A WORX Lawn mower Might Be the Best for Your Backyard

You’re in the market for a new lawn mower, but with a plethora of mower options available how do you know which one to choose? Should you stick with the traditional gas mower that has been relied upon for decades or is an environmentally friendlier battery or corded option the better way to go?

WORX Lawn mower

In this article, we’ll look at five Worx battery-powered lawn mowers and discuss the features and capabilities of each. We’ll also talk about what to look for in a WORX lawn mower, how to properly maintain and store it, and our top three picks. So, keep on reading to see if a Worx Battery Operated mower is the right choice for you.

Top 3 best Worx Lawn Mower Picks

Best Value: The Worx WG911 20V Power Share Lawn mower and Grass Trimmer Combo

The mower included in this kit has a wide cutting deck and cut-to-edge placement meaning you can take fewer passes of the lawn and get closer to fences, buildings, and pathway edges. The added 2-in-1 trimmer–edger helps you finish the cut and produce crisp, clean edges every time. This mower/trimmer/edger combination lets you maintain a beautifully manicured lawn and gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

Budget Pick: The Worx WG779.9 40V Power Share 4.0Ah Cordless 14” Lawn mower

This compact and lightweight mower is as easy to store as it is to use and is packed with all the power and features of the other mowers on our list. With a 14” height adjustable blade, Power Share batteries, 2-in-1 mulching/bagging system, and Intellicut feature, this mower packs a punch without breaking the bank.

Customer Choice: The Worx WG751.3 Nitro 40V Power Share 4 Ah 20” Cordless Push Lawn mower

The WG751.3 Nitro gives you fewer passes and a ton of power in an easy-to-use body with large wheels, making it easy to maneuver through any terrain. This machine is part of the Worx Power Share system, and its batteries are compatible with any other 20V or 40V Power Share product. With the 3-in-1 mulch/bag/discharge option, wide cutting deck, and collapsible handle, it’s easy to tell why this mower made customer choice.

About the Worx Brand

About the Worx Brand Mowers

The WORX brand of lawn and garden equipment was launched in 2004, and since its inception, its mission has been to provide customers with quality equipment that is not only convenient and easy to use but is also easy on the environment. The engineers at Worx continually seek new ways to manage emissions and reduce waste in their manufacturing and believe they must create products that help their customers be environmentally responsible as well. With the use of cutting-edge technology and superior efficiency standards they make quieter, cleaner, and more efficient machines that don’t break the bank.

Worx Lawn mowers

Worx has developed a full line of cordless lawn mowers that are cleaner, quieter, and easier on the environment than traditional gas mowers. They are lightweight, easy-to-use, and cost-effective and each comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Worx mowers are powered by two 20V Power Share batteries that are interchangeable with any other 20V and 40V Power Share products. With a range of cutting deck widths, there is a mower to suit yards of various sizes.

Worx even has an Ultimate Robotic Lawn Mower equipped with a simple-to-use control panel, programmable timer, and anti-left system. The fully automated system can even be controlled by your phone.

Types of Lawn mowers


Gas mowers are the best option if you have a large area of lawn up to 5000 square feet in size. Engine power varies in gas models and although the four-stroke engine is more common, the two-stroke engine is recommended for tough lawns and uneven terrain.

Although gas mowers require more maintenance than other types of mowers, proper care and a good yearly tune-up including, oil changes, fuel additives, and spark plug and air filter replacement, will keep the mower funning for years.

Cutting decks on gas models typically range from 19 to 22-inch meaning fewer passes across the lawn. And many models come with a self-propel system that you can set to your own walking speed so that it helps you push itself forward.

There are 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 models available that let you choose between side-discharge, bagging, or mulching your clippings back into the lawn.

Drawbacks to gas lawn mowers include their need for plenty of floor storage area and their impact on the environment.

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Battery-powered lawn mowers have most of the same options that gas models do and many can even match their power and performance. They are quiet, cost-efficient options that are easy to operate and start with just the push of a button.

