5 ways to earn remotely, from home or while travelling

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If you're looking to switch to working from home or you are planning to head off backpacking or travelling for a few months and want to have some income while doing so, or perhaps you just want to scale back and work part-time or become self-employed, here are a few ideas of way's to do that. Of course with anything like this it can take time to grow, some "side hustles" are just that, a side hustle to help you top up your earnings or earn a little bit more each month, so of course, can turn into full-time incomes but don't go chucking in your job unless you are financially stable enough to do so. 

1. Freelance writing

Part of my income is made from freelance writing and feel this is something anyone with a touch of creativity and sound knowledge of grammar can do. When you're starting out, like anything, you may earn a little less but as you gain more experience as well as more clients you can charge more. There are a few decent online marketplaces where you can offer your skills as well as pitch for an array of writing jobs from copywriting to blog posts, social media posts, proofreading etc, the main ones I use are People Per Hour and Upwork which are both great places to start. 

2. Offer your digital skills on Fiverr

Are you an excellent illustrator, could you illustrate a children's book or do you have the skills to set up a website or a brand's social media pages platforms? Fiverr offers you a platform to sell any of your digital skills and there are plenty of people who are out there who are willing to pay. Fiverr is also an easy marketplace to navigate and use and clients have the option of putting your services on repeat as well as giving a review and feedback, helping you grow your clientele and rank higher on their search engine. 

3. Sell digital (and real) products on Etsy

If your travelling, selling digital products on marketplaces such as Etsy can be a great income stream as wall art, journals and organising pages are very popular digital products, which means the buyer simply purchases a PDF and you get paid so you can do this from anywhere in the world. If you're looking just to switch careers and delve right into your passion and want to sell physical products, Etsy again is a great platform for that as its pricing is clear and it also has a lot of organic foot traffic on its website. 

digital wall art
You can sell digital art prints online

4. Investing and Matched Betting

Now, these are both something that I am fairly new to but I know a few people who have done really well from both of these although I would like to stress that research is key with both as you need to know what you're doing. Katy Kicker who runs a money-saving and money-making blog explains the pros and cons of matched betting much better than I ever could. Another option is looking down the investing line of things, of course, you need some capital to do this although most investing apps and websites allow you to invest as little as £1, again you need to research your options but many people are having some success with creating a passive income stream from cryptocurrency

5. Sell on eBay

I sell bits and bobs on eBay throughout the year because what one person doesn't want could be what someone else has been looking for and it's an easy way to declutter the house while making sure things are reused rather than ending in a landfill and also making some extra money. I make around an extra £1000 a year from selling things via eBay which is really useful but some people can earn a lot more by stepping up their "reseller" approach and sourcing unwanted goods or low-cost items from places like car boots, charity shops etc for profit. 

6. Work as an Online Tutor

While having a qualification is definitely an added bonus, these days anyone who is fluent in English can work as an online tutor with some websites allowing you to join with very little experience, which makes this a great remote income stream. Cambly is a great starting point, you don't need any experience or a degree and while the pay is lower than other websites it's a good starting point as you get paid weekly and can work any hours you wish. Another platform is Outschool where you can teach pretty much anything, are you great at sharing new art skills or want to share your love of Pokemon or Geography, with younger audiences then this is a great option. 

7. Be a self-employed delivery driver for Amazon Flex

Amazon has recently launched Amazon flex which is perfect for those looking to pick and choose hours each week to fit their lifestyle with a focus on flexibility so you could even do this around your full-time job or just a few hours a week to top up your income. It's not in all cities across the UK as of yet but the network is expanding and while technically this isn't a remote role it does mean you are away from the office, can listen to whatever music you want and work the hours that suit you. 

online teaching

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