How to Set Up a Resolution-Busting Home Gym

I know we’re finishing off our Toblerones and leftover turkey sandwiches (so good), but eventually, we (I) will have to shift into the same old new year’s resolution mindset. I know I say this every year, but since the past year has been an absolute mess, I’m putting myself first. I want to feel good and I’m going to work on myself without excuse or guilt.

Right now the gyms are all closed indefinitely, and that really sucks. I love working out. Getting sweaty and working on self-improvement or even just spending time moving helps me be less stressed, relieves depression, improves mind and body function, and of course, gets me more fit.

This year I’ve got some big goals and without my local Planet Fitness, I’m gonna need to work out at home and here are the best pieces of gear to get me (and you) sprinting toward our new year resolutions and beyond.

Oh, and before we start, if you’re new to working out, don’t overdo it. It’s super easy to injure yourself if you’re not lifting correctly or push yourself too hard. There are a ton of free resources, but it might also be worth asking your local personal trainer for a phone call or an outside intro session to go over the basics and decide what equipment is right for you.

Most of the items below are from Better Body because they’re local here in BC, and have an awesome reputation for the best gear, warranties, deliveries, and are super easy to get in touch with.

Sweat-Proof mats

If your home is mostly carpeted, the last thing you want is sweat dripping all over it. Foam or rubber mats can be slotted together to fill any size space and be packed away. It’ll also stop your equipment or weights from leaving any permanent dents in the flooring.

Booty Bands – for your butt

Getting a better booty has never been so durable and simple. The Better Body Booty Bands are high-quality hip resistance bands that won’t slip or slide.

Kettle Bells

Great for a wide number of workouts, the kettlebells are a must-have for a gym. Grab these cheap ones from Amazon (affiliate link).


This is a bit of a dilemma for me. On one hand, hearing other people encouraging me is great, but ultimately the only one who really cares about my goal is me.

I think it’s up to us to be our own advocates and cheerleaders. I’ve got this. You’ve got this. No more excuses, it’s time to move.

Temptation Stacking

Temptation Stacking is the practice of giving yourself a reward when you’re doing something you don’t really want to do. For example, I only let myself watch Yellowstone when I’m working out. Try it with some music, your favourite podcast, or new episodes of a binge-worthy show. You’ll be craving a little more gym time just so you can see what happens next.

Microfibre Gym Towel

If you’re not sweaty, you’re not working out hard enough. Mop yourself with a small towel that’s up to the job. The BOGI microfiber gym towel is made of high-quality microfiber, which is smooth and compact, soft, and friendly to your skin.

Free Weights

The Better Body Pro Dumbbell Set comes with a pair of rugged, adjustable dumbbells that nest together saving you space and time.

A Foldable Workout Bench

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This Foldable Exercise Bench is a sturdy, steel workout bench that will have your back even through your toughest reps. With 4 adjustable base settings, 7 different back angle settings and an 800lbs weight capacity, this workhorse was designed with adjustability and durability in mind.


Track your workouts, keep your goals front and centre, and count steps. There are plenty of watches that will do these well, sync with your phone, and let you change the watch face and will suit all budgets. From Wyze, Fitbit, and Apple. Right now I’m using the Huawei watch 3 pro which is a great dress watch and also has my fitness in mind. The battery life is impressive too. It’s suitable for daily work life and powering through a workout.

A Water Bottle

Whatever it takes to remind you to hydrate, it’s worth it, apart from those ‘Smart’ water bottles with built-in speakers or that have an app. Those things are dumb. This one from Polygone has simple markings on it to keep you sipping all day, although if you’re working out you’ll probably be going through two bottles before bed.

An awesome workout playlist

Workout can get kinda boring without a little entertainment. Here are a few of my favourites depending on what kind of vibe I’m going for.

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