51 Times People Realized ‘I’ve Got To Get Out Of Here Right Now’ And Later Shared These Stories Online

As humans we have a super power known as intuition. In most daily cases, it feels like a bad gut feeling, something that desperately warns you about being cautious. Check out some of the most interesting cases from people who felt that something was not right in Bored Panda’s previous post right here.

Sometimes, however, life takes us to the most bizarre, uncomfortable, and plain dangerous situations where the gut instinct is no longer needed. It’s obvious. So when someone asked people on Reddit “What is your ‘Oh shoot, I’ve got to get the hell outta here right now!’ story?” a bunch of spine-chilling stories started flooding in.

From a job interview where a startup CEO double locked the door behind the applicant to the semi driver who stayed glued to the back of the driver’s car on a road in the middle of nowhere at 3AM, these are some of the creepiest stories that seem like scenes from a movie. Luckily, the lessons were learned and the happy ending followed. Read on for some of the most interesting responses below.


Ripped my pants while bowling. Incidentally, I was also going commando, and the meats and cheeses were fully exposed. I bowled a frame or two before noticing too. It was a second date

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My friend and I met at Waffle House for lunch. A guy came into the restaurant looking for a piece of paper that he had accidentally left on a table. The waitress didn't know where the paper was located and might have thrown it away. The guy got upset saying the paper was important and he was going home to get his gun stored under his mattress. My friend and I quickly paid our check and got the heck out of the restaurant!

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I lived in south Everett WA for a couple years. Was walking home from the bus stop to my apartment, which took me behind the home depot. Suddenly a van starts following me, I hear the side door slide open and look behind me to see a man with the top half of his body hanging out the slider door looking at me. I took off running towards my apartment, literally running as far as I could, the van started going faster. By chance a guy was pulling out of the driveway of my apartment complex, sees me running for my life, and stops. The van immediately turns around and speeds off. Guy asks if I'm okay. I ask him to just stay there and please watch me walk into my apartment, which was the building next to his. He did, thank God. I started carrying mace and a very large knife the next day.

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Was sleeping at a friend's house, went to the kitchen to get some water, her father hugged me from behind.. I was fourteen, I guess... never went to their house again

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Living in Baltimore some years back and I was driving home through a rough area of the city. Sitting at a stop light behind an already stopped car, another pulls up next to me on the right. Not really thinking anything of this, the light turns green. Neither of these cars move and I see a car zipping up behind me. I look to my left and I see two guys running towards me. I am so thankful that I left a good deal of space between me and the car in front. I hooked it around the car I front and sped off. Pretty sure I was going to be a victim of a car jacking or maybe something worse. Glad they ill timed their plan and I gave myself that space. Lesson here is always keep your head on a swivel in Baltimore.

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When I was 19 my two friends and I were leaving a nightclub in Prague at 4 am and realized the metro was closed and we were stranded. We met these two American guys who said we could stay at their place and my friends thought they were cute so they agreed. I had a bad feeling but my friends told me I was being paranoid. We start walking to their place and the guys are telling us conflicting stories about where they’re from, how long they’ve lived there, etc. and I’m getting an even worse feeling. I’m trying to talk to my friends about it but the one guy won’t let me get a second alone with either of them. We get to their apartment and when we walk in there’s nothing inside but a mattress on the floor in an empty room. I panic and tell my friends we need to leave NOW but the bigger guy blocks the door and tells us we’re not going anywhere. I start screaming bloody murder and push him as hard as I can away from the door and my friends and I run the f**k out of there and keep running. By the time we were far enough away the metro had opened up and we got back to our hostel. When we told the girl at the front desk she said young guys can be used to lure young girls in for human trafficking. My friends trusted my instincts after that.

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When I was in high school (early 80s), I saw a lot of heavy metal bands. I had a friend who could always get us backstage after the show. So Anvil played and we went backstage. All of a sudden the lead singer said "Okay all the girls take off your clothes or get out." I got out. The rest of the girls stayed.

