‘Dogspotting’ Is A Group Where People Share Only The Best, Unexpected Encounters With Dogs (132 New Pics)

Is there such a thing as too many dogs? Here at Bored Panda, we believe that the answer is a very hearty ‘no!’ Hilarious and quirky photos of dogs and cats, delicious food pics, and fabulous examples of art, photography, and crafts… these are all things that we firmly believe the world needs more of. And there’s nothing like a host of funny and cute dog pics to boost your mood and help you through the workweek! The weekend is a dozen nose-boops and doggo snuggles away.

That’s where the super-popular Dogspotting group over on Facebook comes in. A community with over 1.8 million members, Dogspotting is dedicated to spotting, photographing, and sharing photos of random dogs. It’s also “a fun place to hang out with friends who enjoy dogs.” Frankly, it sounds like heaven.

Have a scroll through some of the most heartwarming, wholesome, and hilarious photos of our canine buddies, as featured on the Dogspotting group, and don’t forget to upvote the pics that you liked the most. We’d love to hear which of these dogs you’d love to bring home with you if you could so drop us a line in the comments. Oh, and when you’re done with this list, check out our earlier article about Dogspotting right over here.

More info: Facebook (Dogspotting) | Facebook (Dogspotting Society) | Instagram | Twitter

#1 This Dog Makes Everyone So Happy At My Moms Assisted Living!

Image credits: Carolyn Lockwood

#2 Our Office Recently Hired A Senior. He’s 15. Has No Teeth, Can Barely Smell Or Hear. But He Is Perfect

Image credits: Nicole Perrault

#3 Spotted This Baby At The Grocery Store And Forgot What I Went For

Image credits: Megan Walker

I previously had a couple of friendly chats with the incredibly friendly team behind the Dogspotting group. The entire Dogspotting project is far bigger than you might think at first glance. You’ve got the Dogspotting Society, Dogspotting Media, and even Dogspotting Court pages to round out the entire community.

It’s all very orderly and you’ll quickly realize just how much effort is put in on a regular basis to keep the entire project flowing smoothly.

#4 Thank You To This Kind Gentleman For Directing Me To The 2x4s. What Lovely Staff

Image credits: Trexel McGalloway

#5 This Little Princess Came Into My Work Today. Her Name Is Blu And I Can’t Handle How Tiny She Is. She Took Over My Heart. 2238578483/10 Would Let Her Run Around Again

Image credits: Megan Brooke Lane

#6 Parents Sent Me A Photo Of This Bouquet Of 5 Week Old Puppies. Spotted On The Sunshine Coast

Image credits: Rachel Kennedy

The Dogspotting team previously told Bored Panda that their community members are incredibly proactive. They’re responsible for the fun challenges like #‎didntwantadogchallenge‬ and #HiddenDogChallenge that you’ll find on the page.

"I think it’s a common experience when you’re in a household of many to have one person who might not be as excited as the others. But dogs usually find a way to melt those hearts pretty quickly. And as we’ve seen on the page, it happens a lot!" one of the page’s representatives told Bored Panda earlier that even people who don’t really want a dog eventually grow to love the dashing pup who rolled their way into their lives.

#7 Good Noot Pupper

Image credits: Tory Atkins

#8 Got To Meet A Very Happy Sleepy 9 Week Old Duck Today And Thought I Might Die. 16/10 For Softest Smiling Yawn

Image credits: Heather McLaughlin

#9 Today I Met Blue, It Was Love At First Sight, Look At Her Face?!?! Ahhhh My Heart Exploded. Her Owner Said She Could Be Petted All Day, A Job I Would Happily Take On

Image credits: Jaclyn Lindsay

The representative of the Dogspotting team urged people to adopt a dog. Especially if you find yourself working from home. "Now is a great time to do it! With so many people working from home, you’ll have more time to bond with your new best friend! Contact local animal rescues and shelters in your area and they’ll be able to help you! We know this year has been very difficult for a lot of our members and the challenges have added a bit of levity for everyone,” they shared with us earlier.

