As always, the two tech giants Apple and Samsung continue in their competitions in their products now more than ever with the different products they are producing

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The Airpods, a product of Apple, as well as Samsung Galaxy Buds, a product of Samsung, are no exception.

While you may be wondering about which one to choose, here is a review of the two products. While both products are unique, there are merits as well as demerits of each. After this review, you will have decided on which one of the two that suits your needs. Read on as we get into details.

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Galaxy Buds vs. AirPods


The design of the two wireless earbuds is different. While the Apples Airpods adopt a minimalist approach in their design, on the other hand, the Samsung galaxy buds feature a sporty as well as practical design.

Each of the earbuds features touch controls. Besides t being remapped to suit different preferences. However, since the AirPods detect ear automatically, they outdo the Samsung galaxy in this performance.

Quality of microphone

While the apples Airpods use a mic on each other earbuds, the Samsung galaxy buds use an adaptive dual-mic array that toggles between inner as well as outer mics thus helps in reducing the background noise. as such, while there are echoes while using the Samsung Galaxy buds, using the Airpods gives you quality sound thus the Airpods carry the day concerning the quality of the microphone.

Connectivity and Bluetooth codecs

The similarity between the two is that they use Bluetooth 5.0 as well as support for AAC. Apple has managed to create a family of products with increased connectivity amongst themselves. As such, so do the Airpods with every other Apple device. With the support for aptX, the Airpods provide a stable as well as a reliable connection. Though only with iOS devices rather than android ones.

On the other hand, the Samsung galaxy does not support aptX and instead, it incorporates the company’s proprietary scalable codec. While this operates more like the aptX, it also helps in the optimization for bitrate without connectivity compromise. However, after a careful review of the Samsung Galaxy buds revealed poor connection with time thus forming the downside of the buds. Thus the Airpods take the lead.

Battery life

Apple claims that its Airpods can take you over five hours of playback. However, testing the Airpods while streaming the AAC codec with the music of constant output of around 70dB gives you a run time of around 4.220 hours of playback time. As such, this is lower than the time indicated by Apple. However, these Airpods are an improvement from the previous due to the hew H1 chip.

On the other hand, Samsung galaxy buds tested under the same conditions gave a different thing. It gave a playtime of 6.60 hours with a single charge. Considering this, you are good with your Samsung galaxy buds rather than having the Airpods. As such, the Samsung Galaxy bud takes the day.

ON the other hand, in considering fast-charge capabilities. You get more hours of talk time with the Airpods with just 15 minutes of charge which gives you about 3 hours of talk time. However, the Samsung galaxy gives you a talk time of around 1.6 hours.

The quality of sound and fit

One thing these two earbuds have is high pricing. As such not having quality from both is a very critical idea. As such, the two must come in high quality despite their differences as well as their different tweaks in performances

After careful examination of the earbuds by our team, it was clear that the Galaxy buds carried the day in terms of the quality of sound produced by the earbud as well as the quality of sound with prolonged periods. The Airpods offer a sound with an increased bass boost that consumers like more thus compromising on the quality of the audio.

On the other hand, the Samsung galaxy buds offer balanced quality audio with no tweaks. As such, in all genres, the sound quality is not compromised.

In terms of fit, the Airpods do not make a seal with the ear thus a struggle to keep the earbud on your ear while having rigorous movements. On the other hand, the Galaxy buds feature a wing and ear tips that fit exactly by being inserted on the canal thus providing a comfortable as well as a secure fit.

Considering the different factors, especially the quality as well as fitness of the Galaxy buds as well as the Airpods, it is clear that having the Galaxy buds is ok. Apart from a few things here and there such as connectivity, they carry the day with a quality sound.

On its side, the Airpods need an improvement in the quality of sound as well a fitting to ensure they stay comfortable as well as fit while doing rigorous activities. A few tweaks on the Airpods will result in a considerable piece taking into consideration that they have nailed it in terms of connection.

However, since Apple has a family of products, apple users are always inclined to Apple’s Airpods while Android users in particular Samsung customers stick to the Galaxy bud.

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