With no gas emissions and no need for annual tune-ups, battery-powered mowers are clean and environmentally friendly. They typically hold a charge for thirty to sixty minutes and can fully recharge in one to two hours. Many models even have charging ports built right in so everything stays together in one organized unit.

Decks range from 14 to 20-inches letting you make wider, and few passes, and the 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 models let you choose between side-discharge, bagging, or mulching your clippings.

Additional features can include power level and bag-full indicators, and batteries that are compatible with other equipment in its brand.

A drawback to battery-powered lawn mowers is potential wait time mid-cut while the batteries recharge.


Corded electric mowers typically have 6-to-12-amp motors giving them ample and continuous power while you mow. They power up easily with a push-button start and the quiet, lightweight body is easy to manage.

The 3-in-1 models give you the choice to side-discharge, bag, or mulch your clippings back into the lawn. Deck sizes range from 17 to 20-inches meaning less passes over the lawn while their collapsible handles and up-right storage features make them easy to tuck away or hang on a wall when not in use.

One drawback to corded mowers is only being able to go as far as the extension cord will reach.


The self-operating or manual reel lawn mower uses a series of blades that, when pushed, spin through the grass cutting it while they do. Quiet and extremely easy to use, these mowers are powered by human force pushing them forward to spin the blades. With no gas, batteries, or harmful emissions of any kind, self-operating mowers truly are the most environmentally friendly option.

Also known as push-mowers, these simple machines are best for small, flat lawns that are trimmed regularly.

They require very little maintenance, typically only needing their blades sharpened every couple of years and sometimes the odd squirt of oil to keep the propulsion smooth.

Although the self-operating system has many great features, keep in mind that its efficiency is limited to terrain and the stamina of its operator.

What to Look for in a WORX Lawn mower

What to Look for in a WORX Lawn mower

When deciding what lawn mower to purchase there are a few key things you should consider first. These will help you determine the type and size of mower you should be looking at.

First, consider the size of the lawn you want to mow. Gas lawn mowers are best for large lawns with a lot of surface area to mow. Small to medium lawns are the perfect size for battery-operated mowers and corded mowers are ideal for small lawns that the extension cord can easily span. While the size of the lawn is an important consideration, personal preference also plays a part in what type of mower to get. If your lawn is larger than half an acre, a lawn tractor would probably be the best option.

Next, you’ll want to decide how you should handle the grass clippings after a mow. Most mowers come with either a 2-in-1 option allowing you to bag the clippings or discharge them from the side of the mower or a 3-in-1 option adding mulching to the options letting you put the nutrients from the clippings back into the lawn.

How the mower is propelled is another important consideration especially for those who struggle with mobility or maneuvering heavy objects. There are two options when it comes to propulsion, push-style or self-propelled. Self-propelled mowers require you to push them forward or pull them in reverse. These are the more cost-effective option but can be difficult to maneuver. Self-propelled mowers have powered rear wheels that push the mower forward or backward for you – all you have to do is control the speed and direction of the mower.

When deciding on a battery-powered mower, you should also consider the type of batteries they use. Most battery-operated mowers use either lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries that range in power from 18 to 120 volts. Mowers with higher voltages can run longer and cut more grass than those with lower voltages. Most new batteries can hold their charge longer and can be recharged up to 500 times in their life. Lead-acid batteries are more resistant to corrosion, but lithium-ion batteries can store more power and hold a longer charge.

The Best WORX Lawn mowers

WORX WG779 Lawn Mower

WORX WG779 Lawn Mower

The Worx WG779 40V Power Share 4.0Ah 14” Cordless Push Lawn mower is a cleaner, more cost-effective alternative to a traditional gas mower and is environmentally friendly as well. With a 14-inch cutting deck and weight of only 26.2 pounds, this machine is easy to maneuver around anything in your yard and starts quickly with just the push of a button.

This mower runs on two removable 20V, 4.0 Ah batteries giving it 40 volts of power, and has a built-in dual-port charger allowing you to charge both batteries together. The Worx Power Share batteries are also compatible with all Worx 20V and 40V products letting you swap batteries as well as charge batteries from other Power Share machines. There is even an integrated battery charge indicator letting you know when it’s time to fill up on juice. The lawn mower’s Intellicut feature lets you easily increase torque when cutting on tougher terrain or in thicker grass and then decrease again on flatter areas so you can save on power. The WG779 can cut up to 1/8 of an acre on a single charge.

