Get Cozy With Bookish Pajamas and Loungewear

The staff of Book Riot welcomes all of the newcomers to the land of work from home, where the beverages are plenty, lunch is what’s in the fridge, and you never have to leave your cozy clothes, even for a conference call. It feels only right then to showcase some of the best bookish cozy clothes around the web so you, too, can begin to build a stylishly comfortable work from home wardrobe.

Bonus: when you’re back to working from an office or other place outside your home, you’ll have an amazing loungewear collection for nights and weekends.

All of these are bookish in some capacity, though I’ve included a few adorable sets of pajamas at the bottom that don’t have a direct book link to them (but really, if you’re going to read in them, they’re bookish, aren’t they?).

I’ve stuck to pajamas and loungewear for adults, though it’s possible soon I could pull together one for kids, too. Gender is listed only via what the marketplace has designated them.

Check out this women’s Harry Potter PJ set. $25.

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Never fear, though. The same Harry Potter pajama set is available in men’s sizing, too. $25.

These Avengers PJ pants are in men’s sizes but appropriate for every one. $17.

Here’s another option for the Harry Potter fan club. $8.

I’m always here for Snoopy and Woodstock. This cute loungewear set will set you back $15.

Mayhaps you are in need of some IT pajama shorts? $10.

Do you need a one-piece Batman lounge suit? This would sure make you stand out on your next Zoom call. $15.

There’s also a Doctor Who one-piece lounge suit. $15, with two patterns to choose from.

We ARE all mad here, Alice. $26.

Dr. Seuss shorts, anyone? $15.

Satin book cover pajamas! Treat yourself to luxury. $118.

Same, same, same. Books + jammy jams = the perfect hoodie. $35.

These leggings feature books, cats, pizza, and tea. They’re called “forever alone” leggings but frankly, I see nothing about being alone indicated here. $35.

A long, racerback pajama coverup declaring your love for books sounds like an ideal work dress, honestly. $30.

For the Medievalists out there, how about some illuminated manuscript leggings? $58.

Readers who love books and wine will do well with this pajama pant named “wine tasting.” $30.

Just wear a hooded blanket and call it fashion. You can get this in an array of colors, as well as styled like a cat, a bear, a unicorn, and more. $42 and up.

When you’re getting cozy in your reading cocoon, you don’t want to have to adjust waistbands. Just get a one-piece romper. This one isn’t bookish, but it’s cute and frankly, that’s enough. $35.

Because sometimes you need your romper with full legs. This waffle-knit gem is sure to become your favorite reading attire. $59 (it’s on sale!).

Not many chances in your life where you get to say you worked from home in a tie-dye romper. $85.

As someone who loves a good self-help book, this self-help book shirt made me smile. $38.

Unlimited Rom Coms T-Shirt

Finding comfort in romcoms? This romcom fanatic shirt is calling your name. $40.

Just stay indoors. $38.

Sizing, as of this writing, is very limited, but this long-sleeved book club tee is perfect for your digital meetings. $16.

Harley Quinn one piece? Yes, please! $24! Y’all, this has cat ears.

Swish and sashay around your home in this chiffon Outlander robe. $43.

Want more ways to get cozy indoors, bookish style? Though some of the sales have expired, you’ll love these bookish Anthropologie finds.

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