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This feels like the first major sale for Bonobos of the season. I think they ran 25% off once before, but that was for a pretty short period. Other than that, it’s been kinda quiet from the almighty “B” on the code front. So 25% off is solid. Maybe not mind blowing, but solid. Especially considering all the new arrivals that have recently hit their site.

Is any of this stuff cheap? Nope. Do a lot of guys SWEAR by Bonobos? Indeed. Maybe it’s just window shopping. Maybe it’s style inspiration. Maybe there’s a treat-yo-self moment in here somewhere. Whatever it is… off we go.

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer – $337.50 ($450)

Can we take a moment to appreciate that guy’s “sitting on a stool” game? It’s strong. Like, he genuinely looks great, just sitting on a darn stool. I’d probably manage to slip off and look like this. Anyway, these are almost all-wool or mainly wool jackets with killer patterns. Five different options to pick from. Non functioning sleeve cuff buttons make for easy tailoring, if you need any tweaks done post purchase.

Stretch Lightweight Chinos – $73.50 ($98)

They brought back the oxford cloth! Rad. Available in either a crisp, lightweight oxford (think your favorite OCBD fabric), or, a lightened up version of their washed chino fabric. Lots of colors to pick from.

Unconstructed Italian Linen Blazers – $337.50 ($450)

First, these are linen blend. Either linen with cotton, or linen with wool and cotton. And that’s GREAT. Because unlike 100% linen blazers, these blended numbers will be less likely to wrinkle like hell if you, y’know, move your arms. You want the lightweight, breathable texture of linen, but it’s gotta be backed up with a little smart-strength too. Non-functioning sleeve cuff buttons make for easy tailoring, if you so choose. Pretty much the perfect jacket for throwing on over a polo or tee, and then jumping on a video conference call. Also shown at the very top left of this post in the “Brown Crosshatch” option.

Stretch Washed Chinos – $73.50 ($98)

The wheelhouse Bonobos pant. Famous fit. Washed cotton with 2% stretch.  Tons and tons and tons of colors to pick from, and more than a few fits to fit plenty of body types. The list of people who not just like these things, but love these things, is long. Yes, $73 for a pair of chinos is pricey. But for those of us that are lucky enough to have a pair or two, sitting in a closet next to cheaper chinos, I think it’s fair to say that we reach for these before the cheaper chinos. Like, all the time.

Lightweight Golf Pants – $73.50 ($98)

A Bonobos tech pant that doesn’t start north of $150? Be still. My heart. All poly/nylon blend here. Super springy-fresh (the mint is something) colors. 5 pocket jean like styling. Lightweight fabric. Don’t play golf? Doesn’t matter.

Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt – $58.50 ($78)

Two reasons why sixty bucks for one of these short sleeve button ups isn’t crazy: 1. The Fit(s), 2. The Patterns. First, the fit. Short sleeve button ups can go real wrong, real fast, if the fit is off by too much. These come in standard (which is more athletic than boxy), slim (a true slim) or tailored (which is even slimmer than slim). And the patterns? Super fun, and there are plenty. A splurge, but worth it to some. They will look, feel, and wear 3x better than, say, a $20 alternative from Old Navy.

Unconstructed Italian Hopsack Wool Solid Sportcoats – $300 ($400)

I know that Bonobos was founded as a pants company, and their chinos and how they fit are their “thing.” But to me? These unconstructed, Italian hopsack wool sportcoats are the best thing they make. Period. And they make some mighty fine other things. Super airy but still 4-season appropriate Italian hopsack wool. It drapes great, it feels great, it breathes exceptionally well. And the barely-there construction ensures that you wear the sportcoat. The sportcoat doesn’t wear you.

Tech 5-Pocket – $96 ($128)

When is a tech pant mostly cotton? Here, apparently. 59% Cotton, 36% Polyamide, 5% Elastane. Haven’t tried these in person, but I’m interested. Perhaps a 5-pocket Bonobos competitor to the BR Core Temp? Maybe? Big fan of that “deep sea green” on the left.

The Performance Golf Polo – $51 ($68)

Bold. Tech. Pineapples. If I ever run for public office one day (don’t worry, I won’t), that’ll be my slogan. And I don’t even like pineapple. Sweat wicking. Stretch. Airy. And more fun patterns than other tech-polo makers. Do know that the BONOBOS logo, as simple as it is, is embroidered on one of the sleeves.

Bonobos Daily Grind Suits – $300 ($400)

I would 100% get a Spier right now, especially since they’re $50 less than these Bonobos Daily Grinds suits. BUT… here’s why these almost certainly fused, 60% Wool, 40% Polyester suits are still getting a mention. They’re separates, and the Bonobos fit is something plenty of dudes swear by. That Bonobos fit through the posterior and thighs is just tough to replicate. A lot of guys with either super slim OR super thick legs swear by it (and yes, even those of you somewhere in between). And being that these suits are sold as separates, you’re not locked into some suit “drop” zone. Pick your jacket. Pick your pants. Ta-da. Suit. Meanwhile, the pants come pre-hemmed, which means you might be good to go, no-tailor-visit required. Again, Spier? Better. Much better. But there are lots of reasons why these Daily Grind suit separates could actually be a better pick for some of you.

Italian Stretch Wool Dress Pants – $148.50 ($198)

Ooooof. Expensive. Smack, right in the wallet. But they are something else. 97% Wool / 2% Polyester / 1% Elastane. More than a few colors to pick from.

Travel Jeans – $73.50 ($98)

A saturated, 5-pocket style of do anything pants. Four fits, and FIVE lengths to pick from. Great for guys who are short, tall, and everything in between. I just wish they’d make a lighter weight version, for the warmer months. These can feel a little substantial when the temps rise.

Lightweight Travel Jeans – $73.50 ($98)




And there they are.

It’s almost like they’re 8 million steps ahead of me.

Imagine that.

The 25% off everything code PICKMEUP runs through Friday 4/24. Works on full price as well as sale stuff. 
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