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The reception entrance is always an exciting part of the wedding day experience. For the couple, it’s the first time that they are officially introduced as a married couple. For the guests, it’s the official sign that the party can begin! And these days, couples are upping the ante by making big, bold entrances to their reception—the kind of entrance their guests will never forget.

So, what can you do if you want to make your “grand entrance” even grander? Simple: find a unique way to make your appearance—ideally one that reflects the personalities of you and your spouse. Need a little inspiration? Here are five of my favorite ways to add a little fun to your reception entrance.
The Dirty Dancing Lift
I put this entrance idea at the top of the list for two reasons: it’s super impressive, and it takes A LOT of practice. It’s a classic high-risk, high-reward scenario, and only the bravest couples will be willing to give it a try.

The concept is very simple: you’ve all seen Dirty Dancing, right? Remember that lift at the end? The one where Patrick Swayze held Jennifer Grey over his head? Yeah, that one. Do that! Obviously, this is a physically challenging entrance, and one that a pair of trained dancers have a better shot at than the average couple, but I guarantee that if it’s done right, it will blow your guests away.
The Outdoor Entrance

If you’re having an outdoor wedding reception, you can get a little more creative with your grand entrance. After all, the entire outside world is your stage! This is a great opportunity for you to get creative and think of entrances that suit you and your spouse perfectly. What are your hobbies? What’s the theme of your wedding? Use these details to craft a killer entrance.

Are you having a waterfront wedding? Make use of that gorgeous scenery and make your grand entrance from a jet ski or canoe. Are you and your partner avid fitness nuts? String up a “finish line” at the reception entrance and jog up to it like you’ve been running a marathon! These ideas are super cute, and all your guests are sure to remember them for years to come.
The Silhouette
If you have a reception venue with a lot of curtains or screens, you can make great use of these elements in your reception. Picture this: instead of simply walking into the reception hall, you and your partner stand behind an elegant curtain. A spotlight shines on you, revealing your silhouettes, as the DJ or bandleader officially announces your arrival. Then—boom! The curtain falls and there you both are! It’s the kind of Hollywood-style grand entrance that many of us dream of.

Even if your venue doesn’t have curtains hanging from every corner, there are services you can use to make this entrance a reality. Talk to the company that’s lighting your venue, or even ask your DJ if they know anyone in the professional lighting game. You’ll certainly be able to find someone to light you and your spouse just right.
The Sparkler Entrance

Sparklers have become a popular fixture in modern weddings. They’re festive, bright, and they make for great photo ops—but most couples save their sparklers for the end of the night. What are we waiting for? If you ask me, sparklers can (and should) be used as often as possible throughout your wedding reception.

Now, obviously there are some logistical issues to consider here. You shouldn’t light sparklers indoors, and you should probably wait until the sun sets for the most vibrant sparkler effect. However, if you’re having an evening reception, there’s no reason why you can’t light a few sparklers for your grand entrance. It will make the start of your reception even more magical!
The Flash Mob
I know what you’re thinking. Flash mob?! What is this, 2011? Look, I know that flash mobs had a big moment in the early 2010s, but there’s a reason they were popular: they’re really, really fun! If you and your bridal party dance your way into that reception hall, there’s no doubt that your guests will get a kick out of it.

Best of all, this is the kind of flash mob that doesn’t take too much planning on your part. You’re not organizing 200 strangers to dance in a shopping mall; you’re literally asking your friends to dance at your reception (something they were gonna do anyway). If you want to choreograph a little dance, go for it. If you want to wing it and let everyone let loose, that works, too! Whatever you decide, your guests are going to be delighted—and you are going to have tons of fun!

With these suggestions, you can turn your grand entrance into a memorable sensation that everyone will be talking about long after you say “I do.”

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