Have you ever suffered problems with water flow from your guttering system? Or you have been annoyed at home for having to regularly clear your gutter of debris? You may not be aware but gutter guards are really important to the flow of water in...


But what are the best gutter guards for pine needles that are currently available to purchase? This article aims to help anyone who is new to the process of purchasing a gutter guard as well as those who know the product but desires to get a deeper understanding of the buying process. We’ve chosen some specific factors to consider when purchasing a gutter guard for pine needles. These factors are material the gutter is made of, widths available, length of each piece and warranty information.
Top 5 Gutter Guards For Pine Needles Review 2019
The article uses a mixture of online sources and customer reviews. It first contains a comparison table of all the products reviewed in the article. The table features a rating out of 10 as well as a variety of ‘best of' nominations. The article then features five in-depth reviews that include key features, product descriptions and pros/cons. The buying guide comes after the review section as well as an FAQ section that should answer most queries. In the conclusion section, we rank our top three gutter guards for pine needles.
9. Raptor Gutter Guard Editor’s Choice Features Material: aluminum frame, stainless steel micromesh Width: 6’’-7’’ Length: 48’ Warranty: 25-year limited
More features: includes self-tapping screws, magnetic hex head driver
The Raptor Gutter Guard is one of the industry leaders when it comes to providing gutter guard solutions for those wanting to keep out pine needles. Constructed with an aluminium frame, the guard is well-equipped to cope with all the elements of the great outdoors. Due to the solid nature of the material, if confronted with large amounts of debris, the Raptor Gutter Guard is resolute and will not sag one bit.

The presence of a stainless steel micromesh is crucial in not letting any debris such as pine needles from entering the gutter. The micro-thin holes are large enough only for water to pass through and will simply and effectively block everything else. If you have had problems with water overflow as a result of debris build-up, the Raptor Gutter Guard is certainly the choice to solve these long-standing issues.

One of the best aspects of the Raptor Gutter Guard is an easy installation. A common issue of installing gutter guards is the fear among homeowners of voiding their roof warranty agreement. This particular guard is easy to install on any gutter between 6″ to 7″ in length and you do not have to fear about violating your roof warranty. The purchasing package also comes equipped to help you install the guard, with self-tapping screws and a magnetic hex head driver included as standard.

The warranty agreement for the product is also very generous. At 25 years, the product will serve you well and you can have the peace of mind of great purchasing protection.
Pros Guaranteed to block everything Easy to install Generous warranty Cons More expensive than other gutter guards 10. Ultra Flo Leaf Guard Gutter Protector Best Gutter Guard for Pine Needles and Leaves Features Material: galvanized steel, micromesh Micro X Width: 5’’-6’’ Length: 100′ Warranty: 10- year limited on the gutter, 5-year limited on rust damages
More features: for K-style gutters, snap lock, 1/16’’ hole spacing
The Ultra Flo Leaf Guard Gutter Protector is constructed from galvanized steel and features a Micro X micromesh to be an effective guard against pine needles and leaves from entering your guttering system. The Ultra Flo does exactly what the name suggests, ensuring homeowners and smooth and efficient water flow throughout the year.

The Ultra Flo Leaf Guard Gutter Protector is designed to work on gutter systems that measure between 5” to 6” and this particular purchasing offer comes at lengths of 100’. Although some may fear against the product because it has 1/16” hole spacing that is known to also increase the risk of sliminess and debris build-up, the product has a great record in preventing pine needles and leaves from entering the gutter system.

Purchasing with Ultra Flo does give you the bonus of choosing the hole spacing that you prefer. For example, if you are purchasing the product for Speed-Screw or Quick-Screw hangers, you can choose Step-Down panels as your preferred option for hole spacing.

If you are a bit reluctant to purchase a gutter guard because of the potentially ugly appearance. The Ultra Flo Leaf Guard Gutter Protector will calm your fears as from the ground it is virtually impossible to see. The product can be purchased for either black powder-coated or K-style gutters, giving consumers a high chance of the guard being fitted on your own gutter system.