#10 Sonja Is Having The Best Of Her Times

Image credits: Leona Roos

#11 The Cutest Lil

Image credits: Shannon Granholm

#12 Stop Right There Sir. You Are Simply Too Sweet To Be Allowed. This Is Cooper, He Was Out On His First Big Walkies

Image credits: Emma Hedges

#13 Don't You Just Love Such Views While Taking A Ride In Public Transportation

Image credits: Jakub Grzeszczuk

#14 Doin’ A Protecc. How Dare I Get So Close To His Car!!! Angry Reacts Only

Image credits: Jillian Francis

#15 Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (Cle)

Image credits: Karen Closkey

#16 Oh My Dog

Image credits: Bianca Simmons

#17 My Boyfriend (Not On Fb) Just Sent Me This Pic From The Brewery Where He Works And Now I’m Dead

Image credits: Amanda Crawford

#18 Dewey Is 6 And He Sees With His Heart... And With His Nose And His Ears. Blindness Does Not Stop Him From Enjoying Life, Or A Day At The Beach. He Has A Very Loving Mom And Dad Who Know How To Care For Him Properly. 1000/10 For This Boy

Image credits: Karen Beth Pearlman

#19 My Moms Newest Family Addition Sebastian Is Taking Quite A Liking To The Cats. They Don’t Seem To Mind Beth Craven Gazeta

Image credits: Tessa Wood

#20 Spot The Hooman. A 2 Year Old Teddy Bear

Image credits: Amy Jayne Lloyd

#21 We Do Not Know These Dogs Or This Owner. They Were On A Hike And Ran Up To Us

"Yesterday morning Alexander and I eloped in a self-solemnization ceremony. We made our vows, we exchanged rings, and the second we finished our kiss, the gorgeous Freya was suddenly at our feet, with her brother Bruno not far behind. It honestly felt like the universe blessing our marriage. Owner kept apologizing to our photographer Cara when they walked through the pics, but we were loving it. 1,000,000/10 best wedding crashers ever."

Image credits: Rachel Gabriella Franco

#22 Spotted In Greenwich, London. My Only Question Is How Does He Turn On The Torch On His Head? Yeah, Other Than That... No Obvious Questions

Image credits: Phil Adèle

#23 The Look You Get When You Don’t Cover Your Nose With Your Face Mask

Image credits: Christy Paul

#24 This Pup Was Too Scared To Be On An Escalator

Image credits: Monique Callari

#25 Spotted 2 Cows Lol

Image credits: Kenzie Darian Waldkoetter

#26 New Assistant At The Local Pharmacy

Image credits: Samuel Lorincik

#27 These Two Goofballs Gave Me A Mini Heart Attack When They Popped Up To Wall Here. No Borks, Only Wanted Pets. Would Gladly Pet These Shed Monsters Again

Image credits: Thomas Bela Kiss

#28 Snoozin’ Through The Atlanta Airport

Image credits: Claire Nielsen

#29 Jewellery Shop Basset

Image credits: Fifi de Faoite

#30 This Is Chance. He’s A Therapy Pupper. He Comes To The Hospital Sometimes When Life Is Hard. He Has My Heart! I’m 4’11”. He’s 145 Lbs Of Love And Sweetness

Image credits: Lauren Ashley

#31 Cutest Scene Spotted In A Bus

Image credits: Наташа Лажетић

#32 This...this Is A Man In A Dog Suit, Right?

Image credits: Rachel Abramowitz

#33 All Eyes On Her

Image credits: Anh-Thu Pham

#34 Decided To Stop By The Thrift Store And Inadvertently Came Across What Must Be The Entrance To Heaven. Or At Least The Car Ride There. Not Pictured - Too Cool For School Pupper Riding Shotgun Up Front!

Image credits: Roberta Herndon Evans

#35 My Neighbor’s New Pup.. Meet Casey

Image credits: teri Paulsen

#36 Saw This Queen Outside Value Mart Today. She Didn’t Have To Stunt On Us This Hard

Image credits: Bailey McGarrell

#37 The Best Dogspot Of My Life!!!! This Truck Had A Doghouse On The Roof Of His Truck And It Had Little Windows With All The Dogs Sticking Their Heads Out!!! The Husky Was Leading The Way

Image credits: Julie Steffey

#38 My Sister Spotted This Little Guy Out For A Spin

Image credits: Bonnie Lynch

#39 Spotted Someone Spotting My Dog....is This Allowed?