The 2-in-1 function of this mower allows you to bag or mulch the clippings and the plastic-topped bag can hold up to one cubic foot and the full-bag indicator lets you know when it’s time to dump. The 13-inch cutting blade can be adjusted to one of six positions ranging in height from 2.5- to 3.5-inches with just the push of a lever.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight and easy to store.


  • 13-inch cutting blade means more passes.

WORX Nitro WG75 Lawn Mower

WORX Nitro WG75 Lawn Mower

The Worx WG751.3 Nitro 40V Power Share 4 Ah 20” Cordless Push Lawn mower gives you all the performance, power, and runtime you would expect from a gas mower in a cleaner more cost-effective alternative that is easy on the environment. The 20-inch alloy steel body has a durability that will stand up to various terrain and the large 7-inch front and 10-inch back wheels make pushing a breeze.

Two 20V Pro 4.0 Ah batteries give this mower extended run time and a total of 40 volts of power and the on-board charge-level indicator lets you know when it’s time to power up. The Power Share PRO batteries have heat and impact projection and are compatible with all Worx 20V and 40V tools.

This mower’s 3-in-1 function allows you to switch from bagging the clippings to side-discharge or superior mulching capabilities that let you put the nutrients right back into your lawn. The 19-inch cutting width means wider passes and the seven-position lever height adjustment lets raise or lower the blade from 1.5 to 4.5-inches. The and the included bag holds up to 1.75 cubic feet of clippings.

For added convenience, the WG751.3 has a fully collapsible handle and stand-up storage feature that makes for compact storage in any corner of your garage.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy to store and store.


  • Potential wait times while batteries recharge.

WORX WG751 Lawn Mower

WORX WG751 Lawn Mower

Worx WG751 40V Power Share 5.0Ah 20” Cordless Lawn mower is an easy-to-handle lawnmowing dream. Its durable, sixteen-gauge, dent-resistant steel body can stand up to the toughest terrains and it starts easily with just the push of a button.

This mower runs on two-20V 5.0 Ah Power Share batteries giving it long-lasting superb power and the batteries are compatible with any other 20V and 40V Power Share products. The integrated power level indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge and the dual-port charger means you can charge both batteries at the same time. The WG751 can mow up to ¼ acre on one charge and the bag can hold up to 1.75 cubic feet.

The 3-in-1 cutting system lets you bag your clippings, discharge them from the side, or mulch them with the NutriCut Dual Stage Mulching System. With a single lever, you can adjust the height of the blade from 1.5 to 4.5-inches and with a 20” cutting width, there are few passes over the lawn.

The WG751 has a one-touch collapsible handle and a unique stand-up storage system that lets you store it anywhere from a wall-mounted hanger to flat on a shelf.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Durable


  • Heavier than other models

WORX WG911 Lawn Mower

WORX WG911 Lawn Mower

The Worx WG911 20V Power Share Lawn mower and Grass Trimmer Combo comes in a convenient package so you can save money while keeping your yard looking pristine. The mower boasts a cut-to-edge feature allowing the blade to cut closer to walls, hedges, and other obstacles. Add in the 2-in-1 trimmer and edger to finish the job and your yard will look clean and crisp in no time.

The 40V, 17” lawn mower runs on two 20V 4.0 Ah batteries giving it 40 volts of power, and the Power Share batteries are compatible with any other 20V or 40V Power Share product. The dual-port charger lets you charge both batteries at the same time in about 2 hours. The WG911 can mow up to 1/8 of an acre on a single charge.

The blade has 6 height adjustments ranging from1.5 to 4 inches and has cut-to-edge placement enabling you to cut closer to the house, garden, or deck. This 2-in-1 model lets you bag or mulch and the Intellicut system gives you extra torque when needed for those tougher terrains.

