Google products that facilitate your business well

Google products that facilitate your business well

Google is a well-known international company that majors in technological products. It will range from Hardware, software, Applications, and many other products. And some of these Google products will have a direct impact on your organization and will facilitate in the day to day running of your organization. Such products will include Google security tools, Google development tools, communication and publishing tools, Advertising services, web-based products, Hardware products, and software products. Some of these products are ideal for your business to remain relevant. They will remain competitive in the world. Especially, when your online business presence will significantly determine its rate of failure or success. Below is a close and detailed review of some of the Google products that will facilitate your business well.

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Google Advertisement Services

Google will do all the advertisement for you, for example, if you have a hotel business, google will show your opening hours, directions on google map, phone numbers, images and so on. This service will help potential customers find out more about your hotels. Google through ads will also advertise your hotel on social media platforms such as Facebook and hence increasing your scope. Google will also help during shopping campaigns and will show your products to interested customers as they will search on google. Another advertisement area is on YouTube Ads that will tell your top best stories. It will attract customers with video Ads. Services such as AdSense will enable you to make money by placing ads on your website.

Google Suits

Google suits, will help you access services that will enable you to get connected and have some fantastic products such as personalized custom emails. First, Google docs will allow you to edit any form of documents that are sent via your email account. On the other hand, Google Drive will ensure that you will safely store all your crucial documents, on the cloud that will provide you will easily retrieve them in case of a malware attack, catastrophe like floods, earthquake. Hence, your business will not suffer from situations like loss of data. Another product that will fall on google suit is google calendars, with google calendars you will easily mark essential events about your business. Such includes Annual general meetings and will always alert you when these events are around the corner.

Google statistical tools

Google products that facilitate your business well

Google statistical tools are essential to your company, and these analytical tools will include google analytics that will track website traffic such as session duration, pages accessed per session, bounce rate, etc. and report. For example, Google Analytics will provide an SDK that will allow the gathering of usage data from IOS and Android Apps. , and hence will help you track the traffic of your businesses online presence and will help you plan and budget on the expected budget for internet services. And also aid to keep track of the sites your employees are accessing. Another statistical tool by google is google surveys that will facilitate for customized market research. Others will include firebase, Google fusion tables, and others.

Google Operating system

Your company will require some hardware machines such as phones, computers, and the devices will run on Google operating systems, for example, you may have smartphones that will run on the Android operating system which is a software by Google. The computer on your desk will have a chrome browser, and that too is a software product from Google. Other Google software products will include Wear Os that is for smartwatches, Android Tv for your Tv at your business premise, Google Fuchsia, and many other products. Other software application form google includes Desktop applications such as AdWords for creating and editing ads, Google earth, and so many others

Google Development tools.

In your company, you will need an excellent website, and you may require to use Google products such as Google App Engine that will help you write and run web applications. Other exciting Google products for your business will include Open Social that will have APIs for building social applications on the majority of the websites. Dart is a structured web programming language from Google too. Other Google products under the google development tools will include Google search consoles, Translator toolkit, Google test, Bezel, Google closure tools, and Google Guava.

Google products that facilitate your business well

Security Google Products

If your business has some online presence, you will need to rely on some google security services. Such as ReCAPTCHA a user dialogue system that will prevent robots from accessing your websites.

It is with no reasonable doubt that Google products will facilitate your business well in very many areas. And, its today’s world it is almost unavoidable to prevent yourself and the company from using Google products. They will be of great use since they will feature nearly all aspects of your business. It is impossible to discuss all of them in our article. Without using some of these products, your company is doomed to fail. For example, the use of communication google products such as email will ensure that you are in constant communication with clients, stakeholders, suppliers, customers. This will promote a healthy business relationship.

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