Image credits: Jessica Alina

#40 I Walk Past This Fence Hole Every Day When I Walk My Dog. This Is All I’ve Ever Wanted To Happen

Image credits: Kate McClarnon

#41 He Literally

Image credits: Miguel Ledesma

#42 It Looks Like Scooby Doo Is Waiting Patiently For Shaggy To Come Back With Scooby Snacks

Image credits: Jenny M Svehla

#43 #hiddendogchallenge

Image credits: Brit Bones

#44 Here We Are Back Again. This Ain’t Even My Dog It’s A Clients I Saw Today. Moose!

Image credits: Callie Bless

#45 “You Get Down From There Right Now Mister”

Image credits: Adrienne Halsey

#46 Otis In Atlanta, In His Lil Crocs

Image credits: Laura Castro

#47 Jasmine Just Turned 18!

Image credits: Karen Beth Pearlman

#48 Too Smitten To Ask Her Name - A 2 Month Old Angel!!!!!

Image credits: Jenny He

#49 Meet Gunner...the Bestest Old Boy Who Had Knee Surgery... So His Human Made Him His Own Private Elevator. 100/10 Would Pet Again!

Image credits: Jessica Stewart Copeland

#50 This Strange Plant Is Named Appa, After The Creature From Avatar. He's An Eight-Week-Old Samoyed

Image credits: Larissa Børglum

#51 This Is Gus, I Met Him On A Walk Today In Portland, Or. Can Confirm That Everything On The Sign Is True, He Is A Great Boy!!!

Image credits: Zoe Cook

#52 A Dog Or A Christmas Tree

Image credits: Alex Miglierina

#53 "Tickets Please"

Image credits: Alasdair Jackson

#54 I Met This Derp Guy

Image credits: Zuri Shaddai

#55 Met Callie Boating Today. 10/10 Would Rub Her Butt

Image credits: Bree Rose

#56 Had The Best Little Customer At Work On Wednesday

Image credits: Katie Whelan

#57 Met Arnold Today. He Is Seventeen!

Image credits: Karen Beth Pearlman

#58 Um So My Mum Did Some Dogspotting Today On A Work Shift, And Sent Me This Via Text. Mums Text: “Wth?” Me: Omg

Image credits: Lucy Swari

#59 Joey And Those Fabulous Eyebrows!

Image credits: Karen Beth Pearlman

#60 While Replacing A Mirror In The Bathroom Of Our 1920s Greene And Greene Carriage House In Altadena, Ca, We Found A Hidden Compartment, With All Sorts Of Artifacts, Including The Lovely Letter And Photograph Of The Previous Canine Inhabitant, This Is A Posthumous Dog Spotting Event, And I'm Glad His Ashes Are Safely Buried Here, Under The Cypress Tree. There Were All Sorts Of Little Artifacts In This Secret Time Capsule, Including A Letter Which Started "Dear Future People", I Was Completely Charmed, And Will Replace The Artifacts And Hide Them For The Next "Future People" To Discover

Image credits: Linda Marais

#61 This Is Scout. She Is A 10 Year Old Shiba With No Eyes Who Loves Pats

Image credits: Daniel Sher

#62 Spotted This Absolute Legend Rolling Down U St In Dc

Image credits: Hester Leyser

#63 I Live In A Beach Town Called Lennox Head In Australia. I See This Dog Every Day In This Exact Spot. The Locals Are So Used To It That They May As Well Be Part Of The Scenery. I Like To Think Of Them As The Town Guardian Watching Over Us, Keeping Us Safe. Cool Dog/10

Image credits: Crystal Bennett

#64 Saw This Hideous Dog The Other Day

Image credits: Conor Barry

#65 This Is Harvey, Waiting Patiently For His Burrito

Image credits: Dylan Mitchell Frost

#66 Everyone Say Hello To Moose, The Cutest Sleeping Floof Ever!

Image credits: Catherine Hogan

#67 Surprise Visitor At My Office Today! 8 Week Old Kola Is A Red Fox Labrador. I Picked Him Up And He Was Heavy! 15 Lbs Already!

Image credits: Christine Mallard

#68 Hi Good Morning I’m An Oreo And Yes I Have Your Checked Bag Right Here

Image credits: Thomas Tex Yuan

#69 Mr. Steal Yo Girl 15/10 Would Be Catcalled By This Man Again

Image credits: Arielle Peters

#70 I'll Just Sit Here...

