Fresh And Calm Cottage Decor For Spring

Fresh And Calm Cottage Decor For Spring

Hey there Foxes! Aside from playing outside on the sun deck and doing some planting this weekend, I also did a little shimmy & shake in the living and dining room. I made some simple tweaks to make it better suit my mood, and the rooms current uses. 

I also cleaned all my floors, just for you. Have I told you lately to never get dark floors? Well, consider yourself reminded.

Oh, and I got a new vacuum. I looooove it, and I’ll share it with you soon. 

Okay, back on task here. Sorry, I haven’t left the house lately… got a little over excited about having “company” over today. 

It’s amazing what simply moving your furniture can do, and flipping the farm table in the opposite direction really opened up the room. It’ll also allow me to watch TV while I paint, which is of course, so important.  

Before I use the farm table as my painting studio again, I made it pretty for you, and I even lit a yummy candle. 

We’ve chatted before about how much a I love a good console table. It’s true! They are so versatile. The problem is… I keep stealing them and putting them everywhere but at the back of my chair. I really like them when they are positioned as a “sofa table” — as I’ve got mine now. 

The River Crest Console is the perfect size to compliment my chair, and it creates a nice delineation of space between our living and dining area.

And while I’m not usually matchy-matchy… I like the cohesive look having these two pieces in our space offers. It feels calm, and it’s restful to the eye. 

I’ve had the River Crest Bookshelf about a year now, and it’s such a good fit for this skinny space. I’ve kept the decor purposefully light, as I’m really craving and needing a very peaceful feel in our home right now. 

I deleted much, and removed some of the heavier, busy pieces. Opting instead to use some of my dishes. The white and creams feels good. 

The pattern feels earthy and organic. Just right for Spring, even if the shades are mild. 

I’m finding more and more, that color is something I absolutely have to be in the mood for! 

While I love it, it’s fantastic.

And when I’m done, I need it gone.

Not forever, because the mood will certainly strike again. That’s why I feel so strongly about buying color in easy to store pieces.

LIKE: pillows, accents and easy-to-roll-up rugs!

I know black and white might not feel “springy” to you, but I saw this plaid rug and I fell for it fast.

My toes approves too. It’s the plushiest rug I’ve ever ordered from Better Homes & Gardens! It’s thick and soft, and feels sooo good on my feet. 

I knew with the black, it would ground my space, be super neutral, and it would look great with my black scissor lights too. 

It’s got enough white that it doesn’t feel visually heavy at all. At least not to me. It’s also a classic pattern, but the lines aren’t super exacting so it doesn’t feel too linear or hard. But instead, a little more casual. Which is perfect for me!

Oh and of course I got a pillow… or two. The raised pattern and the tassels are playful and I’m really in a pom-pom and tassel mood lately. The warm cream helps to soften things up a bit too. So I’ve just got all these layers in shades of white and cream, with the wicker and the soft oak in the shelves… 

Everything feels good. Just… good. 

And while fresh is preferred, my faux are working hard to fill the gap.  

You may have spotted a little change I made to the front door wall, and the new trim Jim installed, but I still need to get the paint color right before I officially share. I tried to make due with something I had on-hand, and it’s not what I had in mind. So I need to do some adjusting first.

Never be afraid to paint something, or move your furniture around, to flip a room, or use a space as it’s not traditionally intended… in short, to make your home work hard for you!

We have an older home, and our main living area is long and skinny… but we make it work with furniture placement, and the fact that I’m willing to have our dinning table right at our front door. Because otherwise, that room would be pretty useless with it’s shape. And that’s okay! I can still paint at my farm table, and dinner tastes just as good, and we laugh with friends and play cards, and games, and tell stories. And no one care that my front door is so close. Just make it easier to yell “come in”. And I know we’ll be doing that again soon.

I hope you are ALL healthy, and well, and hanging in there as best you can. I’ll continue to share here and keep it light, so when you visit it’s the respite you have all told me you need. Love & light, xo Shan

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