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I worked for an agency that helps people do their daily tasks for home healthcare. I had a man whose insurance prohibited personal care (like a shower). He was very upset during my visit when I declined his request for bathing. I felt bad at first but soon the man became very angry with me. He accused me of all kinds of things and started pacing around room to room like he was looking for something. Between that and his spit/yelling rage, I slipped out of the house and drove to a safer place. I reported the incident to my employer and later found out that this person is a sex offender who had previously raped another woman. Who knows what he was planning that day. Maybe nothing but I'm glad I left.

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I was in Thailand back in 2010, on the southern islands after a full moon party. My friend and I were talking to two girls who invited us to play poker. We went and sat down with two german guys and two burly Thai guys full of tattoos and began to play. They were joking, friendly, and the buy in was $10. We lost some pots, won some pots, and overall it was a happy experience. The thai guys beat us and on the last hand I managed to claw my chips back to about $8. My friend was looking tired so I gave him the nod, I thanked for for the game and I said we would cash out and we would be on our way. The thai guys put a machete on the table and told us to f**k off. My friend, myself and the two german guys noped out of that situation as fast as we could. On the way back the girls caught up with us and apologised, but it meant f**k all because they were clearly in on the take. Lesson learned, if pretty girls ask you to play a game, it's for nefarious reasons.

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I was solo camping in the woods during a phase where I wanted to be a survival expert. I hiked out, miles from any roads or building, built a shelter and then hiked back the way I came.

Less than a mile away from my camp, I found a dead coyote, decapitated, gutted, and laid out like a sacrifice or something. The eyes were gouged out and it was strung across a big, flat rock. A rock which I used as a marker on the way in, so I know it hadn't been there a day before.

I ran out of there as fast as I could, knife at the ready, probably 10 miles back to my house. I still have no idea who would have done it, but I know I didn't want to run into them in the woods alone.

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In high school I went to a party in a recently abandoned house on the outskirts of town.

There were a lot of people I knew there but also a lot of shady folks I was unfamiliar with. Things started out ok or at least as ok as they can for a party with a bunch of liquored up teenagers. As the night wore on people started destroying things, I guess just because the place was abandoned. I left when someone threw a toilet out of an upstairs window.

I found out later that the cops showed up. Several people ran from them through a nearby cornfield but were caught. A friend of mine ran right into a barbed wire fence however and ended up in the hospital.

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I was living in France on my own and I got a tutoring client: a man wanted me to teach his young daughter. First session he offers to drive me home, spends the entire time asking about a boyfriend, where I live, etc. Second session he wants to give me a tour of his house. I noticed he was standing in the door when we went into a room. Once we got to the second floor, I grabbed his daughter so nothing would happen. After that I tried to quit and he guilted me into coming 3 more times. Every time I got so anxious beforehand I wanted to puke. Every time he would offer a ride and I took the 2 hours of busses home instead. Finally I fully broke it off; I knew something bad was going to happen to me and confirmed it with a few other young English-speaking women I knew. He was recruiting at best his second wife, but they all got extremely bad feelings being alone with him.


I was living at a pretty upscale apartment complex. The perimeter was lined with REALLY nice ground level town home units. This one guy moved into one and he was kind of odd. On warm days he’d walk around shirtless in the complex’s park which is odd for PNW, but I mean okay... then he started pasting bible verses to his window. Now I’m not saying liking the Bible is an issue, but that was an alarm bell. ...then he started writing in charcoal over the Bible verses pasted to his window....

Then one night I took my dogs for a walk. It was during a bout when my dogs weren’t sleeping much and needed 2am walks. I go down to the park area in front of these townhome units. Lots of bushes and trees. My dogs are pissing in the bushes and suddenly my girl dog gets low and starts growling. We notice there are boots in the bushes. I then look around and notice a dozen figures in black tactical gear and masks. Virtually invisible. I freeze and start to panic. One of them puts his finger to his...mask? I assume where his mouth was. I got the hint and bolted. Right as I get to the entrance of my apartment I see them take a battering ram to the door and drag the Bible verse guy out completely naked as he screams about how god is judging them. The unit smelled HORRIBLE and was left as-is for months. Eventually a nice couple moved in. I asked the building management what happened and I was given a look and told “you don’t want to know”.


