After The Fall Brings Left-4-Dead Style Action for PSVR

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After The Fall will also be released on the PSVR system, according to a new PlayStation Blog announcement from Vertigo Games. As veterans of VR shooter Arizona Sunshine, their next game adds more zombies, enemy types and weapons in a frantic co-op experience.

Like their previous game, After the Fall is set in an alternate post-apocalyptic 80’s ravaged by a new ice age and hordes of frozen undead called snowbreed. Humanity has taken shelter underground while its horrifying 1:1 scale enemies roam the wastelands. This gives a squad of four unique characters plenty of ground to cover as they scavenge for supplies and survive. Players can pair up with their friends over PSVR or join more players through crossplay.

Like the zombies in Left 4 Dead, the snowbreed in After the Fall travel in dangerous packs and can physically swarm players. They can also sprint at PSVR users and encourage them to constantly run-and-gun. Certain enemies including the larger brutes can also lift you, requiring players to unload their weapons at them to break free. The fast-paced combat gives players fully-sized weapons to work with, from pistols to assault rifles and heavier artillery. But as revealed in the trailer, dual-wielding is an essential feature which lets players handle crowds of zombies at once. An ammo counter will also add to the immersion of a HUD-free experience while players can naturally talk and call-out through the PSVR voice chat.

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This is where the emphasis on Co-op lies for completing levels. It’s suggested that it takes four to handle After the Fall‘s swarms of snowbreed. Players can also upgrade weapons with varying ammo types and attachments using resources scavenged across levels. The game also features perks in the form of special weapons in each player’s hand. The trailer showed off a missile launcher can also be used for better crowd control, while players can experiment with a variety of other types to suit their playstyle.

Like Arizona Sunshine, players will be traversing through a linear set of levels with branching paths for those adventurous enough. This adds bigger rewards and loot at the cost of fighting more enemies. As shown in the PSVR cinematic trailer, After the Fall also features full voice acting to add personality in each character. It also adds to the overall campaign which can be played solo with AI or online from start to finish. It’s unknown if After the Fall would feature free DLC as it did in Vertigo’s previous game.

After the Fall releases on PSVR and supported PCVR headsets Early 2021.

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