8 Best Bagged Vacuums for Any Home

Bagged vacuum cleaners have been around for a long time, and they continue to be popular because they have several benefits over other types of vacuums, such as bagless ones. These vacuum cleaners are very hygienic, they often require less maintenance, and are recommended for allergy sufferers. With different types of bagged vacuum cleaners available on the market, you may find it difficult to choose the right model for your home. This is why we gathered together all the information you need to buy the best bagged vacuum out there.

We spent dozens of hours researching the most popular models on the market, testing them and reading reviews from professionals and consumers alike. In the end, we chose the best 8 bagged vacuum cleaners and reviewed them, so you can easily compare their features as well as their pros and cons to make an informed choice.

Below you will find in-depth reviews of the 8 best vacuum cleaners we selected, together with a comparison table and a buying guide that provides you with all the details you need to make an informed choice. In our reviews, we focused on the most important features to look at when buying a bagged vacuum, including power, cord length, type of vacuum, the filter and more. Let’s have a look at the top eight bagged vacuum cleaners so you can choose the best one for your home.

Quick Summary
  • Editor’s Choice: Hoover WindTunnel MAX
    "An upright model that boasts of two true HEPA media filters to keep your home ultimately clean and allergens-free."
  • Best Upright Vacuum: Soniclean Soft Carpet
    "With its patented Soniclean technology, this vacuum will suck even the most stubborn, hidden dirt!."
  • Best for Arthritis: Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS
    "Lightweight and comfort-oriented, this vacuum makes cleaning up a breeze for anyone. Works well on all surfaces, but best used for carpets."
  • Budget Pick: Miele C3 Cat & Dog
    "An incredibly lightweight model that comes with a huge pack of bags and filters."
  • Best Commercial-Grade Vacuum: BISSELL BigGreen Commercial
    "A super versatile bagged vacuum cleaner with adjustable height, extension wand, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush included."
  • Best Long-Cord Vacuum: Kenmore 600 Series
    "A canister vacuum with an extra-long cord, most useful for homes with carpets and pets."
  • "Easy “contactless” clean-up and pet-hair oriented. With this model, you can be confident that every nook and cranny of your home will be hair-, dust- and dirt-free!."
  • Best Warranty: Miele Compact C1
    "A modern vacuum from a manufacturer who knows his stuff – you can be confident in your purchase with the 7-year warranty and the versatile cleaning abilities of this model."

Top 8 Bagged Vacuum Cleaners Review 2021


Hoover WindTunnel MAX Editor’s Choice

  • Type: upright
  • Power: 12 A
  • Cord: 30 ft
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

Extra features: two bags made with HEPA media; 15-inch wide nozzle

Hoover WindTunnel MAX boasts of a 3-channel suction system and a wide 15-inch nozzle that cleans up more areas in a short time.

This new model has fixed the issues with preceding products that caused the unit to fall over when cleaning or forced users to reach for the cord on the floor.
There is a knob to adjust height to 7 different settings to suit every type of floor.
It comes with a long power cord measuring 30 feet to extend your reach to every corner of the room, including 17 feet above the floor to clean curtains, window sills and stairs, without having to unplug. Additionally, buyers of this upright model receive a 2-year limited warranty and two bags made with HEPA media to secure dust and dirt safely and prevent recirculation of allergens back in the atmosphere. The bags incorporate Clean Drop Bag System and a one-touch door release that enables disposal of the bag without handling it. This should thrill any home owner, particularly germaphobes.

This is a lightweight bagged vacuum that weighs 15 pounds and includes a carrying handle to improve portability. You can easily access the power button at the top of the handle.

Owners like the attachments, especially the handheld rotating brush that speeds up cleaning under furniture, on upholstery and on stairs. The main complaints are the loud noise and the short wands.

What makes it stand out?

  • Superb 3-suction mechanism
  • 7 floor settings
  • Wide nozzle
  • Long 30-ft power cord
  • 2 HEPA media bags
  • Convenient disposal system
  • Carrying handle

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Short wand
  • Noisy

Soniclean Soft CarpetBest Upright Vacuum

  • Type: upright
  • Power: 5.2 A
  • Cord: 35 ft
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Warranty: lifetime for vacuum belt, 5-year motor

Extra features: hospital-grade HEPA filtration, quiet and deep cleaning modes

The patented Soniclean technology is one of the main reasons we chose the Soniclean Upright vacuum cleaner as the best upright vacuum. Claiming to offer more power and better cleaning than many of the other models available on the market, this appliance has received lots of positive reviews from users who tested it on both carpets and hardwood floors. The vacuum cleaner is one of the best choices out there if you have lots of carpeting in your home because it uses a sonic cleaning bar that vibrates your carpet gently, working in a similar way to an electric toothbrush.

