Discover The Magic of Bracelets

Since time immemorial, most women have wanted to decorate and adorn themselves in some way in order to highlight their beauty. Various types of jewelry have therefore become an integral part of our lives, whether for everyday wear or for special occasions. Among the many jewelry options, bracelets are sometimes a slightly neglected ornament.

So here is some information for you about the types of bracelets to add to your jewelry box. 

Solid bracelets

One type of bracelet is the solid circle which can be either open or closed. This type of bracelet is also known as a bangle. When choosing a closed bangle, make sure that it fits well but does not slip off your hand easily. With an open bangle, slipping it on is easier and with open gold bracelets for instance, ornamental details such as skillfully shaped ends or glittering gems will also delight.

KLENOTA online jeweler offers a selection of unique flexi bracelets and bangles that are easy to put on, so you don’t have to worry about bending them by handling them awkwardly.

Chain bracelets

With or without a pendant, a chain bracelet is an excellent foundation piece in your jewelry box. Moreover, it can be combined and layered really well, so you don’t need to limit yourself to choosing just one piece. The links of the chain can be either small and delicate or bigger, so depending on individual tastes, they can appeal either to lovers of minimalism or admirers of distinctive jewelry pieces.

Cross bracelets are really popular right now and look great with a variety of different styles.

Pearl bracelets

A bracelet made of pearls is quite a specific kind of bracelet. In most cases, it is not a piece of jewelry designed for everyday wear, due to the relatively fragile and delicate nature of pearls. But if these glistening round objects have captivated you, a pearl bracelet will suit for instance, as an elegant accessory to a refined outfit for an evening occasion or to add a touch of luxury to your everyday clothing.

Cuff Bracelets

One of the main advantages of bracelets is that you can enjoy them while you wear them. You can also take advantage of bracelets if you decide to wear a dress or blouse with a distinctively decorated neckline, when earrings or a necklace would be too much but when you still want to show off some jewelry.

Some people will also appreciate the fact that a well-chosen bracelet is very versatile, can be worn every day and it does not need to be put away and replaced with a new one, even in exceptional circumstances.

What to consider when buying a bracelet 

When choosing a bracelet, first focus on its size. Choose one which isn’t too tight or too loose – ideally it should be just under half an inch bigger than the circumference of your wrist. It is a good idea to invest in quality materials so the jewelry you buy will make you happy long after you buy it. Also, think about when and where you want to wear the bracelet. For example, simpler bracelets made of white gold are great for everyday wear due to their practicality and durability. As we mentioned above, for occasional wear, perhaps choose from pearl bracelets or bigger pieces.

Wherever you go, know that a bracelet will make for a wonderful accessory. What’s more, you can combine bracelets with watches and the right jewelry. Just be sure that the result blends well and doesn’t look overdone.

We believe that once you take a closer look at bracelets, you will want to wear them frequently and with pleasure.

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