Alo’s Sri Lankan Vegan Chocolate Biscuit Pudding


Vegan? Biscuit pudding? But, but would it taste just as good? Would be a line of questions popping up on your mind while reading this post, and the answer is “YES” Vegan, Eggless, rich chocolate biscuit puddings are one of the favorite, cheap desserts a Sri Lankan family would whip up on any occasion!

Each and every Sri Lankan has a different twist with this recipe, as it is one of the favorite desserts that can be made within 20 mins and all you need is a bowl and a fridge, not even an oven!

This recipe stems from Alo’s Sri Lankan family, where most of the members hated anything egg on their food, so Alo’s mom had to come up with a vegan recipe and Alo was mostly her right hand with helping up and of course was the first in finishing this delicious dish!

With time, Alo perfected this recipe, found different ways to whip it up as in changing the ingredients here and there to suit her current cravings for sweets 🍭 and created the most delicious Chocolate Biscuit Pudding anyone can make within no time!


1 milk carton

1 packet of Marie (More if you’re making for more people 2 or 3 would be fine)

Cooking chocolate or chocolate chips

Margarine 1 tbsp

Chili flakes & Coffee & Milo

Vanilla (as preferred)

Bowls & forks to mix

Garnishes: Rosemary twigs & icing sugar

A sieve

Microwave & a refrigerator

To start, alo added some chocolate chips, cooking chocolates, butter and melted it in 10 min intervals using the microwave, since double boiling is a harder process, she also added some milk to get the thickness while stirring in consecutively.

Once the thick chocolate cream is done, Alo added a bit of coffee & hot chili flakes to up the richness of the cooking chocolate even some milo! (#secret recipe)

Take a bowl and add your Aldi Marie biscuits and soak them, add a bit of vanilla to the milk, and take another bowl that you wish to refrigerate the pudding in.

Slowly pour the chocolate mixture to the bottom and add a layer of Marie biscuits and add a layer of chocolate and Marie until it fills the top.

[Feel free to add rum to your chocolate if you want it boozy]

Take a sieve and add some icing sugar to garnish and add some rosemary twigs.

Refrigerate it and have it anytime you love, with ice cream or itself as a dessert!


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