47 Ladder Shelves for Smart Storage and Stylish Display


Get creative with your storage and display solutions! Ladder shelves offer that cool repurposed look without any of the built-it-yourself hassle. In this post, we have collected 47 unique ladder shelf designs that you can buy right now – styles ranging from modern to rustic and everything in between. Are you looking for cool bookshelves to replace your traditional bookcase? A stylish way to display your favorite collectibles in the living room, or organize extra towels in the bathroom? This post has a ladder shelf for every situation. Choose from freestanding solutions suitable for rentals or designs you can anchor to the wall for safety and stability.


Rustic Wooden Ladder Shelf: This rustic ladder shelf features four progressive tiers for flexible storage options. The warm wood finish looks great for permanent display anywhere in the home, but it also folds away easily for storage between uses – great if you need a temporary spot to keep outdoor potted plants during the colder seasons.


Metal 4-Tier Ladder Shelf: Sturdy, affordable, and exceptionally stylish, this metal ladder shelf offers a streamlined look for modern spaces. This model is available in black and white to suit your specific style and the perforated shelves make it easier to move when it comes time to rearrange your interior.


3 Tier Ladder Shelf: Are you looking for a nice short ladder shelf that won’t take up too much visual real estate in your home? This piece leans against the wall to hold pantry essentials in the kitchen, books in the bedroom, or hand towels in the bathroom. Choose from black or white to match your décor.


4 Tier Industrial Style Ladder Shelf: This ladder display shelf offers that classic leaning look reinforced by the stability of its four-legged four-tier design. The metal frame and manufactured wood pieces are easy to assemble so you can organize your space in record time.


Ladder Shelf With Hooks: Complete your entryway with this super-versatile ladder shelf. Three tiers of storage leave space for essentials like car keys and wallets, or you can add your own storage baskets to catch seasonal accessories like gloves and earmuffs. Eight hooks offer plenty of room to hang your jackets and scarves. Because of its symmetrical design, this could also work in the corner!

$113BUY IT

Modern Ladder Shelf With Metal Frame: This ladder shelf anchors directly into the wall to provide unmatched stability, readily preventing children and pets from knocking the shelves over. This wall ladder shelf is also ideal for heavy-duty applications like housing your growing home library.

$220BUY IT

Scandinavian Style Ladder Shelf: What a cute design! This ladder shelf with drawer would be a lovely addition to any Scandinavian or Nordic interior theme. Use the open shelves to display your favorite objects in style and tuck away clutter within the enclosed bottom drawer.

$140BUY IT

White And Wood Finish Ladder Shelf: Sure to catch the eye, this A-frame ladder shelf features a molded wood body that bends gently at the top for a unique look. Each shelf is spaced with substantial items in mind, with extra vertical space on the uppermost shelf for your tallest vases and decorations.


4 Legged 4-Tier Industrial Style Ladder Shelf: Make the most of your limited floorspace with this compact industrial-style ladder shelf. The narrow base fits easily anywhere, including small rooms and cramped hallways. Each of the four stable feet include protective caps to keep your floors looking flawless.


Espresso Ladder Shelf: Standing at six feet tall, this ladder shelf offers space for all your most important items. Each shelf gets progressively smaller from the bottom up to help you find the perfect spot for anything. Choose between espresso, natural brown, and bright white.


Small 3 Tier A-Frame Ladder Shelf: Here is a nice small A-frame ladder shelf, great for situations where you might want a creative alternative to a traditional side table. Use in the bedroom to keep electronics and nighttime reading within reach, or place next to the sofa for everyday storage and display. It also tucks nicely beneath certain windows without obstructing the view.


A Frame Ladder Shelf: For something with a bold look, try this a-frame ladder shelf that draws influence from both industrial and mid-century modern influences. The three shelves are spaced widely apart to leave room for your boldest decorations from large vases to those large format coffee table books.

$132BUY IT

Golden Ladder Shelf: Go glamorous with a little touch of gold. This decorative ladder shelf features an A-shaped frame with a dazzling gold finish, the shelves in bright white for a contemporary touch. Each shelf has raised sides to keep smaller items contained. Easily fold the shelf away for compact storage.

$750BUY IT

Rustic A Frame Ladder Shelf: Enjoy a different spin on the traditional ladder shelf design. This piece features wide shelves laid across a ladder frame for that DIY look without the work. Each shelf is constructed from thick wood for sturdiness to last a lifetime.


X Shaped Ladder Shelf: With its distinctive crossed frame, this design catches the eye with its sculptural appeal. Each engineered wood shelf is treated with a rustic finish that stands in creative contrast to the modern black frame. These shelves are especially spacious and each one holds up to 33lbs for versatile storage and display.

