How To Get a Guy To Fall For You — Expert Strategies for Women


We’ve all been there.

You’re out with your girlfriends, having a great time when you see the guy you’ve been crushing on across the room.

You start to feel a little flutter in your stomach as you think about how amazing it would be if he approached you. But instead of coming over, he either completely ignores you or seems to only have eyes for someone else.

What’s a girl to do when she’s tired of being ignored by the guys she likes?

Check out these 30 tips to make them spoil you rotten.

By following these tips, you can ensure that the guys in your life will start treating you like a queen. So, stop waiting around for Mr. Right and take matters into your own hands.

1. Be Confident

One of the most important things when it comes to attracting men is confidence. If you’re not sure of yourself, they definitely won’t be either! So be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished, and let that shine through.

2. Be Authentic

As much as you might want to, don’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not. If they like you for who you are, they’ll be more likely to stick around once they get to know the real you. And if not, then at least you never have to worry about them coming back.

3. Laugh at Their Jokes

If he makes a joke, laugh! Make sure you’re not just laughing because you think it’s polite, though. If you genuinely find his jokes funny, make sure he knows that too.

4. Give Compliments Often

It’s nice to know when you’re doing a good job. So make sure you give him compliments like “I appreciate how committed you are to your work” or “you look great today”.

5. Ask Him to Help You with Something

This doesn’t mean asking for help cramming for an exam or getting your groceries. Ask him to help you put together a bookshelf or fix your computer — something that’ll take a while so you have plenty of time to chat.

6. Let Him Know When You Think He’s Cute

If you think he’s cute, don’t be too shy about telling him. The truth is, guys are usually flattered when you let them know you think they’re cute. At least, most of them are.

7. Keep Your Word

Don’t make promises about hanging out with him if you have no intention of keeping them. This is a great way to show him that you don’t respect his time or he won’t respect yours.

8. Give Him a Hug When He Needs One

If he’s having a long day at work, be the one to give him a hug and say “I hope you feel better soon.” You’ll make his day that much brighter! If he never needs hugs, don’t start giving them out — it might seem clingy.

9. Be Interested in What He Has to Say

Make sure you’re actually interested in the things he has to say. If he talks about how well his team did at their last game, make comments like “that sounds exciting!” or “I’m sure they were happy”. You want him to know you care about what he has to say.

10. Give Him Little Surprises

This can mean doing things like putting a Post-it note on his laptop that says “I hope you have an awesome day” or buying him his favorite snack when you go grocery shopping together. These thoughtful gestures will definitely make him take notice.

11. Let Him Know When You’ll Be Available

If you’re really busy and don’t want to commit to hanging out, make sure you let him know when you’ll be available. This is important because he shouldn’t have to keep checking in with you or making plans if he has no idea when they might work.

12. Let Him Know You Miss Him

If you’ve been on an extended trip or he isn’t around for some other reason, let him know how much it’s made your heart grow fonder. He’ll love this because it means he’s not the only one who misses you.

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13. Tell Him You Love Him

This is pretty self-explanatory. Make sure you tell him that you love being around him. If you think he’s a great boyfriend, let him know. This is a sure way to turn his head.

14. Don’t Try to be “One of the Guys”

You’ve probably seen enough movies to know that if the girl tries to act like one of the guys, she usually ends up losing them. So don’t do what I did for too long and pretend like you don’t care about anything romantic or feminine.

15. Have His Back

You might think it’s helpful to badmouth him behind his back, but trust me, it’s not. If you want him to see you as a supportive partner, then support him through thick and thin.

16. Remember His Interests

It may seem like a no-brainer, but if you really want to keep your man interested in you, then be sure to show that you follow his interests too. Even if they’re not something you’re initially interested in, just show that you’re committed to being a part of his life.

17. Keep Him on His Toes

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my relationships, it’s that men value the thrill of the chase — so keep him intrigued! Surprise him with a new look, or invite him to a place he’s never been before. You don’t want him to take you for granted, so show your man that you’re anything but!

18. Make a Little Extra Cash

You might think it’s superficial if a guy said this was one of the things they found attractive. But really, having your own money is just a sign of being financially independent. He’ll appreciate that you’re able to buy yourself nice things, and it will show him what he can expect in your relationship.

19. Try New Things

This is obvious, but one of the most attractive qualities in a guy or girl is open-mindedness. If all you do is sit around at home all day, it’s going to be hard for someone to see you as a catch. Do something new and exciting with him so he can see firsthand what a cool person you are!

20. Let Him Be a Gentleman

Often, women want to prove that They can do everything without any help from their men. But sometimes it’s really nice for him to be the one who gets the door for us or picks up the bill. Don’t try to downplay his gentlemanly qualities in front of your friends, because it’s really endearing for him to be chivalrous in private.

21. Sit next to him

If there is a guy in your class who you like, but he doesn’t seem to notice you, always sit next to him so he’s forced to see how great-looking you are/engage him in conversation that shows your clever wit and charm.

22. Stand Straight

Make sure you’re always standing up straight with good posture so that the curves of your waistline are accentuated. Guys love a girl with a curvy figure. If that isn’t you naturally, just wear a corset.

23. Offer to Do Something for Him

Don’t just sit there and wait for him to ask you to do something nice with him — whether it’s cooking dinner or grabbing a drink after class. Let him know that you’re more than happy to do something nice for him if he doesn’t have the time or energy to do it himself.

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24. Be Interested in His Friends

A guy can be intimidated by a girl who’s constantly obsessing over his friends because it makes him feel like at some point, they might try to find out what he’s really like when you’re not around. So trust me, it’s always more attractive if a guy feels like his friends are just that — his FRIENDS.

25. Don’t Complain

Complaining about how hard your life isn’t sexy at all. Loosen up and try to see the humor in any given situation, even if you’re on your period and the guy next to you is wearing Axe. It will make him more attracted to you because it shows that you have a good sense of humor.

26. Don’t Obsess Over Guys

It looks so unattractive when girls insist on talking about their crush or constantly sending him e-mails. Back off, let things happen naturally, and most importantly — be patient!

28. Make Him Feel like He’s King of the Castle

Guys love to feel important and needed, so make him feel like he’s your one and only. Cook him dinner, give him a massage after class, or even just buy him his favorite candy bar when you go shopping at the market. It will make him feel like nothing can get any better than spending time with you.

29. Be Generous

When a guy goes out of his way to do something nice for you, make sure that you return the favor. The best relationships are based on give and take. So, if he does something really nice for you, make sure you follow suit as soon as possible! And remember: it’s not the gifts that count, it’s the thought (and how much he spent on you).

30. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Sexy Side

Don’t be afraid to let your inner sex goddess out every once in a while. Wear something that makes you feel confident and attractive, and show off those curves. He’ll be sure to take notice.


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