I was walking to my house from my ex house very early in the morning when I saw this little girl with a backpack running for her life from two big street dogs. At that moment I didn’t think and I ran towards the dogs and missed a kick, the two dogs came after me biting my legs and arm. They were out of control and these were like the longest 5 minutes of my life. I couldn’t stop them from biting me, the little girl kept running until I didn’t see her anymore. It was just me and the dogs attacking me. I tried to climb a fence to get inside a house but I couldn’t when a taxi driver stopped and went out of the car with a short stick and he tried to scare them off giving me a chance to run and without thinking I got inside the car, the guy just ran a couple of times around the car with the dogs behind until he got in and he drove off like really fast. He took me to the hospital where I got a lot of stitches on my legs, arms and hands. That guy is my hero. Every now and then I go to his taxi stop and give them sandwiches or something. We never knew what happened to those dogs.


After I graduated from college, I finally landed an interview with a guy who was starting his own company. The economy was s**tty, and I so wanted a job. I went in for an interview, and quickly noticed that he doubled locked the door behind me (it was a small office in a strip mall). I immediately started to panic and then realized that no one else was there. He had me sit down and two questions into the interview he tried to put his hand up my skirt (I was wearing a business skirt suit). I got up and ran, and thankfully was able to open the locks and get the hell out of there. My mom accompanied me to every interview after that for a while.

Edit: wow, I didn’t expect this to blow up. Here’s some answers to the questions.

1 - my mom didn’t go in with me to every interview after that. She would go with me, make sure it was safe (and that I felt safe), and then would wait outside.

2 - I didn’t report him, because stupid me at the time thought it was my fault. When I ran into my car I called my mom and she asked me not to tell my dad in fear that my dad would kill the guy.

3 - it was for an analyst role in chicago

4 - I’m okay now. In that days after I promised myself to never take s**t from anyone. I’ve kept that promise.

Thank you for all the awards

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A 500 lb hog got loose at the state fair and started charging right at me. I've never run so fast in my life.

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I was at a new OBGYN for pain and a cyst on my ovary. The doctor looked to be in his late 20s. First he asks: Are you sexually active? I said no. His response: why not? You just don’t have a boyfriend or what? I just kinda gave him a weird look, like a what the hell does a boyfriend have to do with this look. Anyways then he went to do an internal exam and there were bruises on my thighs from bouncing my baby daughter up and down. He awkwardly rubbed the bruises for a few seconds and asked me if someone hurt me. Then, while he had his fingers inside me he said “Oh wow! They did a great job stitching you up after your baby because you are tight!” I froze for a second and then sat up. He asked me if I knew how to give myself a breast exam and I abruptly said yes and got up to leave. He grabbed my arm and said “well I’m going to show you how to do it anyway to make sure you’re doing it right!” I walked out as fast as I could and didn’t even check out at the nurse station. I was so uncomfortable and felt so disgusting.


Three years ago, a heavy 7.1 Mw earthquake hit the centre of Mexico. I was in the third floor of my school building when the horrible-sounding seismic alarm went off and the building began shaking like jello. Bookshelves falling, parts of the ceiling crumbling over, people screaming - it was hell.

In all of that madness, your only instinct is yelling at you to get your ass out of the f*ing building. Picture this: you know that tons of steel and concrete will fall over you if you don't.

However, and it's a big however, unless you're in the ground-level floor of the building (that is, you don't have to take any stairs/elevator to get out and the exit is nearby), you MUST fight against that instinct. It is vital to stay where you are and crawl next to a desk/chair/bed, anything that can shield you against the debris of the falling building.

Thing is, if the building collapses and you are midway through to the exit, your survival chances are pretty thin (even more so considering that stairs are the first structures to collapse in an earthquake).

So, all of my classmates and I stayed in fetal position next our desks, fighting against our "get the hell outta here right now" instincts, waiting for the earthquake to pass.

