Everything You Need to Know About Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

Fireplaces have been the focal point of homes everywhere since they were first invented. They can be both a source of heat and a part of the decor. Just like all aspects of home construction and interior design, fireplaces have undergone some evolution. These changes have allowed modern heaters to take advantage of newer technologies for better operation.

One of the key changes made to fireplaces involves sources of energy and fuel options. Today, heaters don’t only rely on burning wood for fire and subsequent warmth. There are also models available that use alternative sources of fuel like gas, electricity and ethanol. Actually, more and more people are discovering the advantages of using gas rather than wood. Moreover, freestanding gas fireplaces seem to be at the forefront of these switches. 

Here are a few reasons out why freestanding gas fireplaces are more trendy than ever.

Less Fuss

Everything You Need to Know About Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

The only edge wood holds over gas is the rustic aesthetic. It is a powerful draw and is often the first image that comes to mind whenever a fireplace is mentioned. However, that is where the advantages end. There are a few key benefits of using gas that render wood almost undesirable, including:

  • More convenience because of easy operation.
  • Instant start-up.
  • No mess from dirt, soot and ash.
  • Less need for constant vigilance since you don’t have to tend the fire.
  • Fewer emissions.
  • Higher energy efficiency.

Gas fireplaces are also easy to install using a straightforward process while requiring little maintenance.

Easier Venting 

Despite having a cleaner burn, gas fireplaces still require some venting. However, they have a significant advantage; the venting solution does not strictly have to be vertical. Instead, you may choose to vent directly through an external wall if it is more convenient than the roof option. The system comprises a series of specialized metal ducts that pull fresh air from the outdoors to feed the fire. After burning, all the exhaust leaves through a different chamber. Since the whole set-up is well sealed, you lose less heat while all the resultant emissions are effectively channeled away.

Easier Installation

Freestanding fireplaces do not require an elaborate installation process. A professional may be able to carry out a full install quite quickly. Furthermore, they can add on all the necessary features without having to undertake any extra construction. 

In contrast to wood heaters, freestanding gas fireplaces only need minimal clearances from flammable objects to remain within safe operational limits. Consequently, they can be positioned close to a wall if it is the only space available. The vent ducts will be channeled through the top and out of the closest exterior wall in this scenario.

Greater Range of Styles

Everything You Need to Know About Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

Your freestanding gas fireplace can be an extension of your home’s decor by reflecting your desired aesthetics. They come in a variety of styles to suit most tastes, including cast iron or steel gas stoves and small hearth mounts (which are usually installed in front of existing fireplaces). Therefore, no matter if you prefer a rustic or modern design, there will always be something to satisfy your desires.

Better Heating

Freestanding gas heaters produce a constant flow of radiant heat through temperature regulators that dictate the flames’ size and intensity. Therefore, there is more efficiency and greater ease in keeping your home as warm as you prefer with more steady heating. Moreover, since they are positioned away from the walls, all the heat generated gets evenly distributed around the room. As a result, you don’t lose any warmth to the room’s barriers.

If you can be strategic about selecting the ideal spot to install your fireplace, you may be able to use that one heater to provide warmth to several rooms. As a result, you get far more out of one device than most other heating appliances can provide. You can even use some gas fireplaces on your patio!

More Features

Gas fireplaces have more to them than a firebox connected to a gas supply line. Most modern models even go so far as to have the ability to mimic a conventional wood fire very closely. The effect can be so realistic that you may be able to fool an unsuspecting observe into believing that it is a natural wood fire.

Some other features of freestanding gas fireplaces which are available for you to choose from are:

  • Remote controls for easy operation.
  • A thermostat that keeps track of the temperature in the room and adjusts the heating level accordingly.
  • Circulating fans for more even and effective heating. Look for fireplaces that allow you to control the fans.
  • Large flame variability; where you can adjust the flame to your desired levels for more accurate temperature regulation.

If you are now convinced and would like to acquire a freestanding gas fireplace of your own, speak to a professional near you. They will help you make a choice which suits you best.

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