Dinner plates that make your food look more deliciou



Yum! (Unsplash/)
A good-looking meal makes the eyes grow wide and whets the appetite, so be sure your food is dressed for success. The ideal dinner plate will both suit the food you prepare and fit the look of your home. Maybe you make elaborate meals in your maximalist palace and need plates that put on a show. Or perhaps you’re more of a meat-and-potatoes type cooking in a cozy log cabin. There’s a perfect dinner plate for both extremes and everyone in between. So what should you look for in a dinner plate? Keep reading to find out.

Great for feeding large groups, lightweight, and safe in extreme temperatures. These are barebones yet elegant. (amHomel/)
If you’re in search of a standard dinner plate that doesn’t ruffle any feathers, there are plenty of simple plates with subtle designs to choose from. While a lot of these plates may look similar, they vary drastically in quality. For example, porcelain plates can withstand very high temperatures, making them safe in microwaves and sometimes ovens. They are generally more durable than earthenware ceramic plates.

Available in a variety of designs, these can go in the dishwasher and microwave safely. In fact, they can go in the oven and withstand up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. (Amazon/)
Some dinner plates come in sets with matching bowls, platters, and more. If you’re someone who likes consistency in your kitchenware, a dish set might appeal to you. It might also save you time, effort, and money, as package deals tend to be cost-efficient. Still, matching dishware looks classy, especially when serving a multi-course meal with soups, salads, and entrees.

Multicolored decorations make these eye-catching and fun. But don’t judge them on looks alone—these ceramics have flared rims to prevent spillage and can withstand temperatures of up to 482 degrees. (Annovero/)
The average dinner plate is between 10 and 11 inches in diameter, but they range from around 8 to around 14 inches. If you’re serving large portions or sharing family-style meals, consider something on the bigger side. If you’re feeding small children or serving tapas, small dinner plates might be more your style.


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