7 Small En-suite Bathroom Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Newly built homes nowadays are not built with storage and excess useful space in mind.

Building footprints are small in order to get as many units as possible on the land leaving small gardens outside, and small rooms inside to maximize the number of bedrooms within the interior.

If you have a small ensuite bathroom, then these ideas can help you make the most out of the place.

Install a Gorgeous Storage, Mirror, and Light in One

Illuminated LED mirror cabinets are available in different sizes and once again, solves several requirements in one item.

If you buy the right one, then the light is just perfect for getting ready to hit the town that evening, and the double-sized cabinet is big enough to house all of the expensive fragrances that you’ve hidden from the other half.

Try a Small Wet Room

The great thing of course about wet rooms is that they take up very little space, are clean and hygienic, and don’t cost too much either.

There are so many attractive, cost-effective and simple designs suitable for the smallest of en-suite bathrooms or small family bathrooms.

In Sweden, they don’t even deem it necessary to use a shower screen or curtain in lots of cases, but in a small space, you would be encouraged to use a screen to avoid the water spraying all over your towels and toilet rolls!

There are many options and styles of screen ideas and curtains available to suit any budget which will add a touch of style to any area.

Utilize the Space Over the Toilet

More space that has to be utilized in a small bathroom is the wall space above the toilet.

It can easily be seen as more dead space, but with these nifty and completely different options, there is bound to be something for everyone available.

Firstly, wall units are everywhere, not just the kitchen. Considered by many to be unthinkable anywhere other than the kitchen and your kitchen essentials, storage units, albeit different size-wise and cosmetically, are a great option for the well-thought-out small bathroom.

Make Use of Space Behind Your Bath

It is all too easy to automatically fill the space behind the bath by extending the length when boxing in the bathtub and tiling to make a shelf.

With a bit of extra imagination, you can utilize the gap beautifully with really attractive storage space. Instead, build a floor-to-ceiling slim shelving unit.

The shelves should be accessed from the side of the bath so you don’t have to stand in the tub to access them, leaving deep thin storage areas where spare toiletries and rolled up towels can be stored.

By not adding a door and covering the shelving, you can add a real splash of color to the bathroom or real style by utilizing baskets.

Use Baskets

Different styles of baskets and different sizes but all equally attractive and all really useful.

Hung on the wall in groups of 3 really work as a real alternative to regular shelves and because of the depth they have over their shelf counterparts, they look really smart and tidy.

Crates are Great Too

Rustic-looking crates are gorgeous, all over the home, but they can add so much style and storage space to a small bathroom.

Either mounted on the wall or stacked on the floor, the depth and size offer a lot of room for all the usual bathroom necessities and whether you paint them, wood stain them or just wax them, they look really effective.

Why not have a go at making your own?

Keep Your Shelves Stylish

Not an unusual suggestion, but if chosen correctly and smartly, they can really add a touch of glamour to your bathroom walls and even provide a conversation starter.

There is also the option of shelving over the bathroom door. Like utilizing the space above the toilet maximizing the ‘dead spaces’ is key within a small bathroom.

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