In the end, thankfully, our school didn't collapse in the earthquake, but several buildings in the vicinity did.

Interesting fact: the silence immediately after an earthquake is terrifying. Then you start hearing dogs bark, helicopters buzzing and ambulances' sirens.


I woke up one Friday in a hotel and the internet was down. I went to the hotel lobby to see what was up, and saw scenes of chaos on the TV. A crowd had started to gather to watch, including the hotel staff. One employee told me the government had shut down the internet to test it. The scenes on the TV were of violent protests beginning all over Egypt as people made their first push to occupy Tahrir Square. It was January 25, 2011 and I was in Benghazi, Libya. Without my US passport.

Needless to say I spent my energy over the next few days trying to get out of the country. I was able to leave but many of the people I was working with weren’t as lucky. The revolution started in Benghazi less than two weeks later. It was surreal watching Anderson Cooper broadcasting live from the hotel I had just been staying in.


Went on a vacation with a friend that I had only known for a little while, few months to a year kinda thing. We went to Texas together, we're from Michigan. She told me we were going to "meet up" with her cousins to go tubing while we were down there. No problem. Turned out we were STAYING with like a dozen of her family members for 3 days for a memorial trip they were doing for her uncle who had passed. Most of whom she hadn't seen in a long time, like 5 years. So it's a whole ass memorial/reunion trip. Literally everyone who's there is either blood related, married in, or a fiance. Except me. Already awkward af.

So the tubing trip we were supposed to go on is the official memorial for the uncle who passed. Friend's cousin (daughter of the deceased) comes to me in private before we go tubing and asks me to take a family picture for them since I'm "the odd man out". Of course, least I can do. She says take one nice one, and then for the second she wants it to be funny. And that they have this running family joke where someone counts down and yells "blowjob!" and takes a picture as everyone reacts. Reluctant, but in a weird ass situation and just trying to be the nice guy, I agree to that too.

Que a couple hours later, they dump the ashes in the river, say their piece, ready to take pictures. One regular one, check. Then I do the "running family joke" one. I count down and yell out "blowjobs!" and NO ONE laughs except the cousin who told me to. Everyone looks horrified. Friend's mom looks so confused and just earnestly wants to know, "why would you say that?" And I'm standing there asking myself earnestly, "why would you say that?"

Luckily the cousin told everyone she had asked me to say that and that she has told me it was a family joke. To which everyone asked her, "whose family?" Awesome.

After it was all said and done, I walked up the trail away from everyone, definitely cried from how awkward it was, and simultaneously looked for day-of flights home. Stuck it out for the other 2 days instead though. First and last trip with that friend.


Mine actually turned out okay, but I definitely had that moment.

Tall dark handsome drunk man walked up behind me at Dollar Tree, while I was bent over, trying to reach something at the back of the bottom shelf. He said, "There you are! I been lookin' for a woman." I stood up and took a step back. He continued, "I need a woman. You da only one here, all da others are 'menses'."

At this point I'm thinking I better get out there, before I become this guy's next [target]. There was a male employee further down the aisle, so I loudly asked drunk guy, "Sir, did you really come to Dollar Tree to pick up women?" Hoping to get the employees attention.

The man says "Oh hell no, I got one of them, that's why I need you."

He must have seen the panic on my face, because he started laughing and held up a phone case, explaining that his woman gave him money to buy an expensive case, but he went to the bar instead, so now he wants me to help him pick out the best phone case that Dollar Tree carries. I helped him find a phone case, and confirmed with him that he wasn't driving himself home. I think about this man nearly every day.


Mine is more laughable and my dad likes to tell it but its the only thing that comes to mind.

I was with my dad at a car shop his friend owned. He was visiting said friend and had just brought me along. They were working on some old car, and I wasn't paying much attention as an 8 year old, but they sprayed something on a piece of the engine as they were turning it on or hitting the gas or something and it made this big flame appear for just a second or two.