$150BUY IT

Industrial Style Pipe Ladder Shelf: Break away from the minimalist side of industrial design with this uniquely decorative ladder shelf. The frame is made from sturdy iron crafted to look like pipes, treated with a burnished finish for the illusion of well-worn age. Each shelf is constructed from thick fir wood boards. Mount directly to the wall to prevent tipping or swaying.

$144BUY IT

Ladder Shelf With Metal Storage Bins: Embrace chic rustic charm with this handsome accessory. Instead of ordinary shelves, this piece features four galvanized metal baskets attached to wood ladder rungs. These baskets make great organizers for smaller objects while providing needed support for larger items like books or DVDs.


Garden Ladder Shelf With Storage Buckets: Create your own cozy herb garden or flower trellis with this adorable miniature ladder shelf. This piece stands at almost 3’ tall – great for balconies, patios, and for installation on the side of a fence. Each galvanized bucket easily detaches from the ladder for planting and maintenance.


Decorative Bathroom Ladder Shelf With Baskets: This small ladder shelf includes fabric baskets and a steel hook for smart organization. Use to hold toiletries in the bathroom, to store essentials in the laundry room, or catch those everyday items near the entryway.

$191BUY IT

Ladder Shelf With Metal Cage Baskets: Upgrade your storage and organization options with this delightful farmhouse-inspired piece. This ladder shelf with baskets would look great in a classroom, home office, outdoor garden, and beyond. This ladder stands at just over 6’ tall for easy reach.

$590BUY IT

Transparent Leaning Ladder Shelf: Take a minimalist approach to organization with this intriguing transparent shelf ladder. The body is constructed from sturdy see-through acrylic, expanding your available storage space without taking up too much visual real estate. This modern design is sure to catch the eye and draw compliments from guests.


5 Tier Bamboo Ladder Shelf: Charming and eco-friendly! This leaning ladder shelf is made from 100% natural bamboo – a renewable resource known for its durability and resilience. Each shelf comes in flush contact with the wall for stability, or you can anchor this shelf to the wall with the included bracket set for peace of mind.

$138BUY IT

Antique Style Ladder Shelf: Some aesthetics never go out of style. Enjoy the timeless appeal of this mission-style ladder shelf with its rich finish that goes well within any traditional interior theme. Each of the five shelves are fitted with edges around the back and sides to keep smaller items secure for display.


Farmhouse Style Ladder Shelf: Classic rung-style shelves give this piece an authentic look. The small footprint means this narrow ladder shelf can fit almost anywhere you need it, all while providing a big visual impact. Use to hang your favorite decorative quilts or display small items you love to look at.


Distressed Wood Blanket Rack: A distressed whitewash finish makes this rack look lovingly worn by time, like a long-forgotten find plucked straight from the farmhouse garden. The thin rungs are great for holding towels or quilts. Choose from the wood model pictured here or opt for the chic white option to brighten your favorite space.

$116BUY IT

Ladder Shelf With File Drawer: Do you need a one-size solution to fit all of your storage needs? This piece features four tiers for display and organization, with a spacious drawer below to keep your home environment neat and clutter-free. The drawer includes slats to hang folders like a traditional file drawer without looking like it belongs in an office. Choose from a range of finishes to suit your style.

$241BUY IT

Large 4 Drawer Leaning Ladder Shelf: Here is something for those who take organization seriously. This piece features four wide shelves for display and four small drawers to keep miscellaneous objects neat and organized. Use alongside your media area, at the entryway, in the home office, or anywhere that could use a little stylish storage.

$156BUY IT

Ladder Shelf With Cabinets: Rustic with a dash of mid-century modern style, this ladder storage shelf offers wide-ranging appeal. Four tiers of spacious display offer ample room for books and decoration, while the enclosed lower shelf organizes items that you might want to keep tucked away.


Ladder Shelf With Chalkboard: Express yourself any way you’d like! This chalkboard and ladder shelf combination lets you showcase your favorite items, and maybe even your artwork too. Use the chalkboard for on-theme decoration or get practical with grocery lists and craft project to-do lists. This piece is available in shabby-chic wood and distressed white.


Mid Century Modern Ladder Shelf: Fun, simple, chic. This mid-century modern ladder shelf embraces retro design influence reimagined through a streamlined modern lens. Each solid wood shelf supports up to 25lbs of weight without compromising stability. This piece is available in dark espresso, medium brown, and bright white.


Narrow White Ladder Shelf: Are you looking for a cheap ladder shelf that can fit almost anywhere? This design is extremely inexpensive, and its narrow footprint is just the right size for compact spaces like bathrooms and mudrooms. Non-slip feet ensure stable performance for everyday use.


Modern Narrow Ladder Shelf: For the well-curated interior, this stylish ladder shelf offers decorative appeal on its own merits. The combination of grey and wood provides just a touch of rustic influence with decidedly modern construction. Choose between narrow and wide models, and grey or white framing.


