Basic Gears You Need for Paddleboarding

There are plenty of water sports that you can try. Each sport is a different variation of the other and serves a different purpose.

The kind of sport you can participate in depends upon what kind of a water body you can access. So, if you do not have a river nearby for rafting or canoeing, you can try paddleboarding. It is a recreational activity that resembles surfing but, instead of catching waves, you are paddling through calmer waters.

This recreational activity is also known as stand-up paddleboarding or SUP for short. While you are doing SUP, your whole body is engaged, so it is a great full-body workout wherein you can burn a lot of calories and build your upper body as well as core muscles.

This is a fuss-free activity as you do not need a lot of equipment to engage in the activity.

Basic gears you need for this sport.

1.Stand Up Paddleboard

If you are doing SUP for the first time, you should not buy the equipment but rent the boards and other equipment. Once you start getting the hang of the sport, only then should you consider buying the necessary gear for SUP.

The type of board suitable for you depends on various factors such as your skill and body weight, and purpose.

There are different boards for different purposes. For instance, if you are, you would need a different board for recreational paddling, SUP yoga, touring, or just normal surfing.

If you are confused about the type of board that would best suit the purpose and your skill level, then see consultation from a trainer and the board-renting store.


This paddle looks different from the paddles used in other water sports, such as kayaking or canoeing. The paddle used in SUP is much longer, and instead of having a rectangular-shaped paddle, it is more of the tear-shaped paddle that helps you propel the board forward.

Ideally, the paddle must reach your waist if you are standing and trying to propel.

3.Floatation Device

As per the rules by the coast guard agencies, a SUP board is considered a water vessel only, just like a kayak or canoe, so you need to be wearing a personal flotation device at all times while you are out in the open waters. While adults are exempted from this rule, children under sixteen are mandated to wear one. However, it is essential that you wear a flotation device for your own safety, even if it is not mandated.

4.Safety Light and Whistle

Both of these things also come under the umbrella of protective equipment. If you are ever in a situation of distress, then you can whistle to other paddleboards.

Because many people prefer to paddleboard during the sunset, it can often get dark while you are out on your board. So, if you think you might be in the water after the sunset, then you must carry a water-proof flashlight to navigate your way back to the shore.


If you are going to SUP during the summers, then a swimsuit is ideal for the job. However, sunscreen is necessary for the summers to prevent you from a sunburn. But, if you are engaging in SUP during the winters, it would be best if you wore a wetsuit or drysuit to protect yourself from catching a cold or, even worse, hypothermia.

6.The Leash

It is yet another essential accessory for SUP. Whenever you are buying a board, these leashes are sold separately. It is a rope attached to your personal flotation device or to your wrist, and the other end is hooked to the paddleboard. So, in case you fall from the board, it will not drift away from you. This makes it easier for you to get back up on the board.

So, if you are considering going out for a quick SUP session, these are some of the essential gears you might need.

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