This patented sonic bar delivers up to 200 vibrations per second, so it can knock loose dirt effortlessly from any type of carpet, making it one of the best vacuums for a shag carpet. Couple this with the automatic height adjustment to tackle different carpet heights and you get a perfect tool for cleaning all kinds of carpets in a home. The three-position power switch makes it easy to activate the sonic feature and control its levels.

Featuring a HEPA filter bag, this vacuum cleaner is a good option for those with asthma and allergies. Moreover, the high-efficiency filtering system of the vacuum cleaner captures the finest dust and dirt particles. The filtration system is completely sealed to prevent the fine particles from being released in the air. You can also attach a fragrance pod to the Soniclean vacuum cleaner to send out a light refreshing scent into the air when you vacuum.

What stands out?

  • Lightweight
  • Sonic bar to eliminate stubborn dirt
  • Energy-efficient

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Works better on carpets than hardwood floor

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHSBest for Arthritis

  • Type: upright
  • Power: not specified
  • Cord: 35 ft
  • Weight: 8.2 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

Extra features: Helping Hand handle – received Ease of Use Commendation from Arthritis Foundation

This vacuum cleaner has received Ease of Use Commendation from Arthritis Foundation, which means that it is very easy to use by just about everyone. Suitable for use on all surfaces including carpet, laminate, wood, and tile without any manual height adjustment. On top of that, it’s very lightweight at only 8.2 lbs., which makes it even more suitable for people with arthritis and mobility issues.

Even though it doesn’t have any option to adjust for a hard floor, medium-pile or low-pile carpet, it still does a good job on all these surfaces, according to numerous users. This vacuum cleaner doesn’t have an accessory hose, which may make cleaning stairs rather problematic. It also does a better job at cleaning carpets than bare floors, but overall, you can use it for all kinds of surfaces. Its low profile helps users reach deeper under the furniture, though. The side brushes improve edge cleaning, and the hand controls offer easy access.

Users rave about what good job this vacuum clean does when it comes to removing pet hair, despite not being specifically marketed as a pet vacuum. Another benefit of the Oreck Commercial XL is that there are no filters to clean up, as all you have to do is change the bag once it’s full.

What are our favorite features?

  • Lightweight
  • Long cord
  • Suitable for arthritis sufferers

What could be better?

  • No auto cord rewind
  • Not suitable for stairs

Miele C3 Cat & DogBudget Pick

  • Type: canister
  • Power: 1,200W
  • Cord: 24 ft
  • Weight: 10.34 lbs
  • Warranty: 7-year limited on motor; 1-year on parts and labor

Extra features: comes with a bundle that includes filter bags, a filter, and a pre-filter


Miele C3 Cat & Dog is one of the lightest bagged vacuums equipped with an independent 1200-watt vortex motor. It weighs 10.34 pounds.

The average lifespan of this canister vacuum is 20 years which provides a lot of value for your investment. In case of any unforeseen damage, buyers are insured by a 7-year limited warranty on the motor and a year’s coverage on parts and labor.

Users like the foot pedal controls that adjust the suction power to any of the 6 stages that they may desire, or rewind the cable with the footswitch to roll it into the unit for compact storage. The cord is 20-ft long to clean a total radius of 33 feet, and the handle provides a comfortable grip during long cleaning sessions. Buyers also appreciate the top-mounted hose that prevents the vacuum from tipping over.

The vacuum features impact-resistant ABS plastic construction while the telescopic wand is made of sturdy stainless steel. It is designed with adjustable height for up to 5 levels for medium to deep pile carpet cleaning.

The product is available with plenty of add-ons for varied cleaning needs. These include a parquet floor brush for removing pet hair, a mini turbo brush, a HEPA Air Clean filter, 4 pre-motor filters, and a Miele’s AH50 GN Performance Pack with 16 AirClean filter bags. It is one of the best rated bagged vacuums for users with asthma and allergies as well as pet owners. The filters have activated carbon layers to eliminate odor and the brush can rotate to 90 degrees to reach around objects and under baseboards. Customers also get a dusting brush, an upholstery tool and a crevice nozzle.
The downside? The lower part of the handle takes effort to snap and keep it in.

