A Customer Canceled An Order Of 5 Dozen Cookies Because They Saw An Image Of A Rainbow Cookie. The Bakery Asked If Anyone Wanted To Buy The Extra Cookies

That's a line of people wrapped around the block waiting to buy cookies in this bakery in Lufkin, TX. Happy pride month.

Image credits: Kenneth French

#30 This Is The Kind Of True Love I Want

Image credits: mattdavelewis

#31 Randall Champion Accidentally Touched A High-Voltage Line, Electrifying Himself And Stopping His Heart

A fellow linemen J.D. Thompson performed mouth-to-mouth CPR until paramedics arrived. Champion survived. This famous photo is known as "The Kiss of Life." (1967)

Image credits: Rocco Morabito

#32 Guy Spots The Most Adorable Little Squirrels Napping Just Outside His Window

Image credits: krisstijan

#33 Jellybean Does Not Like The Cone Of Shame. He Tolerates The Flower Of Protection

Image credits: pokitgiraffe

#34 I’ve Been A Full Time Single Dad Since November, And Today I Took My Girls To Get Our Nails Done. It Was My First Time And I Love It

Image credits: Benzorgz

#35 Father Brad Lewis Saved His Youngest Son From Falling Off A Balcony By Jumping After Him

His youngest had very little injury's as a result of his father cradling him to his chest and taking the blunt of the hit. Lewis survived with a fractured skull, bruising and other injuries.

Image credits: Bianca Park

#36 Every Dog Owner Ever

Image credits: juliagalef

#37 It’s Things Like This That People Will Never Forget

Image credits: skg_18

#38 Dude Offering To Just Listen To Anyone Who Wants To Talk On A Road By My Parents' House

Image credits: Asiriomi

#39 Todd, The Saviour

Image credits: dog_rates

#40 I’m Not Sure Who This Man Is. We Took All 6 Kids To Eat At Fernandos And All Brekken Wanted Was To Eat With Him

I’m sure this man just wanted to eat his meal in peace but Brekken had other plans. He was continuously crying and as I got up to take him to the car this man asked to get him. Brekken instantly stopped crying and sat and ate chips and salsa and had a conversation with him until he was ready to go. Brekken was completely content and told him bye like he had known him his whole life. It’s the small things! So, if you know him, please tell him again I said thank you. He didn’t have to do what he did but completely made Brekken’s whole day.

Image credits: Amy Wadford

#41 Creator Of Courage The Cowardly Dog Being Awesome

Image credits: lasagnabriagna

#42 Got The Covid-19 Vaccine Behind My Anti-Vax Parents Backs

Image credits: EdgyDabber

#43 Outside My Hotel

Image credits: matt120501

#44 Lovely Friendship

Image credits: Jaraigne Claire Sagucio

#45 Sebastian Vettel Wears Rainbow Rainbow Mask And T-Shirt During The Drivers Parade To Support LGBT Community

Image credits: AstonMartinF1

#46 Made My Delivery Driver’s Night By Showing Him VR For The First Time

Image credits: vaskemaskine

#47 Need To Be Prepared

Image credits: KatiHartwig

#48 I’m Two Years Sober Today

Image credits: hazelclaw

#49 Two Best Friends

Image credits: SweetLife8019

#50 A Swedish Engineer Has Invented A Suit That Will Change The Lives Of People With Parkinson's And Stroke. With The Help Of Electrical Stimulation, It Helps To Get Rid Of Tremors

Image credits: Mollii

#51 Mother Donates Her Deceased Sons Heart To A 4 Year Old Girl And Takes A Listen

"Amid the unthinkable grief of losing her son Lukas, Heather made a decision that saved three lives. Jordan received Lukas' precious heart when she was just 18 months old. Yesterday, Heather heard her son's heartbeat for the first time in nearly three years."

Image credits: Donate Life Arizona

#52 Saw That Every Time I Watered The Plants There Were Bees Drinking From The Ground So I Made A Bee Bath Out Of A Bowl And Rocks

Every day when I get home there are a bunch of them drinking and buzzing around. They are my cute little friends now.

Image credits: Whatifdogscouldread

#53 Don't Have Someone With Whom I Can Celebrate So I Thought To Celebrate With My Online Homies, Guys I Am One Year Sober

Image credits: Cupcake_dipper

#54 Also Important For Parents Of Small Children

Image credits: WFKARS

#55 My “Brother” Turned 14 Years Old Today! He Enjoyed A Long Car Ride, Swimming In The Ocean And Some Cheeseburgers! Everyone Wish Dakota A Happy Birthday

We’ve had him since he was a puppy!

Image credits: Blakely Thomas

#56 These Two Are Melting Everyone's Hearts

Image credits: dog_rates

#57 Single Mother Dressed Up As A Dad, So The Kid Wouldn’t Miss Donuts With Dad Day

Today at my son Elijah's school, as I was dropping him off, I asked him why there were so many cars. He said "donuts with dad", so we quickly went back home because I wasn't about to let him miss out. I know seeing other dads with their kids isn't easy for mine but its life, at least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face, so here it goes.

