Can Colored Diamonds Be Considered for an Engagement Ring?

Diamond occurs in several colors in nature, and few of the most precious diamonds on the globe come in color other than white. The Hope Diamond, a blue diamond that is 45-ct, is being showcased at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. It is an art piece which is visited the most worldwide, after the Mona Lisa.

An emerald-cut, fancy intense pink colored diamond-24 ct holds a record of being bought as the most expensive jewel in an auction. A single ring was auctioned in the year 2010 for over 46 million dollars at Sotheby’s in Geneva, Switzerland.

Color diamonds are gaining importance, and people prefer them for their engagement rings. All the credit goes to the celebrities who flaunt these multi-colored beauties in award shows and fashion magazines. Is a color diamond an ideal find for you? The article will throw light-why color diamonds are the best choice for your engagement ring and ways to find the best and affordable buying price.

Understanding Color Diamonds

Diamond comes in an extensive range of beautiful and bright colors, from black and brown, blue and violet to yellow and red and pink, to green. Fancy colors like green, blue and red are very few and are the most expensive.

Natural green diamonds are amongst the rarest colors in the list of fancy-colored diamonds. However, finding a diamond that is violet, orange, blue, pink, and red is also not easy. It is also difficult to source the best quality green diamond. The price tag for a green diamond is higher, and it carries more value, despite being readily available compared to the red.

Green diamonds in their purest form are the most in-demand and costly gem. Leibish green diamonds have a range of colors, price, size, and intensity levels. The secondary hue presence impacts the cost of the diamond in a big way. For instance, the blue hue presence makes the price of a green diamond go higher, whereas a grey or yellow hue keeps the green diamond at an affordable price.

Yellow diamonds (and black and brown ones) are slightly on the complicated side. Over the years, Hollywood legends and royalty displayed striking yellow diamonds. These authentic yellow diamonds are occasionally called a canary. It is a marketing term and is not used often by the appraisers and labs. The brown and yellow diamonds are common cousins and come under most precious colorless or close to colorless diamonds.

However, in recent times diamond firms discovered ideas to rebrand black, brown, and yellow diamonds. They labeled yellow as “golden” or “sun” and brown diamond as “champagne” and “cognac” and were successful in convincing the celebrities desiring a stand-out jewelry look. Black, brown, and yellow diamonds top the demand chart. We need to thank models, musicians, and movie stars for bringing this trend.

When is a Colored Diamond Ideal for an Engagement Ring?

Turning away from the conventional white diamond can be the best alternative for choosing the engagement ring for your would-be-bride. Consider color if:

1. Your Better-Half Likes to be Unique and is Fashion-Forward

Fashion-forward and sophisticated color fusion, like Chocolate Diamond in rose or cognac, will make your fiancée stand out from the crowd. Knowing her style is crucial. If she is generally fond of colors, has an interest in artful accessories and unique fashion, she may cherish the color diamond.

2. Her Attraction is Romance and Glamour

If she likes to watch vintage movies, is attracted to glamour, and gets fascinated by admiring the royals, she will love to have colored diamonds. These diamonds may add little glamour to her daily life.

3. She Has Her Own Color Choice

Does she look gorgeous in pink? Or have green eyes for you to die? Will orange or yellow suit her depending on her skin tone? If there is a color she wishes to put it as a brooch, an engagement ring mounted with the same color diamond will be the icing on the cake.

A Meaningful Color

Color diamond carries different meanings, similar to color gemstones. There are many kinds of interpretations-for example: many people believe that the red diamond is a sign of strength and true love, while blue depicts peace and tranquility. Yellow has the significance of calm, caring, and selflessness.

A couple usually gets attracted to something that gives meaning to their relationship. It is the color diamond that helps you in achieving that.

Cost-Effective Color Diamond

Once you conclude that a fancy-color diamond is best to select as a ring for your engagement, you would not spend your time and money traveling to Paris or Switzerland. The best option at an affordable cost would be color-enhanced diamonds. These are natural diamonds that receive some treatment in a way that brings a change to their color.

If you like to buy a cost-effective fancy-color diamond, go in for diamonds having modifiers to the original color. But keep in mind some modifiers tend to increase the cost of stone. We can assure you that your fiancée would love to wear a color diamond, and you both will adore it for the rest of your life.

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