23 Home Decor Trends For 2023

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Keeping up with the current decor trends is one way to make your home look and feel fresh. Change and flux are constants in life. Therefore, individuals should improve the aesthetic value of their homes with the latest interior design trends that suit their tastes and preferences. 2023 designs revolve around off-kilter plants, brilliant colors, and a strong sense of personal style. Below are the top 23 home decor trends for 2023:

23 Home Decor Trends For 2023

Image: R Higgins interiors

1. Designer Mudroom and Laundry

In 2023, no rooms will be left untouched. Homemakers and designers are opting to create a home that serves the inhabitants fully. Laundry rooms and mudrooms have been ignored in the past, but in 2023 they’ll get a designer treatment.

Images: Tiffany Skilling Interiors

2. Workplace with Flair

The workplace, whether at an office or at home, has been redefined. The current trends of workplace styles focus more on individualism. A conducive office space can induce elements that boost work efficiency. From indoor tuff to layout to furniture designs, the workplace should get a unique makeover. Ensure the interior design of your home suits the workplace style.

3. Nostalgia-Infused

Interior designs play a significant role in making a home cozy. The color trends and interior designs of 2023 will focus on nostalgia to conjure a quaint, pleasant air. You can use bucolic artwork or pastoral patterns to add a poetic touch to your interior space.

Image: Removable Wallpaper

4. Oversized Pendants

Experimenting with scale and size can make your interior design become more attractive. In 2023, designers are looking forward to creating oversized lights. Oversized pendants can make a great first impression because they look exquisite, especially from a proportionate setting.

5. Tiered Monochrome

Keeping your decor and furniture muted can define memorable spaces. You can choose a monochromatic interior design with a hue that fulfills your wants. It can feature different shades of the main color, or you can add shapes and textures to make the space more visually interesting. Based on research, a tiered monochrome will generate a steady and peaceful space.

Monochromatic Living Room VS Neutral Living Room with Pops of Color

How a Mirror and Monochromatic Colors Open Up a Small Space

Image: HOMES to love

6. Indoor Gardening

Most people love plants in their interior spaces. These plants give your interior a great sense of style. You can incorporate gardens or rockeries in your building structure. In addition, you can opt for large-scale indoor plants, especially if you have a home office.

Image: hamburgdaniahoi

7. Convivial Seating

Convivial seating encourages the art of face-to-face or in-person communication. Furniture designers are suggesting this design as a way of bringing people together. Therefore, you can invest in this new era of seating options to improve your comfort as you engage in deep conversations.

8. Vintage and Antique Pieces

Heritage furniture pieces will be trending in 2023. Incorporating vintage and antique patterns can create a maximalist or poetic feeling. In addition, this design can cultivate a sense of charm, unlike some modern pieces. Antique fairs and vintage designers are coming up with unique pieces that are conversation starters. To improve the comfy of this furniture, you can add brand-new accessories and furnishings.

Images: sixat21

9. Fluted Detailing

In 2023, you’ll see a wide range of fluted details on things like kitchen cabinetry, wood furniture, and bathroom vanities. In addition, you can consider buying a fluted mirror or side table to make your interior fresh.


10. Hand Crafted Sourcing

Currently, there’s a high demand for local and hand-made accessories and furnishings. People are looking forward to supporting their own. In 2023, you can fill your house with unique items that aren’t mass-produced.

11. Pattern Play

Pattern makes a home feel inviting and comfortable because it provides flexibility for accessorizing. You can blend complex and simple patterns together to improve the overall look. In addition, ensure that the sizes of patterns have different sizes but the same colors.

Image: Sarah West & Associates

12. Wellness Design

Incorporating organic materials like cork, wood, bamboo, stone, clay, and hempcrete can create a wellness design in your home. A home should be your top priority because you spend more time there. Therefore, ensure you carve out a separate space to meditate and exercise in 2023.

Image: nas_boho_home

13. Stone Materials

Materials such as concrete, limestone, marble, granite, and travertine were the building blocks of design inspiration. But, in 2023, you’ll see a renewed appreciation for various natural materials, including terrazzos, split face travertine, antiqued textures, marbles, and dramatic veining.

Image: Sarah West and Associates

14. Art Deco

Most people are interested in art deco styles with colorful details. In 2023, expect to see elegant and fun pops of color in things, such as kitchen cabinets and bathroom tiles.

Image: Tiffany Skilling Interiors

15. Bold Tile

Unique, bold tiles will replace wallpapers around the fireplaces and mudrooms in 2023. They’ll be installed on the floor-to-ceiling tile.

Image: Bert & May

16. Biophilic Design

Most people will be looking for organic materials, such as woven grasses, plant life, and earthenware in decor. This is because most individuals like to recognize their innate draw to nature, living things, and fresh air. You don’t have to invest in expensive woven baskets, plant life, and pottery for your space. This trend requires a little bit of maintenance and care, but it’s a rewarding and meditative process to nurture living decor.

17. Black and White design

A character-rich black and bold-white design trend will be there in 2023. For instance, black and white area rugs or black marble fireplaces with white veining.

Image: Emilie Willoch Frøyland

18. Unique and Colorful Kitchens

Homeowners will be taking risks to decorate their kitchen space to reflect their personalities. People will shift away from the white kitchen towards unique and colorful kitchen styles. There are various inexpensive ways to make your kitchen attractive, such as replacing existing fixtures and lighting.


19. Wrapping Rooms in a Sectional

For 2023, most people are looking forward to living in a different and unique way. If you have a combined living area and dining, you can position a sectional sofa against the wall to create a cozy living space.

20. Statement Rugs

In 2023, there’ll be a shift from neutral rugs to rugs that function as floor art. If you’re art-driven, consider statement rugs to create an appealing interior look.

Image: Home By Two

21. Material Emphasis

Recyclable, ethical, and sustainable materials will be among the hot topics in 2023. Each year designers learn about new sustainable practices that are eco-friendly.

22. Futuristic Lavender

A digital lavender can invite freshness into your interior space. You can use this hue for various purposes because it’s versatile.

Image: adore

23. Of Water

In 2023, most interior design colors will be tranquil. Therefore, tranquil blue will soothe the nature of your space, thus making it calm and serene. You can use it to decorate the bathroom or office space.

Image: R Higgins Interiors


You can refresh your home with the above-listed 2023 home decor trends. Incorporating the right designs and colors will help you create a timeless interior.

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