What are our favorite features?

  • Powerful motor
  • Pedal controls
  • Durable
  • Adjustable height and suction power
  • Maneuverable
  • Multiple filters and accessories
  • Retractable 20-ft cord
  • Quiet

What could be better?

  • Handle comes off

BISSELL BigGreen Commercial Best Commercial-Grade Vacuum

  • Type: upright
  • Power: 10 A
  • Cord: 35 ft
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

Extra features: 3-stage filtration system; 5-position height adjustment; 13-inch cleaning path


BISSELL BigGreen Commercial is an upright model with 3-stage filtration system and a cleaning path of 13 inches. The 12-pound product comes in a package that includes an extension wand, a crevice tool and a dusting brush that doubles up as an upholstery tool. These are conveniently stored onboard in the back of the unit after your cleaning session.

The green bagged vacuum utilizes cyclonic cleaning system, replaceable filters and disposal bags that improve your air quality and keep your space clean.
If you need to clean underneath furniture, you can lower the handle with the foot pedal. There is also a red on/off switch on the top left side of the unit and a cord clamp that connects the pigtail cord to the heavy-duty and detachable 35-ft long power cord. This means you don’t have to rewire any replaced cable.

Users can adjust the height to 5 levels, a useful feature for cleaning deep pile carpets without damage. They like the powerful suction and the long, durable cord. However, some buyers find the plastic construction flimsy and the suction effective but falling short when compared to other commercial models. It is also not a very maneuverable model. Despite its low weight, it takes effort to push it around.

What do we love it for?

  • 10 Amp motor with 30' Cord
  • 3-stage filtration
  • Integrated storage
  • 5 height settings
  • 13-inch cleaning path
  • Long 35-ft cord
  • Tasking to move it

What were we disappointed with?

  • Weak construction
  • Takes effort to move it

Kenmore 600 SeriesBest Long-Cord Vacuum

  • Type: canister
  • Power: 12 A
  • Cord: 28 ft
  • Weight: 22.6 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

Extra features: 2-motor system, Pet PowerMate attachment for pet hair


This canister vacuum cleaner has a very convenient onboard tool storage that lets you switch attachments quickly, and received lots of praises from users for the ability to remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery. The Pet PowerMate attachment for pet hair removes both short and long hairs, but the appliance doesn’t do such an extraordinary job on hardwood floors. However, it’s still a great choice for those who are in a never-ending fight with pet hair on their carpets.

The long 28-ft cord of this vacuum cleaner is ideal if you have a large space to clean and don’t want to keep plugging in and unplugging the appliance as you go about your cleaning. The automatic cord rewind means that the cord will automatically recoil for easy storage. Because the power switch is on the wand, you can access it quickly, and the wand is detachable for extended reach when cleaning above the floor.

The vacuum cleaner is compatible with HEPA bags, so you can get rid of common allergens. Users have repeatedly mentioned that the vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver, as well as easy to store tidily, thanks to the built-in storage system for the accessories.

What makes it special?

  • Long cord
  • High reachability
  • Onboard tool storage

What cons did we find?

  • Noisy
  • Not great on hardwood floors

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel UH70120Best for Pet Hair

  • Type: upright
  • Power: 12 A
  • Cord: 30 ft
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

Extra features: P.A.W.S Pet Approved Windtunnel system, Clean-Drop bag system

Weighing only 15 lbs., the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet is our choice for the best bagged vacuum for pet hair. This lightweight and easy to use bagged vacuum cleaner comes with a five-position carpet height adjustment to clean all types of floors efficiently. The Activated Carbon HEPA media not only limits the allergens in your home, but also helps to reduce pet odors. This vacuum cleaner uses the Clean-Drop bag system, which allows you to dispose of a full bag without having to touch it.

This vacuum cleaner has two dedicated pet tools: the air-powered pet hand tool and a pet upholstery tool. Other accessories include an extension wand and crevice tool, making this appliance a complete machine for cleaning every corner of the house. The illuminating headlight makes it very easy to spot dust and dirt that are easy to miss, as well as pet hair that is hidden in dim-lighted areas.