Modern 5 Tier Leaning Ladder Shelf: Keep your minimalist interior on point with this clean white ladder shelf. This piece features five levels of storage, each shelf bordered by raised lips to keep smaller items contained as needed. The bottom shelf features a hidden third leg for stability and the top shelf can anchor to the wall to prevent tipping.


Black Ladder Shelf: Chic and simple! This ladder shelf stands at 6’ tall, offering plenty of space between each shelf to accommodate your favorite items. Use in the office, bedroom, home library, or even right in your living room – the solid wood design is sleek and appealing, sure to look great anywhere.


4-Tier White Ladder Shelf For Kids: Kids deserve stylish storage solutions too! This ladder shelf is just the right height for young ones, offering four tiers of shelving for storage containers and display. Use the included mounting kit to secure this shelving system to the wall to prevent tipping and wobbling.

$136BUY IT

Ladder Bookshelf: This ladder shelf takes a different approach from the usual. Oriented more like a staircase, the shelves are extra wide to accommodate serious storage capacity. Each step extends a bit outside of the frame to direct more attention toward your favorite collectibles. This model is available in black and white.

$190BUY IT

Triangular Ladder Bookshelf: Standing at almost 5’ tall, this ladder bookshelf immediately draws the eye with its bold right angle shape. Use within your home library to organize those volumes you want to read again and again or get creative with placement elsewhere in the home. This design would work just as well in the dining room, home theater, or office.

$120BUY IT

Leaning Ladder Bookcase: Make a bold modern statement with this unique ladder shelf bookcase. The compartmentalized design holds books upright without bookends, but also help to frame decorative contents in style. Small nooks and crannies on the sides offer more space for smaller accessories.

$114BUY IT

Black Wide Leaning Ladder Bookcase: Find just the right niche for anything with this versatile black ladder shelf. This design breaks up its storage into three main volumes but allows storage in between to maximize space. This black model would look right at home in modern homes, while the oak and white combination would be perfect for mid-century modern themes. You can also find this model in white and cappuccino colorways as well.


5 Tier Corner Ladder Shelf: Finally, a ladder shelf for those hard-to-decorate corners of your home. This piece stands at 6’ tall, with five shelves that grow progressively larger from the top to the bottom. Use to expand storage in tight spaces or to bring life to tall empty corners.


Over Toilet Ladder Shelf: Small bathrooms are notorious for their lack of storage. It can be hard to find space for ordinary shelving and cabinets in such a compact space – but this over the toilet ladder shelf makes great use of underutilized real estate.


Decorative Ladder Hanger: Transform your favorite throws and quilts into decorative accessories between uses. Instead of folding away your cuddliest blankets after a long session with a good book, hang them on this decorative ladder hanger so you can keep admiring how they look. Or, place in the bathroom to make fresh towels readily accessible for guests.

$166+$43 per ladderBUY IT

Tikas Birch Ladder Shelf: Hang this small shelf on the wall to get that charming ladder look right at the level you want it. This piece can stand alone or serve as an add-on to the full version – you can buy the wooden ladder shelf base here.

$475BUY IT

Normann Copenhagen One Step Up Ladder Shelf: Designed by Francis Cayouette for Normann Copenhagen, this designer ladder shelf offers a high-end look with unmatched quality. The frame is built from ash wood in a calming natural finish to suit on-trend Scandinavian themes, and the shelves are crafted from glossy white metal for strength and streamlined appeal.


Small Ladder Shelf For Indoors And Outdoors: Crafted from solid fir wood in a dark and inviting finish, this small ladder shelf is naturally resistant to pests and degradation – suitable for use indoors and out. Simply fold away for easy storage between seasons when you move your outdoor plants indoors. Thanks to its resistance to moisture, this would also be an ideal candidate for use as a bathroom ladder shelf.

$454BUY IT

Genuine Oak Ladder Shelf: Solid oak construction ensures this wood ladder shelf will provide years of everyday use and enjoyment. It stands at almost 6’ tall, with each shelf growing progressively larger from top to base. This sturdy piece would make a lovely bookshelf or display.

$675BUY IT

Premium Mid Century Modern Style Ladder Shelf: The gorgeous Folk Ladder Shelf by Norm Architects is a mid-century modern style piece with timeless appeal. The designers created this ladder shelf with intention, ensuring that its mobility and functionality can adapt to the changing lifestyle of its owners for years to come. This piece is available in solid walnut, light ash, or a contemporary black finish.

$595BUY IT

Folk Ladder Desk: If you love the look of the Folk Ladder Shelf, consider revamping your workspace with the Folk ladder shelf desk. This modular component features a smart and compact workspace with two convenient shelves above. The image above shows the desk combined with two of the ladder shelf components from the same series. Or, have a look at this equally charming cheaper option.

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