Guy Maliciously Complies And Files A Claim Against A Car Dealership That Overcharged Him, Top Management Eavesdrops And Sorts Things Out

Unfortunately for most, we live in a very materialistic world. Our current society is practically trained to get as much money out of people as possible. Nowadays, we have a countless amount of scammers that, for instance, promise you a prize if you fill out a form with your card details – or they perfect their tactics so much that you mistake them for your own bank.

What’s even worse is that some folks don’t even try to hide their selfish intentions. People get swindled left, right and center by all sorts of sellers:

This Reddit user took it to one of the website’s famous communities to reveal his rather satisfying story about him maliciously complying with a car dealer that wanted to overcharge him for a minor car fix that was supposed to be reimbursed. The post received 29K upvotes and a bunch of comments discussing this exciting win.

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Being a car owner is both rewarding and extremely stressful

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Owning a car is stressful enough. You never know if you’re truly making the right choice by getting a certain model, or if you’re going to regret your purchase and wish that you would’ve been more strict with the buying process. Things constantly break and fixing it costs a ton of money, especially when you end up going to your dealer who tries to screw you over by not compensating the costs that the company promised to.

A customer maliciously complied and started a lawsuit against his car dealer, top management found out and sorted things out

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The OP began his story by revealing that the situation started to happen last December and only recently was settled. The “fun” began when the author bought himself a minivan at a car dealership place and was faced with a problem when he went to visit family on Christmas and the vehicle simply wouldn’t start once it was time to leave.

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When the man began checking his van out, he realized that a bunch of things weren’t right, but the main thing that was getting in the way was the van’s immobilizer that the author didn’t even know the vehicle had. There was no other choice, so the man contacted AAA to get his van towed – however, because the family he was visiting was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, the company asked him to get a tow truck and submit the bill later.

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The family was kind enough to let the author borrow their car and the van was finally towed to a specialized place. In a few days time, the shop contacted the OP and revealed what issues the van had. The list of problems that were stated weren’t troubling the Redditor, as all he needed was for the vehicle to do its basic job and the only thing that was stopping the minivan from running was the active immobilizer, which they couldn’t touch without talking to the dealer himself.

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Following that, the man had a three-way call with a car dealership place and they gave their permission for the shop to do their thing, while also stating that the expenses and the towing itself would be reimbursed. Therefore, all that the shop needed to do was to bypass the immobilizer and the van would be just like new.

Bills came to $300 and the author decided to contact the dealership

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The bills came out to $300 and the man began to call the dealership. For the first few moments, it seemed like the employees wanted to help, thought the author quickly realized that he was being tossed around the departments and was eventually disconnected from the line. The man took his concern to Reddit where folks suggested a few things and he finally got ahold of the supervisor that vouched to fix the ongoing problem, though a few days went by and nobody called.

The author got ahold of a supervisor that promised to take care of the issue, however, no one called back

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The author called back once again until he stumbled upon a manager who said that the company wasn’t responsible for mechanical issues and then blatantly hung up. Naturally, the man was now puzzled about this odd situation, so he called back again and came across the same manager. The author revealed that he had the original conversation recorded and that what the employee said was very contrasting to what the company had promised.

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The employee then made a very unprofessional statement and somewhat provoked the OP. Of course, without any hesitation, the man decided to do the right thing, so he filed a claim against the dealership, gathered all the needed information such as a phone call transcription, and headed straight to the dealership’s payment center.

The customer revealed that he indeed filed a claim, but top management eavesdropped on the conversation

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When the author arrived to the dealership place, he waited in line and once he confirmed that the name of the manager matched, he introduced himself and explained the situation again. The conversation lasted for about an hour and the OP finally said that if nothing was done by the end of the day, he would proceed with the suing process. However, the rather heated dialogue was overheard by a woman who turned out to be a top manager.

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Luckily for the author, this seemingly endless issue was about to be resolved by that woman, as she assured him that she’d deal with everything immediately. In a few days, the man received a phone call asking if credit being applied to the account would be an acceptable way of finally sorting things out. The author agreed and received $500 while also learning that the person responsible was actually fired.

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