Well in that second or two I had ran several yards to the street because I had seen wayyyy too many movies of cars exploding. There were like 5 men including my dad all standing around and they were laughing their asses off.


Bad diesel fire at work. I saw the fire ball billowing toward me so I jumped in a pit. The fireball blew over me, and when it retreated, I got the hell out of dodge. I got some gnarly 3rd degree burns, but I survived.

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I was in downtown NYC a couple of blocks away from the WTC gawking at a fire. There were tons of people milling around watching. They had blocked off some streets, and I asked a cop how I could get around to where I needed to go further downtown. He told me which streets were closed, but that they might expand it, so I should get moving. The conversation was pretty casual.

As I started walking away I looked back, and he had his radio to his ear, and whatever he heard, he panicked, went as white as a ghost, and started yelling for people to move further back. I turned around and jogged the hell out of there and made it to the Brooklyn Bridge before the first tower came down.


Was waiting for the next bus in a bus station at 2AM in Minneapolis. A security guard outside told me to stay within the camera zone.

I sat down and waited, all alone except a couple of junkies in another part of the station. Suddenly a guy comes in, and walks up to me.

This guy dressed in a black hoodie wearing a skelleton mask stood right in front of me, didn't say a word, just stood there and looked at me.

When he started to walk away I bolted out of there, ran down the street and luckily found a 24-7 wallgreens.


As a young teenager (maybe 13 y/o) I was camping in the backcountry during a summer camp in the midwest US. Second to last night of the trip we started seeing mammatus clouds and the sky turned green, but no immediate rain or hail. Being the good midwestern kids we were, we knew the signs and found a semi-solid shelter before the storm hit.

When we got out of the backcountry we found out that 3 major tornados had touched down and gotten as close as 1/2 km to our original campsite.

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I have worked in various National Parks and Forests in my career and I've had a few close calls.

When at Zion, I was assisting with a SAR op in The Narrows. We were already on borrowed time because we got word that a rancher had noted a downpour up canyon. The radio call was enough to pucker it up. But, about five minutes later, I started seeing the water rise and could feel vibration under my feet. We got everyone on our team out to a high spot and a 7' wall of water caught up with us. Luckily, it passed quickly and fanned out nicely just down stream but JAYSUS.

Also got surrounded by a fire, once...my lookout was clear of brush and pretty safe on it's granite ridge. But, when the wildlife starts making camp downstairs and they ask if you wanna' hitch a ride with Heli, you say "yes, please."


Last fall me and my dive buddies went on a spearfishing trip to one of our favorite wrecks, about 5 minutes in a 10+ foot long great white swims up us. It gets a little too close for comfort a couple times, circled behind us and whatnot so we get out and head to a different wreck a few miles away. I jump out the boat and as soon as the bubbles clear and I can see, I'm met by another, even bigger white shark not 10 feet away, I mean he's right f***ing there next to me. I nearly s**t my wetsuit and we all scramble back in the boat as fast as possible.


Back in college, I went in to the school on a Sunday to use a printer. I left out the back doors as they were closer to my bus stop. The parking lot was pretty dead. There was a young man rummaging through the garbages and mumbling to himself. I started to walk across the parking lot and instantly felt eyes on me and started to walk a little faster. I peeked back and he was following me. I pulled out my cell and tried calling my Mom, but no answer, so I just pretended I had someone on the line. He was gaining on me, so I just took off across the parking lot towards my bus stop, and as soon as I got there the bus just happened to pull up and I jumped on. It took off before he made it across the street. Who knows what his intentions were, but I just got that awful feeling in my gut and I knew to trust it and get the hell out of there.


I was browsing movies at blockbuster with my mom back in the very early 2000s. An employee at the front said not to go down the one aisle because a lamp broke and there was glass on the ground. As we got towards the back, my mom and I saw flames going up to the ceiling. My mom freaked out and started screaming to the employee to call 911 now. I just calmly walked tf out. My mom told me she freaked out when she didn't see me next to her in the store anymore. I was outside. Many years of fire safety in elementary school prepared me for that occasion.