Many users raved about the abilities of this vacuum cleaner when it came to pet hair, saying that it did a better job than any bagless model. Other users liked the small motorized attachment for the hair on stairs and furniture, whereas others praised how lightweight the appliance feels despite its bulky look.

What do we love it for?

  • HEPA filtration
  • Perfect for households with pets
  • Extended warranty

What were we disappointed with?

  • No swiveling head

Miele Compact C1Best Warranty

  • Type: canister
  • Power: 10 A
  • Cord: 21 ft
  • Weight: 10.2 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year main unit, 7-year motor and case

Extra features: 6 stage variable speed/suction, 360-degree swivel heads, Miele AirClean filter system for maximum filtration

A recognizable name in the world of household appliances, Miele has been testing its vacuum cleaners for up to 20 years of use, and unlike other manufacturers, they offer up to seven years of warranty for the motor and case. The Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum is no exception. This vacuum received glorious reviews for its performance on bare floors and, in particular, is one of the best vacuums for tile floors (not so much on area rugs, but still, you’ll get decent performance on low-pile carpets). The level of suction has also received good reviews, with users mentioning how good it is for a vacuum of this size.

This compact vacuum cleaner is very easy to store and lightweight, so it can be used by just about anyone. It comes with automatic power cord rewind and suction controls, and many users have mentioned that it’s a quiet model. The accessories included with the Miele vacuum are an AllTeQ Combination Floor Tool, on-board clip for tools, dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool.

The variable suction settings are easy to control thanks to the rotary dial located on the canister dial, and offer lots of versatility, with options including curtains and lightweight fabrics, thick pile carpets, upholstery and cushions, and hard flooring.

Why did it make our list?

  • Good performance on bare floors
  • Good suction for its size
  • Lightweight

What is not ideal about it?

  • Not great on area rugs
  • Small

Things to Consider

Upright, canister, bagged and bagless – vacuum cleaners come in all sizes and shapes, and this can be truly overwhelming when buying one. If you have decided to go for a bagged vacuum cleaner, this guide with help you discover what features to consider when choosing a bagged vacuum together with the advantages of using this kind of appliance.

Advantages of a bagged vacuum cleaner

Best Bagged Vacuum 3e1

Many users choose to go for a bagged vacuum cleaner because they don’t want to deal with the fuss of owning a bagless model that requires lots of maintenance, but there are several other advantages to these appliances as well. First, bagged vacuum cleaners are a more hygienic option than their bagless counterparts, not just because all the dust and dirt is contained securely in a bag, but also because all possible allergens are kept inside, and you’re not exposed to them every time you empty a container. For this reason, bagged vacuum cleaners are the recommended type of vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers. Many of them come with HEPA filters that help to trap allergens and remove more dust and pollen from the air. Finally, as mentioned above, bagged vacuums require less maintenance as the filter is built directly into the bag, so you don’t have to clean it.

Features to consider when choosing a bagged vacuum

From motor power to cord length and filters, there are multiple features to consider when choosing a bagged vacuum. Below you will find a quick overview of the most important of them so you can make an informed choice.

Motor power

The power of the motor is partially responsible for suction power, but it’s also an essential feature to consider for energy consumption.
However, you should keep in mind that suction power is not always a direct result of motor power, which means that you can get a low-motor power model with strong suction, while enjoying the benefits of lower energy consumption. For example, the Hoover WindTunnel only has a 12-amps motor, but users rave about its suction power.

Type of vacuum

The two main types of bagged vacuum cleaners are canister and upright models. Both of them have their advantages, with canister models being easier to store due to their small dimensions, and upright models being easy to handle. The choice depends on your preferences, but keep in mind that canister models may often be more powerful than upright ones offering a better flow-rate and suction, which makes them ideal for bare floors.


Best Bagged Vacuum 1

The type of bags used by bagged vacuum cleaners varies from one model to another, so it’s important to consider how easy it is to find replacement bags and how much they cost. Other things to look into include how often the bag needs to be changed (usually months) and their quality. Not all bags have anti-allergen properties, so if this aspect is important to you, make sure the model you choose uses HEPA bags.

Cord length

Cord length can really make a difference when it comes to the maneuverability of a vacuum cleaner.