The 2-in-1 20V, 12” trimmer changes from a string trimmer to a wheeled edger in no time. The trimmer boasts an instant line feeding spool that gives you more string with just a push of the button. The trimmer head can tilt 90° letting you trim sloped or hard-to-reach places, and the adjustable guard protects plants and other delicate objects from the string.

Once converted to an edger, the rubberized wheels provide support while you cut crisp edges with ease.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Cost-effective to run.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy to store.


  • Potential wait times while batteries recharge.

Worx WG779.9 Mulching Capabilities and Intellicut Lawn Mower

Worx WG779.9 Mulching Capabilities and Intellicut Lawn Mower

The Worx WG779.9 40V Power Share 4.0Ah Cordless 14” Lawn mower is easy to use and even easier to store. Just a touch of a button engages two 20V 4.0 Ah batteries giving this mower a powerful 40 volts of juice. The integrated battery charge indicator shows you when it’s time to top up and the dual-port charger lets you fill them both up fast. The Worx Power Share batteries are compatible with all Worx 20V and 40V products.

The 14-inch cutting deck has six position adjustments that range from 2.5 to 3.5-inches of height. With a 2-in-1 mulch/bag system you can mulch the cuttings back into the lawn or bag them with the plastic-topped collection bag that has a capacity of 1 cubic foot and a full-bag indicator ensuring you will never over-fill the bag again. The Intellicut feature gives you extra torque when you need it and helps you save battery charge when you don’t.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy to store.


  • Shorter cutting blades me more passes over the lawn.

Tips for Cleaning and Storing Your Worx Lawn mower

As with any machine, proper care and maintenance will ensure your Worx lawn mower stays in tip-top condition, and with no messy gas or yearly tune-ups, it couldn’t be easier. Here are a few tips we found for maintaining, cleaning, and storing your Worx mower.


To maintain your Worx mower, ensure that you are doing the following at the start of each season. Check for loose nuts, bolts, and screws and tighten if necessary. Make sure all guards and covers are correctly and securely attached and that the bag isn’t showing signs of wear.

Check the blade and replace it if it is bent or cracked. If the blade is still in good shape keep it cutting well by sharpening it at the start and halfway through each cutting season and replace it entirely after 2 years or 50 mowing hours, whichever is less. If your soil is particularly sandy, you may have to sharpen your blade more often than twice per season. When sharpening, ensure that you keep the blade balanced by sharpening each end equally and rotate and flip the blades often to ensure they wear evenly on both sides.

Be sure to always turn off the power and remove the batteries before sharpening the blade or performing any other maintenance of parts and always wear protective eye gear.


With the mower turned off and batteries removed, carefully tip the machine on its side, and remove any grass or debris that may be clumped together around the blade. Always use caution and wear protective gear when working near the blade. If clippings are tightly packed between the mower and the blade itself, use a thick, long stick to break it up and dislodge it. If there is a lot of build-up, carefully scrub the deck with a wire brush. To clean the blade wipe it down with warm soapy water to remove grass stains and build-up.

To clean the body of your Worx mower, wipe it down with water from a spray bottle and a clean cloth or soft brush. Never spray the body down with water from a hose as you may inadvertently damage the mower’s electrical system. Periodically, check the charging strips and contact pins and remove any grass that has built up. Clean the strips with a damp cloth and let them dry thoroughly before installing or reinstalling the batteries.


When not in use, fold the mower’s collapsible handle and store the machine up-right in a corner or laying flat on a shelf. When laying, never place other objects on top. Always remove the batteries before storing, even between cuts.

When storing for the season, remove the batteries and clean the mower with a soft cloth before putting it away. Always store the machine in a dry place away from water that can damage its electrical system.


Today’s battery-operated lawn mowers have power and functionality that revile traditional gas mowers while being easier to use and friendlier to the environment. Although gas mowers remain the best option for some applications, battery-powered models are definitely viable alternatives for many lawns.

With various cutting deck widths, height adjustments, and mulching/bagging options you’re sure to find a model that meets the needs of your lawn and garden. Let us know if you found this article helpful or if you have questions about the topics we’ve discussed. We’d love to hear from you.

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