Me and some friends decided to go to some abandoned housing units on a military base once as kids. We had crawled through an opening in a door, and explored all over it. It was actually really fun! We went to the top floor and found a little hatch that lead to the roof of the building and we all went up. I ended up realizing how visible we were to the rest of the neighborhood and also realized that someone a little ways away on the street had turned and seen us. I didn’t particularly want to get in trouble with the MPs that day so we all rushed out and ran like hell through the woods. MPs showed up about 5 minutes later when we circled back near the street. Thus ended my rebellious ways because I was scared of authority.


I was sitting by a lake with my mate late at night when two dudes in a scooter showed up next to our car window real close and said "hey boys, whats two blokes like you doing out here all alone?" We dropped the clutch and f***ed outta there before they even got a reply.


Was in a bar in the Tenderloin and a beat-up cop comes through the door asking for help. Couple of us start to get up to help and another cop comes through the door pursuing the first cop. Who the hell is the cop. We are gone.


Friend invited me to some rock club for his friends bday..ok sure. I don't drink spirits. They were getting bottle service and I was going to the bar to get beer. Their bill came just as I was leaving and it was $2300!!! I was so happy I did not join in. I said my good bye and got the f**k out.


3 guys broke into our home. I was in the shower, they grabbed me and pulled me into the hallway. One of them had a revolver and hit my mom in the face with it. As soon as I could slip away I hauled ass and hid in some bushes.

I was like 6 or 7 at the time, so it's not like I could have fought them even if I was brave enough. Thankfully my mom ended up ok, besides a black eye/bruised lip and when they left my mom was able to contact my dad and the authorities.

To this day I'm still paranoid about intruders/locking doors and even locking the bathroom door... even if I'm living alone. I no longer live in that country, but that nervousness never really goes away.


I was in early high school and for an easy high school job I did some yard work for some of my neighbors. There was one older guy 2 doors down who asked me to pull weeds, weed eat his back yard fence and push mow the yard; i finished this and was told to come back that evening so he could get cash to pay me.

So far you may be wondering why i’m posting this here, but it gets weirder. I went over later and he had clearly been drinking, and I had to listen to him for ~15 minutes while he looked for the cash he supposedly just got. Then he kept getting closer to me and he asked me to “come down to his man cave to help set up his wii” and that he’d pay me a little more. I grabbed the cash and high tailed it out of there and never spoke to him again. I have never been more creeped out by another human being


I was driving in the dead of winter in Iowa, I saw this dude fishtaling all over behind me and going faster. Eventually he comes up on my rear, and I try to move over to let him speed through. My gut feeling was right, I just acted too late. He lost traction as he was passing me, and hit me, made me spin out, and I flew into a snowplow


First time I went to LA Fitness, I swam in the pool and then went to go take a shower and get changed. While in the shower I hear some men talking (I'm a woman) I peak out from the curtain and see like 3 dudes changing. I WENT INTO THE MEN'S ROOM!! I finished my shower quickly, toweled off, threw on dry clothes, and RAN like the wind out of there. I still can't believe I accidentally went in there. I was mortified.


This is kind of a cute story. My family was moving halfway across the US and our car broke down. Like smoke coming out from under the hood broke down. I was 5 years old at the time and the second I saw that smoke I went barreling up that hill. Every tv program or movie I ever saw at that point had a car that would explode and I wasn't going to be caught in it.

The car did not explode. My parents eventually coaxed me down and even though they laughed they told me when I was older that they were impressed with my logic and sense of self preservation.


I was leaving for work at 5:30 am, while it was still dark. I locked the inside door handle and walked out the door pulling the door closed behind me. As I turned around to walk off the porch toward my car, I saw four men jump out of a van and start coming toward me. The street was otherwise empty.

My heart was pounding and I felt panic start as I was digging in my big, messy purse for my keys to unlock the door and get back in my house. The whole time, I’m just thinking they are going to grab me, shove me in the van, and rape/kill me. I was able to get back in my house before they made it to me, but it scared the s**t out of me. Turns out they were immigrations officers looking for someone who used to live in our house, and that is standard practice for them if they think the suspect will run!