Running out of cord when you are vacuuming is truly frustrating, so you should look for a model with a long cord, preferably over 20 feet.
If your home is on the larger side, look for a vacuum with a cord of up to 35 feet, like the Bissel BigGreen, for example.

Reach ability

When you clean your house, you may need to reach into more difficult places, so the wand and hose length is essential. A vacuum cleaner with a greater reach means that you don’t have to bend as much, eliminating the risk of getting back pain from cleaning. Assess how flexible the vacuum is so you can determine whether it can reach in small corners and under the furniture.

Anti-allergen filters

These filters prevent allergens and fine dust particles from escaping back into the room when the vacuum cleaner is in use. Most of them retain more than 99 percent of small dust particles.

If you want the best filtration available, opt for a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration, as these filters can capture at least 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger, and can remove more pollen than any other models.
Our best all-around choice, the Hoover WindTunnel, comes complete with HEPA filters.


Ranging from as little as 4 lbs. to over 20 lbs., the weight of a vacuum cleaner is important because it determines how easy you can move the appliance around. If you need to carry the vacuum cleaner around a lot, for instance up and down the stairs, a lighter model such as the Bissel Zing could be the perfect choice for you.

What you need it for

From carpets and upholstery to hardwood floors and pet hair, there are numerous reasons for which you may need a vacuum cleaner. Even though everyone uses a vacuum cleaner in more than one way, it’s important to consider any special needs you may have – such as pet hair, a need to clean in hard-to-reach spaces, or high-pile carpets – so you can find a model that is suitable for your needs.

Power cord

Many of the models available on the market have a retractable power cord that rewinds automatically when you’re done cleaning. Consider how easy it is to rewind the cord and what length you need to cover the entire house without unplugging.


Most bagged vacuum cleaners have a one or two-year limited warranty, but others may give you even more peace of mind. For example, the SoniClean Soft Carpet has a five-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime guarantee for the vacuum belt. The Miele Compact C1 has the longest warranty, with 7 years on the motor and case.


To change the bag of your vacuum cleaner, you first need to find out what kind of bag your appliance uses. This information is available in the user’s manual, but keep in mind that multiple models may be available for a single vacuum cleaner. To change a disposable bag, open the vacuum chamber, determine how full the bag is, remove it, and dispose of it. If your appliance uses bags that are reusable, follow the same process, but dump the contents of the bag in the bin, and wipe out the chamber of the vacuum cleaner with a cloth before replacing the bag.

If you feel like you’re drowning in pet hair, you may want a vacuum cleaner that can solve this problem for you. However, you should keep in mind that pet vacuums don’t differ much from normal vacuums, but they offer features such as a beater brush that can get fur from upholstery and carpets, and they may also come with better-quality filters.

This would vary from one model to another, but as a rule of thumb, bagless vacuum cleaners are much noisier than bagged types. If noise is an issue for you, find out the noise level expressed in decibels (dB) before deciding on a model.

Replacing the belt of a vacuum cleaner is not that difficult a process, but you need to keep in mind that you need the exact type of belt for your model to replace it successfully. Once you have a new belt, remove the bottom plate of your vacuum, pull the old belt out, install the new one making sure the fit is snug, but not too tight, and reattach the bottom plate before testing to see if the belt starts spinning.

Again, this depends on the model, but generally the power suction should be about the same in upright models and canister vacuums. Besides the motor power, your type of floors and carpets may influence suction power.

Our Verdict

After we tested dozens of bagged vacuum cleaners, we stopped at the ten best models and included them in our comparison table and reviews above. Our top-pick as the best all-around appliance was the Hoover WindTunnel MAX because it offers a great mix of power and versatility at a good price, and you get the best of both worlds with the upright and canister combo. However, if you’re more interested in a vacuum cleaner that comes with hospital-grade HEPA filtration to cater to the needs of the allergy-sufferers in your household, the Soniclean Upright vacuum is the vacuum for you. This vacuum cleaner is also one of the best choices around for deep cleaning of carpets of any type. Finally, if a canister vacuum cleaner is more suitable for you instead of an upright model, the Miele C3 Cat & Dog is an excellent choice. No matter what type of bagged vacuum cleaner you’re looking for, you should always keep in mind essential specifications such as motor power, length of cord, HEPA filters, and more, to be sure the appliance you buy is the best for your home.

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