5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and one of the most important steps a bride must make for her bridal party is picking out the perfect bridesmaid dresses for the big day.

Bridesmaid dresses come in all styles and colours, so it can be overwhelming to find the right ones for your wedding.

The following 5 tips will help you find the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your big day.

Tip #1: Consider allowing for different dress styles

Traditionally, bridesmaid dresses are all the samebut this tradition is becoming less common as more brides opt to allow bridesmaids to pick dress styles that are flattering rather than attempting to make everyone look nice in the same type of dress. If possible, allow for your bridesmaids to pick different styles as long as they are all the same colour; you can also add limitations such as requiring the dresses to all have the same skirt type or general length. This will allow for the women in your bridal party to pick dresses that flatter them without standing out from the other bridesmaids.

Tip #2: Buy your dresses online

If you are looking for the best selection and the best prices, you should be doing your bridesmaid dress shopping online.

Sites such as Bridesmaids Only have a wide range of options to suit any budget, style, colour or wedding theme. Make sure that youre buying the dresses far enough in advance that you can have alterations done on them if necessary!

Tip #3: Add accessories but not too many!

The old age of remove one thing before leaving the house definitely applies to the accessories your bridesmaids will be wearing on your big day. Accessories can make a bridesmaid look nice, but too many accessories will just look cluttered. Instead of a full set of jewellery, have your bridesmaids wear one statement piece such as a necklace, bracelet or even a brooch.

Tip #4: Dont forget about the behind the scenes outfits

Bridesmaids attire isnt all about the dress! Before the wedding, you can make things more fun for your bridesmaids backstage (so to speak!) by buying them matching robes. Classic bridesmaid robes are a great way to bring the bridal party together and have everyone look nice for any photos taken during the lead-up to the wedding. Plus, everyone will love getting ready while wearing fun matching robes that they can keep and wear after the wedding too!

Tip #5: Ask your bridesmaids for their opinions (but dont let them overrule you on everything)

You can smoothen the process of getting bridesmaid dresses by asking them for their opinions on the types of dresses you want to pick out, along with any accessories or other details you have in mind. Just dont let the collaborative process turn into a free-for-all: if you have any boundaries or limits (such as specifically wanting all the bridesmaids to wear a certain colour) then be upfront about them.

With the above tips in mind, shopping for bridesmaid dresses for your wedding will be a cinch!

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