When I was 17 I met with a 23 year old guy for a mall date. Can’t remember his name for the life of me. I had just gotten out of a horrible relationship and was trying to distract myself. We had dinner and when the waiter brought the check, the guy told me he had forgotten his wallet in his car and that if I went with him he could grab it. I told him it was fine and paid for the meal myself. We went into a couple shops, but he kept asking me questions about my ex boyfriend, also he mentioned that he had been in jail but wouldn’t tell me what for, and I was nervous. Then things came to a head when he kept saying “hey just come to my car for a second please let’s listen to music” and kept getting increasingly anxious every time I declined. I was so scared. I immediately pretended to have a period emergency so I could get out of there and luckily I had parked in a different lot than he did. I still have no idea what his intentions were but man that was terrifying.


When my buddies were in college we went to a frat party and were rolling pretty hard on MDMA. Everything was going as good as a random frat party can go until I hear a window shatter. Some jerk off smashed the neighbors window and I went to find my buds since I knew the cops were on their way. We ran like hell away from that house and saw the cops rolling up to the house like 30 seconds after we got a few houses down. Glad I found them as quickly as I did. Didn’t want to be rolling my ass off talking to the cops. Was a good night.


One time I was driving through Kansas in the middle of the night with my girlfriend on a road trip. (Summer of 2017?) We had issues with the car breaking down in Nebraska, and were sputting along until we reached Colby, Kansas and waited for night so the roads were less busy. As we were driving along, (not HWY 70 but just south to stay off the highways) a Semi caught up to us. The car didn't want to go past 50-60 mph, and I didn't want to push it and break down. Needless to say, I was going too slow for this Semi truck.

For about an entire hour this guy is riding my ass, flashing his lights, etc. Never honked his horns though. I would slow down and pull off to the side a littles bit to let him pass but every time I did he would slow down too and give me a ton of space. Its now about 2-3 AM. We are in the middle of nowhere coming up close to the border of Colorado. He is still contantly riding up to my ass and turning his lights on and off again. We finally come across a gas station and pull over to a pump on the right side.

I CANNOT emphasize how literal I mean by "middle of nowhere." Its flat deserts forever in all directions. Its an empty Shell gas station that is closed and dark AF. We hope the truck will just pass us and we pretend to pump gas. This f**king truck slows down all the way and stops right there on the road next to us. He proceeds to BACK HIS TRUCK UP enough to pull into the gas station behind us, perpendicular to our car. I start loosing my s**t and looking around ( I am standing outside of my car) and my girlfriend is screaming for me to get back in the car. THIS GUY GETS OUT OF THE SEMI and starts walking DIRECTLY towards us. He is only about 50 yards away when I notice a small brown pickup truck sitting on the back side of the Shell, eerily placed. I notice there is someone in it. I run towards him. As I get closer I realize there is a police badge painted on the side of this brown pickup and the man inside is actually an OFFICER!

I can only imagine what this guy on late night duty was thinking when I am running up to him. He rolls down the window with a confused look on his face. My girlfriend is screaming at me in panic as this guy gets within 10 yards of the car, while I am spitting about 50 words out of my mouth in about 2 seconds explaining our situation. The officer doesn't say a word and just drives around our car. The man notices and does an IMMEDIATE U-TURN back towards his truck, as the officer is yelling at him to stop. I hop back into my car, look in the rear-view mirror for a second to see the officer getting out to try to talk to this guy. I turn on the car, hit the gas, and drive into Colorado a few minutes later.

I will spend the rest of my life wondering what would have happened if that officer wasn't just sitting there that night. Who ever you are man, bless your soul.


My Husband and I were heading out of town, we saw a guy on the side of the highway pacing (under the overpass), I asked my husband to take the exit and go over the over pass and take the next exit to continue on the highway, the second we took the exit the guy jumped in front of a semi and killed himself. He was a freshman in college, the semi driver was 72 years old and 3 weeks away from retiring. I cannot imagine what the drive is going through.


