Flowers That Don’t Wilt? Forever Roses are This Valentine’s Day Must Have

Love is in the air and roses are in the mail. Or at least, they will be soon. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and your mail carrier is ready to deliver a gift on your behalf. Flowers are among the best gifts for Valentine’s Day, especially roses. Be it a solo flower or a beautiful bunch, nothing says “I love you” better than roses.

Whether you’re in a new relationship, engaged or married with three kids and a dog, your partner will be expecting roses. Everyone wants roses on Valentine’s Day.

Plus, it’s a guaranteed win. That’s not to say sending roses isn’t thoughtful or a romantic gesture, though. In fact, what could be more thoughtful than getting your loved one exactly what they want?

There is only one downside to roses (usually). After a week or two, they wilt, dry up and lose their color. In a normal flower shop, you’ll be swapping your hard-earned money for a temporary, floral gift. However, thanks to the invention of forever roses, that’s no longer the case. 

Forever roses are real roses, treated to last longer. And, we’re not just talking a couple of weeks longer. Forever roses can last for years. Different brands use different techniques to preserve their florals, so the finish and long-lasting superpowers of the flowers can differ, depending on where you get them from. But, regardless of whether you opt for a single rose dipped in solid gold or a bunch of roses showcasing their original petals, there are a few key benefits:

  • No Maintenance – Say goodbye to trimming stems or refreshing water to make your roses last longer. Forever roses are preserved to keep their original appearance without any water, sunlight or other maintenance.
  • Long-Lasting – The best thing about forever roses is they can, in some cases, last forever. At a minimum, they last a year, and at a maximum, they last a lifetime. Putting floral gifts in the trash is never the highlight of receiving them, but with forever roses, you’ll rarely need to approach the garbage can.
  • Scent – Usually you’ll find, as beautiful as forever roses look, they don’t have much of a scent. After they’ve been preserved, they lose their natural scent. However, this isn’t all bad news, as it gives you the opportunity to add the scent of your choice. Some retailers offer to add a selected scent at the point of purchase. Or, you could spray your own scent on the flowers using essential oils once they’ve been delivered. 
  • Romantic – Roses will forever be romantic, and now they can last forever, too. The most traditional color to show romance on Valentine’s Day is red. However, forever roses are often available in a full range of alternative colors, too, making them ideal for other occasions, such as birthdays and weddings.

A forever rose is the Valentine’s Day gift in 2022. Below is our roundup of the 12 best forever roses available online. There is a selection of single-stemmed roses, bunches and box selections. All you need to do is decide which is right for you and your Valentine.


1. NICEAO Gold Rose


What could be better than a forever rose dipped in 24-carat gold? The NICEAO Gold Rose is a gorgeous, full-stemmed rose with two leaves, preserved to last forever. It comes with a clear plastic stand to keep it standing upright on display, without blocking the 12.5-inch-long, golden stem. The flower is available in red, blue, pink or purple and comes presented in a black and red gift box, complete with a golden heart clasp.

forever flowers for Valentine's Day

Buy: NICEAO Gold Rose $32.99 (orig. $43.99) 25% OFF


2. SDFGHG Preserved Flower Rose


Although the SDFGHG Preserved Flower Rose has the lowest price tag within our round-up, it offers a unique gift, presented beautifully and with a range of colors to choose from. Inside the silver, metal, rose-shaped case, you’ll find one beautiful flower head in either blue, red, purple or rainbow, depending on which you order. The forever rose, sourced from Ecuador, inside the case has been treated to preserve its original beauty for years to come. This gorgeous ornament and forever rose come presented in a beige, textured box, closed by a small bronze latch.

forever flowers for Valentine's Day

Buy: SDFGHG Preserved Flower Rose $26.99


3. Childom Forever Rose Dome


This intricate ornament takes inspiration from a traditional preservation dome for real flowers, but it is filled with a glass rose wrapped in a string of LED lights. The ambient lights are powered by three AAA batteries (not included) and produce a warm, white glow to make the glass rose shine. The dome and flower are displayed upon a black circular base, which is both strong and smooth to ensure a sturdy placing and an easy clean.