The warranty agreement of the product is also substantial, although not as long as rival products. With purchase, you will get a 10-year limited warranty on the gutter guard.
Pros Invisible from the ground Great at filtering out pine needles Good choice of hole spacing Cons Not gapless Short warranty on rust 11. FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System Best Gutter Guard for Long Pine Needles Features Material: stainless steel, aluminum Width: 5’’-6’’ Length: 22’-102’ Warranty: 30-year limited
More features: 4 colors available, fastners included,
The FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System is known for being one the best gutter guards for handling long pine needles which are so often the bane of homeowners’ lives. Constructed from stainless and aluminium, the FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System will proof fantastic value for money as the materials will provide stability and minimal sag.

The FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System is available to purchase in three different colors, including white, matte aluminium and thermal thaw black. This is ideal as the product is able to fit into a multitude of different housing designs. There is nothing worse than having a guttering system that sticks out. The FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System will blend in easily with your home design.

One of the best aspects of the FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System is its ability to cope with large amounts of water at any given time. If you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding, this high-volume capacity of this gutter system will be able to easily handle the excessive amounts of water.

Installation of the product is very easy and can be done by a contractor if necessary. You do not have to fear about violating your roof warranty as the product does not tamper with the roof shingles. Stainless steel fasteners are included with the product to make the installation process even easier. The product is available in 4-foot sections that are easy to handle and transport. This is a fantastic value gutter guard that prevents any clogging up of debris.
Pros Available in four different colors Handles large debris with ease High volume water capacity Cons Susceptible to rust 12. A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard Budget Pick Features Material: aluminum Width: 5’’ Length: 50’-100’-200’ Warranty: lifetime limited
More features: weather resistant, 380 holes per foot
The A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard presents an affordable guttering solution for homeowners to consider when seeking to prevent debris from falling into your gutter system. Constructed from aluminium, the product has been proven to consistently perform well at sifting out any debris that may block water flow.

The width of the A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard is 5” and can cater for the majority of gutter systems. The product can also be bought in lengths between 50’ to 200’. This is perfect for those on a budget as it can reduce the chances of wasting any guttering.

Where the affordable price may reduce quality is in the holes across the surface of the guard. Whereas more expensive gutter guards that feature a micro-mesh will guarantee the blocking of any debris through its system, the holes on the A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard although small (380 per foot), are larger than the micro holes available on other products. This increases the chances of some pine needles sneaking through the guard.

Despite these potential issues, consumers get fantastic purchasing protection with the A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard. The product has a lifetime limited warranty which will give you peace of mind when purchasing. Do check out the limitations of the warranty agreement to make sure that you do not violate it.

The A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard is also pretty much invisible from the ground and will not predominate the visual appearance of your house. The gutter guard is easy to install and has seamless joints for extra ease when installing.
Pros Affordable Easy to install Not visible from the ground Cons No micro-mesh – increases chances of pine needles from entering 13. GutterStuff Foam Gutter Filter Insert Best Foam Gutter Guard for Pine Needles Features Material: Foam Width: 4’’-5’’-6’’ Length: 32’-144’-200’ Warranty: 3-year limited
More features: U-shaped, UV-protected
The GutterStuff Foam Gutter Filter Insert is known for being one of the best foam gutter guards for handling the issues posed by pine needles. Constructed from foam, the gapless material makes it impossible for pine needles to seep through the surface. The only downside of such a material is that the pine needles will collect on top, this should have any major issues in terms of water flow but could require some extra maintenance.

One of the best aspects of the GutterStuff Foam Gutter Filter Insert is that the product can be self-installed with ease. You do not have to be an expert with DIY to install this foam guard. Maintenance is also straightforward as homeowners can simply brush off and remove any debris that collects. This process should be done pretty regularly to avoid any major build-up.