Image credits: Alexandra Maris

#71 I Was Able To Meet My Niece, Nelly Gnu, For The First Time Today. She’s A Rescue And Clearly Now Living Her Best Life!

Image credits: Lauren Fiallo

#72 Proxy Spot… Meet Ace! The Goodest Boy To Dine Outdoors In Beautiful White Rock. Credit To The Restaurant He Visited: Charlie Don’t Surf

Image credits: Laurisha Blackstock

#73 Was Blessed On A Neighborhood Walk By Remy. He’s 15 And And Doesn’t Walk So Well But Still Loves To Be Outside

Image credits: Janice Temin

#74 Spotted The Most Majestic Lion Watching Over His Pride In The Heart Of Hackney. 15/10 Would Make Lengthy Eye Contact Again. Pure Floof

Image credits: Julia Pensabene

#75 Stoplight Spot

Image credits: Dylan Traister

#76 Have You Ever Seen Indicators That Bark??

Image credits: Freya Scott

#77 Gentle Senior Golden In Her Garden Or Actual Woodland Nymph? We May Never Know. Either Way I Shed A Tear

Image credits: Taryn O'Grady

#78 This Fair Lady, Spotted In London

Image credits: Tirion Eilir Haf Jenkins

#79 Met Bentley Leaving Marshalls And He Was Too Tired For Photos

Image credits: Brittney McClintock

#80 Just Found The Sweetest Baby Boy Lost In The Rain. She Started Following Me As I Was Walking My Dog. The Search Is Currently On For His Owners As He Waits In The Security Office At Our Building. I’ll Take Her To A Vet In The Morning To See If She Has A Microchip

Image credits: Derek Randy Hamm

#81 This Is Ovie, It Was His First Trip To The Beach Today

Image credits: Molly Lees

#82 Just Moved And I Met My New Neighbors Today - This Is Molly!

Image credits: Beyhan Ibici

#83 Made A Friend, We Played Peekaboo For A Bit

Image credits: Sian Fitzpatrick

#84 Dogspotting Is More Fun When You Get Help From The Owner

Image credits: Mick K Niess

#85 Spotted A Samoyed Named Ghost!!

Image credits: Maddy Machado

#86 Met Ron, The 8 Week Old Pug Today While Getting My Mail. 11/10 Good Boy And Dressed For Success With His Bow Tie. Best Part - He Lives Across The Street!

Image credits: Lauren Lewis

#87 Have You Seen This Dog??? Crime: Theft Wanted For: Stealing Flowers And Hearts

Image credits: Hannah Gallagher

#88 Taking A Stroll In San Diego's Little Italy When This Guy Pops Up From His Patio Begging For Pats. Uhhhhh.....yes! He Reciprocated With Kisses

Image credits: Hope Cantu Ettore

#89 Here’s Leaf For You

Image credits: Kelsey Elizabeth Thalken

#90 Doggie Carries Froggie

Image credits: Branco A. Retamales

#91 Walked By The Most Peaceful Scene Ever Today

Image credits: Anton Ivashov

#92 Someone On My Block Got A Goldendoodle Puppy! I Bent Down To Take His Pic And He Threw His Paws Up His Name Is Max And He’s 3 Months Old

Image credits: Morgan Makana Simmons

#93 Spotted In His Natural State During A Walk

Image credits: Charlotte Demory

#94 Let Me Out Of Here.....

Image credits: Heather Joy Curatolo

#95 Spotted This Guy From The Isle Of Dogs Movie!

Image credits: Alexandra Alemany

#96 Today At Work I Met Phoebe. She Likes Cheez Its

Image credits: Kyle Bryan

#97 Best Paw-Lice Assistance Desk I've Ever Seen

Image credits: Beatriz Torre

#98 Saw The Cutest Little Wrinkly Bum In Los Angeles! His Name Is Theodore And He’s 7 Weeks

Image credits: Sophie Haritas

#99 Spotted: Princess Corgi Doin The Snoozles

Image credits: Taylor Matheson

#100 Floof Patrol Dearborn, Mi 10/10 Would Recommend For Floof Security Purposes

Image credits: Theresa Shipley

#101 Rafferty The Black Labrador Puppy Or Vampire. Probably Wouldn't Suck Your Blood, But Will Definitely Eat Your Shoelaces

Image credits: Matt Hancock-Jones

#102 What Type Of Fruit Is This?