Image credits: Yevette Vasquez

#58 Here’s My Autistic Brother Playing With Some Cats That Wandered Onto Our Deck. God I Love This Image

Image credits: ThaCandianGuy917

#59 This Connects To A Lot Of People

Image credits: D0NW0N

#60 Lieutenant Dangle, Thomas Lennon, Working At Walmart To Raise Money For A Hospital Today

Image credits: werdmouf

#61 You Guys, I Struggle With Severe Anxiety And I Took Myself To The Fair And Even Won A Dolphin! I’m Gonna Name Him Charlie

Image credits: Pristine-Tomorrow710

#62 Milk Pup Doin A Cuddle

Image credits: twiceasdreaded

#63 This Is Comet. He Loves Car Rides

Image credits: tingtingu

#64 It Was A Picture Day At Doggy Daycare Today

Image credits: malynnskie2531

#65 Why It's Important To Support Small Businesses

Image credits: KPRC2Gil

#66 I Have A Disability But I Didn’t Let That Stop Me From Publishing My First Book

Image credits: 2PmBoost

#67 A 5-Week-Old Sleeping Next To His 101-Year-Old Great-Grandfather

Image credits: GoldenChinchilla

#68 Perfectly Written

Image credits: Beaufort Chalkboard

#69 Hunched Over, Letting My 10 Month Old "Walk" To The Truck, I Saw This Outside An Albertsons, Under A Bush, Completely Blank

As a struggling stay at home dad, we could have really used this. Turned it into the counter, turns out it's an old man's rent $ and he'd been stressing all day about it.

Image credits: ImThe1Wh0

#70 Lovely Advice

Image credits: Wheatland Manor

#71 Comfort Dog At The Airport

Image credits: AuthorityAnarchyYes

#72 Tweeting Bird

Image credits: toomanycarz

#73 Broke My Family's Poverty Cycle - My Wife And I Just Bought Our First Home

Image credits: PrattlesnakeEsquire

#74 After Years Of Battling Anorexia And Reaching My Lowest Weight Of 80lbs. I’ve Finally Reached Triple Digits Again

Image credits: h0494

#75 Hey Internet, Today I Decided To Stop Being Stupid And Got Vaccinated

Image credits: thealurs

#76 25 Year Anniversary With My Best Friend Today. Brought Him Home August 18, 1996. He Still Makes My Heart Melt

Image credits: pacingpilot

#77 Be A Superhero

Image credits: wildrose76

#78 We Couldn’t See Each Other For Her 100th Birthday But Today My Oma Turned 101

Image credits: ajp12290

#79 My Apartment Complex Rented Out 200 Goats To Eat Away At The Overgrown Path And Riverbed Behind Our Buildings

Image credits: clairvoyantweed

#80 Following Her Dreams

Image credits: hunt_harriet

#81 I Just Love The Way Cali Aka Mama Bear (She's An Irish Wolfhound) Buries Her Face In My Chest To Tell Me She Needs Extra Huggies And Cuddles

Image credits: Troy Kamiyama

#82 This Makes Me Smile And Cry At The Same Time

Image credits: helen

#83 Finally Quit The 9-5 To Pursue My Art Career

Image credits: marybeth-art

#84 They've Known Each Other 4 Days

Image credits: thepipesarecall

#85 My Coworker Has A Tendency To Spill His Cereal Walking Out Of The Kitchen In The Morning And Just Leave It There. I Made It Modern Art

Image credits: unthused

#86 Some Lady Brought In A Macaw Where I Work And Let Me Hold It

Image credits: MoeTheFox

#87 I’m Really Happy For The Little Man

Image credits: lucindalvngstn

#88 8 Years Sober Today From Alcohol

Image credits: Scarlaymama0721

#89 Got Brain Surgery. I Made It Through

Image credits: flagatorgirl123

#90 Best Decision Ever

Image credits: Munoz0702

#91 Heck This Is Wholesome

Image credits: GabrielleAmani

#92 The Woman Of My Dreams Said Yes To Marrying Me. I’m The Happiest Man In The World Right Now

Image credits: howmanymeninthenorth

#93 My Client Had His Sons Birthmark Inked

Image credits: iamsables

#94 My Daughter's Babysitter Got A Very Smol Beagle. I'm So Happy Because My Landlord Doesn't Allow Pets, But Now She Gets One During The Day Anyway

Image credits: Jennifer Browning Walshe

#95 I Have Gone Down 20 Dress Sizes And Lost Over 150 Pounds Of Weight In 9 Months! So Happy

Image credits: claudiathecloud

#96 I Packed Over 250 Meals Yesterday For Donation. We Served Rice, Lentils And Kheer To The Poor

Image credits: woodstockbird9

#97 Wholesome Lie

Image credits: bellalawtonn

#98 Finally Legal - 21 - After 84 Years. Leap Day 2020

Image credits: Stephen Vasilenko

#99 Hadn’t Had Much Luck Finding F1-Related Stuff For Kids Where We Live, So My First Attempt At A Crocheted Toy Was This Lewis Doll For My Three-Year-Old Hamilton Fan

Image credits: alera_

#100 My Grandmother's First Car, To Get Her From A To B, And Occasionally Just To Do Laps Of The Hallway (She Won A Raffle)

Image credits: Bec Bentley

#101 Making Progress

Image credits: PersnicketyK

#102 That’s Sweet

Image credits: aphillippy

#103 Yesterday I Became A Dad

Image credits: SuspiciousB-I-G

#104 Friend Saw This On Her Walk This Morning

Image credits: jayrodhazlyf

#105 Color Coordinated Wristbands For Back To Work Post-Covid

Image credits: CooterMcSlappin

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