The width of the product varies from 4” to 6” and it can be bought in various lengths from 32’ to 200’. This variety of widths and lengths are perfect for those who may need a specific amount of the product with minimal wastage. The product is also UV-resistant which ensures that under sunlight the foam material will not dry out or disintegrate.

A significant downside of purchasing the GutterStuff Foam Gutter Filter Insert is the poor warranty agreement at only 3 years. This warranty is also limited so you need to check out the terms and conditions before purchasing. Especially as the product requires frequent cleaning when the pine needles and debris build up.
Pros Easy to install UV-resistant Available in a variety of widths and lengths Cons Requires frequent maintenance to remove debris build up Poor warranty length Buying Guid
This buying guide contains all the essential information that you need to know when looking to purchase a suitable gutter guard that can prevent the build-up of pine needles. Take time to examine the guide as it could save you a lot of time and money
Types of gutter guards for pine needles
Gutter guards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The type most frequently found in the marketplace are either plastic or mesh metal screens that are able to fasten securely over the gutter.

Another well-known guard type is one with a solid metal cover that curves beyond the edge of the gutter and terminates just inside the gutter boundary. When this guard type functions properly, the water flows along the curved edge to finish in the gutter, while any debris that is present gets filtered out of the edge of the curve.

The third common guard type is constructed from foam and ensures water is able to soak through while keeping any solid substances out.

The fourth and favorite gutter guard type that is ideal for coping with the nuisance of pine needles uses a multi-material design. The main structure of the guard is made from aluminum with various channels operating that are divide by gaps that are covered with a fine-mesh steel cloth. This material allows water to flow easily through the mesh while simultaneously preventing any solid materials from entering the gutter surface. Solid substances sit on the mesh until it gets naturally dislodged.

The solid aluminum structure of the guard ensures that the mesh material will not sag which is fantastic news as no debris will collect. This gutter guard is the ideal material to prevent pine needles and debris more generally building up and clogging your gutter system. Some manufacturers also offer these gutter guards with a heat strip which is able to melt ice in winter months. Sometimes during these freezing months, ice dams can build and really ruin your entire system, the presence of an ice strip easily prevents these issues.
Why to have a special protection from the pine needles?
Pine needles can be really troublesome and the majority of gutter guards in circulation are simply not cut out to deal with the problem that these thin needles pose. These annoying, razor-thin needles fall through the metal mesh guards and flow with the water to end up in the gutter, clogging everything up. Once needles have set up camp in your gutter, significant water flows have no exit point, which leads to an overflow.

Foam gutter guards are better, because pine needles cannot pierce through the surface. They are not perfect however as the needles can still they can still get lodged at the top of the surface and prevent any debris fall from the roof. When debris forms the gutter is effectively redundant as the water is blocked from the entering the gutter. The process of removing the pine needles from the gutter takes a considerable amount of time and is really laborious work. Particularly for those who have to use a ladder to access the gutter, foam guards may not be the best option.
Gutter system installation tips
For those of you wondering of the proper way to install almost any gutter guard system to prevent pine needles from clogging it, here’s a short video that mentions universal rules to follow in the process:

Price tag
Most gutter guards are available at a pretty affordable price online. The price you pay depends on the length of guard required. The total price you will commonly be around $40 to $200 depending on the quality and quantity that you require.
Features to consider while buying the best gutter guards for pine needles
This section of the buying guide provides information on the specific characteristics of gutter guards that can cope well with the pine needles. When you are looking for the best gutter guard for pine needles, use this section as the info base for your search.
The choice of material for your gutter guard is pivotal in deciding whether it can effectively cope with the presence of pine needles. There is a delicate balancing act at play when needing to decide which material is best suited for your needs.

Toughness is a crucial characteristic. You need to make sure that the guard you purchase is of sufficient toughness to cope with the presence of debris. Softer materials have a tendency to sag if when debris collects which ultimately causes water overflow. Also, these materials are more time consuming the manage as you will have independently clear the debris build-up.