Image credits: Jaclynn Joyce

#103 Shortly After This Little Fluff Was Spotted, She Retired Into A Tote Bag As Her Little Beans Got Too Tired And She Needed Carrying. Happens To The Best Of Us!

Image credits: Madeleine Blake

#104 Uninvited But Appreciated Dinner Guest

Image credits: Leah Dobbs

#105 Free Ride

Image credits: Leon Rigsby

#106 I Spotted The Tiniest Dog Ever!!

Image credits: Raya Jade Lieberman

#107 Guys This Is Jackson And He Just Came To My Work

Image credits: Sasha Kulesh

#108 The Spot Of The Year

Image credits: Stacie Anderson Cheney

#109 Gorgeous Mutt In The Playground

Image credits: Holli Kdh

#110 Waiting To Say Hi

Image credits: Sara Hurwitz

#111 #firstspot

Image credits: Cheuk-Yin To

#112 Met This Absolutely Gorgeous 12 Year Old Girl At The Park The Other Day But I Unfortunately Can't Recall Her Name. Her Parents Said That She Had To Have Have Her Leg Taken Off A Few Months Ago But She Has Been Barely Hindered! Very Friendly And Happy

Image credits: Brett Watkinson

#113 His Name Is Tofu, 12/10 Would Have His Owner Fully Extend His Arm Again So That I Could Fully Extend Mine And Give Him Lil Distant Shibe Scritches

Image credits: Alex Seligsohn

#114 Spotted Virgen Maria Berlin

Image credits: Mila Fontana

#115 Spotted A Nosey Boy

Image credits: Hannah Daisy Smith

#116 I. Screamed

Image credits: Dilshad Cookie Masi Burman

#117 I’ve Literally Never Taken A Better Photo Before

Image credits: Jake Wasserman

#118 Meet Viper! King Of The Pub. His Cuddles Were A 10/10

Image credits: Sammy Kirwan

#119 This Beautiful Boy Lives At The Inn We’re Staying At This Week. His Name Is Bruno, He’s 130lbs Of Pure Beefy Love, And 116/10 Would Let Him Gaze Into My Eyes Again Any Day

Image credits: Erin Cunningham

#120 Went To The Farmers Market Today And Met Emory, A 3 Mo Old English Bulldoggo!

Image credits: Kyung Lee

#121 Say Hi To Bertram The Cutest Little Face Ever! One Of My In-Laws 9 Golden Retriver Puppies. Only 8 Week Old And Look At These Eyes

Image credits: Natascha Falk Olsen

#122 Polar Bears Spotted

Image credits: Muamer Besic

#123 Blessed To Sit Next To This 12 Week Old Wrinkly Puppo On Her First Train Journey!!! Copious Pats Were Given And Several Boops Administered Throughout The Journey, +10 Points For Being Such A Good Girl And Not Having Any Stinkin’ Accidents On The Way

Image credits: Lisa Houston

#124 The Fresh Nugget Tonka

Image credits: Brittany Gross

#125 Little Puppy Spotted At Mexico City Subway

Image credits: Mauricio Huitrón Gómez

#126 Spotted: A Friendly Snoot Sticking Out Under A Front Gate!! This Is Louie, The Second I Pulled My Phone Out He Posed For A Photo, Clearly A Professional

Image credits: Alison Thom

#127 Does Anyone Else Find As Much Joy In Extra Lorge Dogs In Tiny Trucks As I Do? Ok

Image credits: Katherine Swan

#128 Good Girl Waiting For Her Person At The Bagel Shop, No Leash, Just Boots

Image credits: Persephone Bennett

#129 3 Month Lab Spotted In Portugal

Image credits: Manel Bonneville Moura Coutinho

#130 Shiba Puppy, Aptly Called Sakura Spotted And Booped My Phone

Image credits: Renata Nagy

#131 My Mum And Dads New Italian Greyhound Puppy Shes 8 Weeks Old And Her Name Is Holly

Image credits: Charlotte Elizabeth

#132 My First Spot On The Way Back From San Juan. This Good Boi Is 9 1/2 Years Old And He Is Flight Ready With His Frog

Image credits: LB Marshall

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