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This year’s Consumer Electronics’ Show promises to be really special. Combining the hope of a new decade with the announcement of many new technologies, CES 2020 will be an exciting event. Follow all of the announcements during CES week. Officially the convention floor will be showing all of the great new tech from Tuesday, January 7th until Friday, January 10th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. However, as we have seen in previous years, new product announcements can come at any time during the week and the fun will likely begin this weekend. Be sure to bookmark our coverage of CES to stay in the loop of what 2020 and beyond will have in store.

Since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show has introduced such amazing technology as the Nintendo Entertainment System, flat screen televisions, and True Wireless earbuds. This year’s show will undoubtedly bring many surprises. Here are some technologies that I’ll be watching closely.

TV tech is just starting to get interesting

Last year there were several innovations in televisions shown by several manufacturers like LG, Sony, and Samsung. For example, we were promised many new 8K televisions. However, during 2019 these were slow to make their way to consumers. Samsung was first to bring these out: we did reviews of their new 8K TV, showing the very cool Ambient Mode and the incredible upscaling that makes the content you own or stream look so much better than on lower resolution televisions. We even gave away one of the first 8K TVs to arrive at Best Buy in one of our amazing blog contests.

Recently, LG and Sony have started to release their 8K models and hopefully we will soon get samples to test and review on the blog.

Undoubtedly, we’ll see new television technologies this year: perhaps micro-LED will become the next best thing? Or perhaps something else. We’ll explain everything that is announced and be creating articles throughout the year to help you navigate the changes in television technology on the blog to help you decide which type of television will best suit your needs.

Steaming is ready to explode with more possibilities

The end of 2019 was the beginning of a huge event that will affect all of our lives: Streaming Wars! No one predicted this ten years ago, but here we are about to see media content providers battling for your viewing and gaming time via the internet. Recently Apple TV+ and Disney+ started taking subscriptions much like Netflix and Prime Video have been doing. And gaming saw a similar insurgence of online options with Google Stadia and Apple Arcade vying for our gaming time. This year we’ll see the battle rage on as new players enter the fray in both TV and gaming. I’ll be watching the keynote by Quibi on Wednesday morning to learn more: CEO Meg Whitman (former CEO of HP and EBAY) and Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg (former Chairman Walt Disney, co-founder of Dreamworks) will be discussing the future of this video streaming service. Quibi already has an impressive array of top Hollywood talent signed up to create projects for the service.

What will SMART really mean in 2020

For several years now we have been inundated with “Smart this” and “Smart that” but at some point, the word will likely lose its meaning from sheer overuse and from its tendency to oversimplify. Will a new term emerge to provide more nuance to the technology coming in the next decade? In science fiction, the interoperability and connectivity that we associate with the word “smart” are just expected; and our world is quickly catching up. I regularly start doing something on my Samsung Note 10 phone, then continue it on my Macbook Pro; if it’s a show, I’ll just keep watching it on my Sony TV or a Chromebook that I’m testing or on my phone—whatever is nearby really. And this all feels very natural.

The same is true of controlling my Smart Home devices. At last year’s CES, Philips announced new outdoor smart lights that make lighting the outside of your home as convenient and safe as the inside has become. And during the year these arrived at Best Buy, along with similar offerings from competitors like Ring. You can easily and for very little expense, control all of your home’s lights with apps on your phones: mostly without even opening the apps using timers or your voice.

Our lights, cameras, doorbells, door locks may have seemed smart last year, now they are just as convenient and functional as we expect them to be. Non-smart doesn’t really seem “dumb.” Using a key to get into your home, or flicking a switch to turn off lights just seems unnecessary to many of us now. The immediacy of looking on your phone to know your home is safe and secure is our new normal.

This change has happened recently too. What will this tech be like in a year or two? Expect CES 2020 to introduce us to the next wave in this technological evolution. We’ll likely see new technologies that will seamlessly integrate into our lives to blend into this new normal. Likely some of this will incorporate Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice control, two other technologies that many of us have begun to expect in our homes.

Keep on top of all of the changes and developments in technology. Bookmark our coverage of CES and check in with us frequently over the course of the event and throughout the year.

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