forever flowers for Valentine's Day

Buy: Childom Forever Rose Dome $37.99


4. Rosepops The Three’s A Charm


The Three’s A Charm from Rosepops is a beautifully presented Valentine’s Day forever rose gift. Three red roses are placed with their well-spread tops facing upwards in a heart-shaped box. The box, which is four inches or under in all directions, has two dotted black ribbons threaded through gold hoops on either side to create handles. One side also features a bow. At the point of purchase, you can choose from either a standard high-gloss lacquer box or pebbled vegan leather for a $10 surcharge. Both materials are available in pink, black or white.

best forever roses

Buy: Rosepops The Three’s A Charm $90.00


5. The Forever Rose


The Forever Rose is a unique gift. No two orders are the same, as each 12-inch rose is picked carefully at the peak of its bloom, prior to being dipped into 24-carat gold for preservation. The form of preservation The Forever Rose utilizes is a five-day process, handcrafted by skilled artisans in the USA. Rose gold, silver and platinum coatings are available. Why not create a multi-metallic bunch of forever roses?

best forever roses

Buy: The Forever Rose $95.95 (orig. $127.20) 25% OFF


6. Rosepops The Sugar Quoted


The Sugar Quoted Box from Rosepops is a beautiful display of roses. They come presented in a heart-shaped pink box with a thick black ribbon and dotted white border which can also be used as a handle. This romantic bouquet comes spritzed with the brand’s signature blended Black Tie Bouquet fragrance at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can opt for one of the berry, citrus, lavender or red carpet-inspired premium spritzes for a surcharge of $5.

The Sugar Quoted

Buy: Rose Pops The Sugar Quoted $215.00


7. Rosebox Custom Small Box


For a modern twist on a classic gift, you want the Rosebox Custom Small Box. This beautiful bunch of roses sourced from Ecuador have been treated for all year preservation, without any maintenance. They come presented in a six-by-six-inch box with a lid, which is available in white, black, pink or gray. For the roses themselves, you can make your selection from the full rainbow of colors. Certain colors, such as silver and gold, require a surcharge, but the more classic reds, pinks and purples are covered by the base price.

best forever roses

Buy: Rosebox Custom Small Box $179.00


8. VLove Forever Eternity Roses


These infinity roses from VLove last for up to 3 years. Made of high-quality real roses, they’ve been preserved to maintain their freshness and vibrant color. They arrive in a beautiful circular box with a satin ribbon and elegant envelope that allows you to share a handwritten note for the reciepent. 

V Love Roses


Buy: VLove Forever Eternity Roses $99.99


9. SANRAN Preserved Rose And Jewelry Box

This preserved rose and jewelry box makes for a great gift. With this order, you’ll receive a forever rose along with a brooch tucked inside a small drawer and then enclosed in an unfolding jewelry box. 


SANRAN Preserved Rose


10. Rosebox Modern Mini Half Ball


Over twenty extra-large roses are arranged together in a dome to create this Modern Mini Half Ball from Rosebox. Not only does this bunch of glorious forever roses make a gorgeous gift, but the mirrored vase in which they are presented also ensures they’ll be a welcome permanent decor addition in any home too. The box itself is six-by-six-by-nine inches in size, and the roses sit above this as shown in the image above.

modern mini half Ball rose box

Buy: Rosebox Modern Mini Half Ball $299.00


11. La Fleur Grande Heart


To go all out and shower your loved one with the gift of forever roses, order La Fleur’s Grande Heart. Twenty-eight forever roses colored to your choice are arranged evenly inside the large, heart-shaped box. For an added personal touch, you can have the lucky receiver’s name written in calligraphy on the outside of the classic white or colored velvet box. At the point of purchase, you can write a message describing the exact colors and display you would like. There’s also space for you to write a Valentine’s message to be printed and put inside the box, ready for delivery.

lafleur bouquets grande heart

Buy: La Fleur Grande Heart $399.00


12. Rosebox Custom Initial


At the top of our forever rose roundup, we have the Rosebox Custom Initial. The color of roses used for the background, the letter highlights and the letter itself are all chosen by you. Rosebox adapts each alphabetic floral arrangement to suit your chosen shape and color, too. As you continue through the ordering process, you can add on gifting extras, such as a complimentary greetings card or a heart-shaped necklace at a surcharge of $59. The mail carrier is sure to feel like Cupid when delivering these forever roses.

rosebox custom initial

Buy: Rosebox Custom Initial $474.00


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