We were digging out some dirt and rocks to make room for some steps to a lower portion of a patio that had a gas line running to a fire pit. I’m there with my boss and supervisor and all of a suddden I hear a whooshing sound of depressurization of a gas line and sprint away. Turns out it was only pressurized with air and not gas at that point and we just had to get someone to come fix the hole we we made without needing to evacuate the job site. My boss gave me s**t but I’ll have the same reaction if it ever happens again.


Out at the beach with my two of my boys, ages 2 & 7 at the time. Tide was out, so we were out exploring, maybe 20 yards from shore. I look down at my 2 year old and his super fine baby hair is standing on end.

I pick him up and tell my older son we need to get back to the truck. Just a couple minutes after we load into the truck and we hear a loud thunderclap.


I was at a friends house for a Halloween party, and walked out to the garage where people were smoking and saw a chick with the biggest bag of glitter I've ever seen and she's blowing it into the air while her friends danced in the fallout.

I turned around, grabbed by wife and said "we're leaving, NOW...I'll explain in the car". She grabbed her coat and we hit the car inside of 90 seconds.

as soon as we were clear of the house, I told her that the "dumb chicks" as she had coined them earlier, were blowing glitter all over each other and she said "oh, hell no".

so my buddy had glitter all over his house for the remaining years he lived there. He said he'd always be finding it on his skin, in his food, on his dog...f**king glitter is like herpes. You're NEVER getting rid of it, you can only spread it.


Some dude in my uni class.

Trying not to sound non - inclusive here but he was a special case. Kept talking about his f**ked up life. Some things he done that made people fear him, because he was unpredictable:

brought a knife into class. Placed it casually on the desk. One of those big f**k off Rambo ones.

a girl in class was one of those mouthy types. Talked about him and he responded by getting her in a choke hold and threatened her.

smashed a pint glass over his head for no apparent reason, other than to show that he could. Ended up in hospital.

Everyone stayed the f**k away from him, but only added to his paranoia.

Everyone graduated and I stayed in that city for a bit. Bumped into him by accident in my gym. He told me I was one of the few who he didn't want to stab (kept myself out of other's business), but he took it as a sign of friendship and wanted to follow me back to my apartment to hang out. Told him I was going to work after gym.

Never went back to that gym ever again.


Was moving across the country. U-Haul broke down in the middle of nowhere Minnesota. Managed to limp the truck off the highway to a little dive bar that looked to be open. Nothing else around that we could see.

I walked in to the bar to ask if someone had jumper cables. When I walked in, it was just like it was right out of the movies. Everyone stopped talking and looked at me. The bartender said, while I was still standing in the doorway, "can we help you?" I asked for jumper cables, telling them my U-Haul is broken down outside. I got told "depends. Got any women in the truck?"

Told them no...which wasn't true as my girlfriend at the time was in the truck with my 2 cats. I decided I no longer needed their assistance and noped out of there. Called U-Haul and they had a tow truck come out in 20 minutes or so.


To add a funny one, this happened a few years ago and was my first time going out on the town with some friends. We did the normal run of things, pre-game, hit a casual bar, then finally end at a more dance club kind of place. Then the lights came on. I grabbed people’s hands, I started yelling about how we had to get out. Certainly there was a fire or a huge fight, doesn’t matter, some sort of incident! I had yet to consider that closing time may have been earlier than I was used to...


We were in elementary school, and it was Valentine's Day. While playing outside me and my friends spotted a helicopter flying across the school's soccer field. We began yelling at it, waving with our hands as if we needed help: "Please! Rescue us!"

To our bewilderment, the helicopter turned back and began approaching the field. We froze in fear, and began running for our dear life, completely frightened, already thinking about how to explain this to our teachers.

Finally, the helicopter landed, and while everyone was running towards it in completely awe, we were hiding in the school gym.

In the end, we were told that it was al scripted. The school's Principal prepared that surprise for all the students. The pilot and crew members threw teddy bears and chocolates to the students.

Greatest freak out of my childhood.

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