Some materials really cannot handle debris such as leaves well at all. If leaves collect, the leaves create a sticky substance that can be really unpleasant to remove. Materials that make it easier for dirt and grit to become stuck should also be avoided. The desired situation is smooth and effective water flow, make sure you purchase a gutter guard that can let this situation occur.

The widely accepted best solution for gutter guards that can handle pine needles and other debris are constructed from stainless steel. This material is significantly stronger than plastic and has a tendency to not stuck.

The beauty of stainless steel that it should not rust or have any problems coping with direct sunlight. Investing in stainless steel is undoubtedly a wise choice if you want an efficient gutter guard that has great long-term durability.
It is quite simple, look for gutter guards that do not contain any holes or openings as these present opportunities for pine needles and other debris to build up. The Ultra Flo Leaf Guard Gutter Protector contains gaps and this should something to consider if you like this product.

Gutter guards that are designed with a reverse curve or large screen have been proved to be really ineffective as a result of their large openings. Debris such as pine needles and leaves can easily enter gutters that have guards with such gaps.

Gutter guards that contain a protection system with micromesh are the best and most proven performer when it comes to keeping out those sordid pine needles.
If a gutter guard sags and overflows regularly, the materials used in the construction will likely be tested to the maximum on a regular basis. Plastic gutter guards are known for lacking strong long-term durability due to the regular sag when debris builds.

The reliable material when it comes to durability is undoubtedly stainless steel as seen in the review of the FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System. Preventing the build-up and sag, this solid material is made to last a lifetime.
The installation method of micro mesh gutter guard systems is a really important aspect to consider. In many cases, it could be the deciding factor.

The majority of micromesh guards need installation underneath your first row of shingles which is known to create many potential problems.

The first issue that the mere fact of installing anything under your first row of shingles will most likely end your roof warranty agreement. Many roofers stipulate that any third-party involvement in the roofing system voids your roofing protection agreement for the damage it incurs.

The second issue is that a steep slope will be created from this installation which is a common cause of run-off water problems. Such issues are famous for damaging walkways and soil erosion and should be avoided where possible.
As gutter guards are normally a significant investment for your home or building, the warranty agreements are normally quite generous with some lasting between 25 to 30 years and others maintaining lifetime warranty agreements.

Watch out though as some companies such as GutterStuff provide a poor warranty of only three years.
Before you buy, here are some last minute questions answered to end all the wonder on the gutter guard choice:
Does installing gutter guards prevent from cleaning gutters at all?
Installing gutter guards can certainly help you with maintaining your gutters. But, depending on the guard material, you will still need to clean your gutters every so often. Plastic guards, for example, could really increase the build-up in your gutter, whereas stainless steel guards will significantly decrease the amount of time you need to spend cleaning.
Are gutter covers producing icicles?
As gutters and gutter guards are not sources of heat they are not the cause of icicles. The cause of icicles is more to do with the installation and ventilation in your home as opposed to guttering. They are caused by the rising warm air which presses against the deck of the room, while the heating surface melts the snow.
Can regular gutter systems be used to protect the gutters from pine needles?
Gutter systems without any form of guard cannot be saved from the elements and even those that contain gaps still clog up. The recommended practice is to get a gutter guard for that extra, securer protection from pine needles.
Our Verdict
Hopefully, this article has shed some insight into what to look for when purchasing a gutter guard to suit your household needs.

Our verdict on the top three best gutter guards for pine needles are:

The Raptor Gutter Guard comes first in our ranking because of its guarantee to block everything (apart from water) from entering the gutter. The stainless steel also provides great long-term durability.

The Ultra Flo Leaf Guard Gutter Protector finishes in second place because of its invisibility from the ground an ability to fit into the majority of home settings.

The FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System comes in third place because of its guarantee of successfully handling large debris and pine needles. It also can cope with large amounts of water.

When purchasing the best gutter guards for pine needles you need to make sure that you are aware of your current guttering situation, measurements and budget. Take time to research and consult experts to give you the best chance of choosing the right buying option.

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