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Weddings have a lot of ingrained traditions but in today’s modern world, couples are more frequently opting to skip these traditions altogether. While activities such as the bouquet toss or even wearing a garter have been forgotten by many, there are a myriad of old fashioned traditions that can be made more suitable for modern-day. With a little bit of personalization, these old traditions can be easily reimagined to fit in perfectly with your big day, making them a fun addition to your wedding that you’ll remember for years to come.
Wearing Something Blue

Incorporating something blue into your bridal look is a long-held tradition that many brides today do participate in. However, it’s easy to make this a more modern touch than it may have been when it first originated. Fun ways to add this pop of color include wearing bold bright shoes, painting your nails a pretty shade of blue, adding a temporary tattoo that showcases the color, or using blue jewels or a blue marker on the bottom of your shoes to write “I do.”
Serving a Groom’s Cake
Grooms cakes are an old fashioned tradition that started in Victorian England. When it originated, the tradition was that there would be a groom’s cake to be enjoyed by the groomsmen and a bride’s cake to be enjoyed by the bridesmaids. This gave the couple a chance to explore more fun flavors with the cakes, as their regular wedding cake was traditionally vanilla. To “reimagine” this tradition, make the most out of a groom’s cake! Present this as a surprise for your groom, having the cake decorated to suit his tastes and style. Have it feature a favorite sports logo or comic book character. And be sure to have it baked in his favorite flavor. This is a special touch he’ll always remember.
Holding a Statement Bouquet

Wedding bouquets have been around for quite a while, and the “traditional” bouquet is understated, simple, and round. However, this is a tradition that brides can take in any direction their hearts desires. Instead of carrying an “understated” bouquet as tradition dictates, brides now feel free to go bold with bouquets featuring bright and contrasting colors or something lush and overflowing rather than sticking to the standard round shape. Many brides also opt for an eco-friendly choice with faux reusable flowers. Others go for something more unique like succulents instead of traditional blooms.
Throwing a Morning Affair
Around the turn of the century, it was a tradition to have weddings around noon. This followed the common British practice of lunchtime weddings. While this is certainly not a popular tradition today, it’s one that would be fun—and financially savvy. Daytime weddings are much cheaper than nighttime affairs, and having a morning wedding is the perfect time to capitalize on the popularity of a fun brunch. Serve mimosas, dress bridesmaids in tea-length dresses, and enjoy your light-filled daytime wedding to embrace this tradition.
Wearing Colors Other Than White

Wedding gowns have traditionally been white dating back to the mid-1800s. This is because the color white is associated with purity and virginity. In today’s world, though, brides are free to be much more daring with their wedding day look. If white isn’t your choice, opt for dresses with hints of pink, blue, or other pastels in them. To add something bold to your look, add a colored sash. If you’re looking to have a mix of tradition and style, wear a traditional white wedding gown for the ceremony and then change into a bolder dress for your reception look.
Serving Other Desserts Besides Cake
Wedding cakes are one of the oldest traditions in the book, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with the standard, tiered vanilla cake with buttercream icing. Instead, modernize the tradition by choosing to skip a cake and instead have a full dessert table, cupcake tower, or donut display instead. You can also go totally rogue on this one to fit your tastes, having a faux “cake” made of cheese if that’s more your style. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t feel like you have to go with a traditional wedding cake on your big day.
Planning a Grand Exit

A long-held wedding tradition is for the bride and groom to make a grand exit after their reception concludes. This is one that can easily be reimagined to fit today’s world—and today’s trends! Plan your perfect grand exit by giving your guests sparklers to line up with as you make your exit. This presents the perfect photo-worthy moment. You can further embrace the tradition by changing into an exit outfit. Take advantage of current trends by going with something sleek and stylish like a white jumpsuit. Further play along with tradition by enlisting in a getaway car. A retro or antique car makes for another fun photo-op. Adorn the car with a “just married” decal and flower wreath for something gorgeous. This will be a send-off that perfectly caps off your big day!

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