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Are you a food enthusiast who loves cooking? Then you probably understand the advantages of gas cooktops. In fact, they have many benefits that surpass the electric ones. For ones, you know that they have even heating. They also deliver accurate cooking temperatures. That means that if your food needs to be prepared under a specific constant temperature, then using a gas cooktop will provide the said temperature once you set your heating temperature. Many people also prefer gas cooktops for fast cooking. You see, these gas cooktops heat up quickly, and again they take less time to cool. We can’t say the same with electric cooktops. There are many more advantages. Therefore, if you are looking for the best gas cooktops to buy in 2020, then here are the best to check out.

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Top 10 Best Gas Cooktops To Buy in 2020

10. Bosch 30-inch NGMP056UC

Bosch 30-inch NGMP056UC - Gas Cooktops

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Bosch is a company which for an extended period, has been trusted in delivering quality products. Therefore when we talk of gas cooktops from Bosch, we mean high-quality cooktops. They are highly durable with minimalistic grating over their five burners, which provide the support you need and are easy to clean.

The cooktops from Bosch looks simple, and you can easily underrate them previous their advanced features. If you prefer gas over electricity, buying Bosch cooktops will be so much advantageous.


  • Has one powerful 20,000BTU model for extra fast boiling or a low simmering
  • Comes with an electronic re-ignition sequence to relight any burner
  • Every burner has a subtle LED light, so you know when it is on

9. Frigidaire 30-inch FPGC3077RS

Frigidaire 30-inch FPGC3077RS - Gas Cooktops

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If you are scouting for the best gas cooktop, you might want to consider choosing this one. Not only is it easy to clean, but also it is long-lasting and the best kitchen appliance for all time. Frigidaire 30 is what you should consider if you are operating on a tight budget.

This burner is a 5-burner gas cooktop which combines impressive quality and comes at a reasonable budget. It has the best knobs which are sturdy and has a continuous cast iron grate.


  • Can support any pan or pot
  • Its burners range from 9,500 BTUs
  • The best for excellent boiling

8. GE 30-inch PGP9830DJBB

GE 30-inch PGP9830DJBB - Gas Cooktops

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When you are looking for the best cooktop to buy in 2020, GE is a great deal. They look great as they come with a stainless steel finish. Also, they have iron grating. They come in magnificent designs and choices that you will like.

It has a powerful fan in the middle, and this makes it an excellent choice for people without an overhead fan. Also, this cooktop has the best venting feature that is capable of moving up to 330cm of air directly from the sides of the burner to get rid of smokes and smells.


  • Has four burners
  • The burners range from 5,500 to 11,500BTU
  • Best for more casual kitchen spaces

7. Thermador 36-inch SGSX365TS

Thermador 36-inch SGSX365TS - Gas Cooktops

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With Thermador’s 36- inch gas cooktop, you can never go wrong. This cooktop offers up to 58,400 BTU in total and comes with a high powered burner that outputs up to 16,000 BTU for fast heating.

The cooktop, in the same breath, offers two small simmer burners that are excellent in producing low heat. You can make up to five incremental adjustments to keep your food warm of just lightly cooking.


  • Has an output of up to 16,000 BTU
  • Comes with a re-ignition feature which automatically reignites the burners
  • Backed by a warranty

6. Samsung 30-inch NA30N6555TS

Samsung 30-inch NA30N6555TS - Gas Cooktops

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You can always trust Samsung products as the company has been there for a long time, and over the years, it has continually manufactured high-quality products. The gas cooktops from Samsung Company are no exception.

This burner, in particular, is a 5-burner model that comes with a griddle that you can switch in when you have larger cooking projects. Also, the cooktop has large, weighty knobs that are widely spaced out and has a blue LED to show you when it is on.


  • Easy to use a three-piece grate
  • Burners range from 5000-19000 BTUs
  • Has Wi-Fi connectivity built into this cooktop
  • Can be controlled or monitored remotely using an app

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5. Empava 30- inch cooktop

Empava 30- inch cooktop - Gas Cooktops

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You expect the best out of a $2000 gas cooktop. However, you might be looking for a cost-effective one that delivers nearly the same results. This would be a great choice as it is not only affordable but also long-lasting.

It has cast iron grating and comes in stainless steel design with the heating option of up to 12,000 BTUs. The cooktop has a continuous grate, which is rare on a cooktop that is of this price. Cleaning it is easy, and moving pans and ports around is also easy.


  • It is very affordable yet has excellent features
  • Has safety sensors that shut off the burner when there is a heating problem
  • Comes with stainless steel coated knobs

4. Wolf CG365P/S Gas Cooktop

Wolf CG365P/S Gas Cooktop - Gas Cooktops

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This is yet another respected brand that you can trust will give you the best there are cooktops n the market. This model, for instance, is the culmination of years of high-end innovation in gas cooktops.

It has up to 5 dual-stack burners, which are excellent for handling a wide range of tasks. Also, it delivers up to 18,000BTU capacity and can be used for simmering foods without burning them.


  • Has 3x 9,200 BTU burners and also a 12,000BTU
  • It comes with a variety of burner sizes
  • Has continuous iron grates for easy moving of pots

3. Best Power, BlueStar

Best Power, BlueStar - Gas Cooktops

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Are you looking to replace your current electric cooktop with a gas one, worry no more as this is among the best considerations that you can prefer in 2020. It has a top burner power of up to 22,000 BTU and thus is a champion whenever you are looking for gas cooktops.

You can count on this cooktop for handling low simmers as well as a lot of cooking tasks with 130 degrees being its lowest temperature.


  • Boasts of commercial-grade stainless steel design
  • Has heady duty adjustment knobs
  • Full motion grates

2. Miele KM3475G 36-inch Gas Cooktop

Miele KM3475G 36-inch Gas Cooktop

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There are a few companies that, when mentioned, you expect the best quality kitchen appliances. Miele never disappoints, you can trust its long line of kitchen appliances such as this gas cooktop.

These cooktops come in a wide variety of designs that will suit your needs. The five burners offer you plenty of room to work, and also it comes with electronic controls for safety and consistent ignition.


  • Have Enamel grates and burner caps that create a clean and modern look
  • It is long-lasting
  • The burner is available in 30- inch with Hexa grates

1. Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner

Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner

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If you don’t have unlimited kitchen space yet, you need a good gas cooktop. Then this is what you should go for. This is a low profile cooktop that can be used in a tight space. The cooktop is a 24- inch gas-fired cooktop, and also there are other larger models to choose from.

It has productive burners. Besides, it has layers as well as solid metal meshes. They can support different sizes and weights of pots.


  • Cuisinart CB cast single iron burner
  • Easy to use
  • Have solid metal meshes

There is no doubt that gas cooktops offer more cooking flexibility when compared to electric cooktops. There are very many manufacturers in the market for gas cooktops, and not all of them can be trusted with their products. That is why our editors spent many hours of thorough research to find the best brands that offer quality. When you choose any of these gas cooktops, you will have made the right decision. Make sure you always go with any of these, one that suits your needs, and you will be sure that it will serve you for long. Also, tell a friend to try these, and they will not regret it.

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