20 perfect gifts for the person who cherishes their sleep

20 perfect gifts for the person who cherishes their sleep— Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

We all have that one friend whose favorite activity is sleeping. Any time you call them, theyre either napping, thinking about napping, or just getting up from a nap, and they regularly log 10+ hours of sleep while the rest of us are struggling to get eight.

While this particular friend may be tough to make plans with, the good news is that theyre easy to shop for. There are lots of amazing sleep-related products that your sleep-obsessed friend is sure to love, including everything from sleep masks and essential oil diffusers to comfy blankets and pillows.

1. An extra-large blanket for them to wrap up in

Big Blanket
Credit: Big Blanket

Just like its name suggests, this blanket is seriously big.

If youve ever found yourself struggling to cover yourself and your partner with a too-small throw blanket, youll definitely appreciate this product. The Big Blanket is just what its name suggestsa really, really big blanket. It measures 10 by 10, and our editor swears it will change your life. Plus, if you need more convincing that this would make a perfect gift, you can save $25 with our code TODAY25.

Get the Original Stretch Big Blanket for $149

2. A comfy, airy sleep shirt

Sleep Shirt
Credit: Parachute Home

This cozy sleep shirt will be their new favorite garment.

Parachute is known for its best-selling bed and bath products, which makes it a natural choice when youre shopping for someone who spends a lot of time in bed. We particularly like the idea of gifting that special someone this Gauze Sleep Shirt, which is made from 100 percent cotton for a light, airy sleep experience.

Get the Gauze Sleep Shirt from Parachute for $99

3. Our absolute favorite mattress topper

Mattress Topper
Credit: Casper

This mattress topper is supportive and comfy.

I actually did the testing for our best mattress topper article myself, and I can honestly tell you I would be stoked if someone gifted me the Casper Mattress Topper. This memory-foam topper makes for an amazing night of sleep, as it perfectly cradles your body while providing unbeatable support.

Get the Casper Mattress Topper starting at $195

4. Amazingly squishy memory foam pillows

Credit: Reviewed.com / Jackson Ruckar

These memory foam pillows are adjustablecool, right?

Another one of our top-rated sleep products are these shredded memory foam pillows, which took home our award for best bed pillows. These pillows are unique because you can add or remove the stuffing to perfectly suit your sleep style, and the memory foam bounces back easily, so youre never stuck sleeping on a pancake.

Get the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Amazon for $49.99

5. A sound machine to lull them off to dream land

Sound Machine
Credit: Sound+Sleep

We tested this sound machine ourselves, and it's honestly amazing.

Theres something so soothing about falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves or crickets, and we bet that any sleep-lover will get plenty of use out of the Sound+Sleep Sound Machine, which performed better than any other product in our noise machine testing. It offers 10 sound categories and three different "richness" settings for each, and the audio is clear and effective at blocking out background noise.

Get the Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine from Amazon for $90.99

6. A smart essential oil diffuser

Pura Essential Oil Diffuser
Credit: Pura

This essential oil diffuser can be controlled from your phone.

This stylish little essential oil diffuser can totally transform your home, according to our editor. You can control the smart gadget from your phone, changing the intensity of the scent or alternating between the various scent cartridges inside the plug-in unit. Plus, its compact and doubles as a night lightperfect for plugging in next to the bed.

Get the Pura Diffuser Starter Kit from Anthropologie for $63

7. The best weighted blanket money can buy

Gravity Blanket
Credit: Gravity

The Gravity Blanket is our favorite weighted blanket on the market.

If you love the feeling of being cuddled by a partner, you definitely need a weighted blanket, and the best weighted blanket on the market is the Gravity Blanket. It comes in three colors and a variety of weights to suit your needs, and it feels like being wrapped up in a giant hug. Who doesnt want that?

Get the Gravity Blanket for $249

8. This uber-popular silk sleep mask

Sleep Mask
Credit: Alaska Bear

Block out any disruptive light with this sleep mask.

This affordable sleep mask has more than 8,000 5-star reviews, so you know it has to be good. Its made from super-soft silk, and the headband is adjustable so its not awkwardly squeezing your head at night. Reviewers say it stays in place well and is large enough to block out all traces of light for quality snooze-time.

Get the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask on Amazon for $9.99

9. A plush body pillow to hug at night

Body Pillow
Credit: The Company Store

Who doesn't love hugging a big, squishy body pillow?

Personally, I love nothing more than wrapping myself around a body pillow at bedtimeand no, Im not pregnant; I just like the extra support. This particular body pillow would make an ideal present, as its longer than average at 72 and has the perfect firmness thats supportive yet cushy.

Get the TCS Down-Free Body Pillow from The Company Store for $74

10. A special lamp to help them wake up more peacefully

Glow Light
Credit: Casper

This wake-up light can help ease the struggle of getting out of bed.

Many sleep enthusiasts have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, but luckily, the Casper Glow Lamp can make it a little easier. This cool lamp helps you wind down at night with its warm glow, and it wakes you up more comfortable in the morning with its soft light. You can even adjust its schedule via the Casper app.

Get the Glow Lamp from Casper for $129

11. Warm and cozy flannel pajamas

Flannel pajamas
Credit: L.L. Bean

These flannel pajamas are ideal for the winter.

If youre shopping for someone whos always trying to turn the heat up an extra degree in the winter, these flannel pajamas will help them ward off nighttime chills. They come in both mens and womens styles, and there are a variety of earthy plaid colorways to choose from. Reviewers say the pajama set is incredibly warm and comfortablejust what you need at bedtime!

Get the Mens Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas or Womens Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas from L.L.Bean for $69.95

12. Our all-time favorite sheet set

Sheet set
Credit: Brooklinen

These silky, smooth sheets feel like a dream.

If I could only use one set of bed sheets for the rest of my life, it would be these ones from Brooklinen. The brands luxe sateen sheets won our award for the best bed sheets, thanks to their silky soft feel and easy care instructions. The Starter Set comes with a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, but for those who need a top sheet, you can opt for the Core Set.

Get the Luxe Starter Sheet Set from Brooklinen starting at $98

13. A super luxurious sleep kit for women

Women's sleep set
Credit: Slip

This luxe sleep set is the perfect gift for tired ladies.

Did you know that regular pillowcases can snag and break your hair as your shift around at night? Thats why so many women swear by silk pillowcases, like the one in this beauty sleep set from Slip. The silk pillowcases is gentle on skin and hair, and the sleep mask is soft and luxurious to slip on for a quick nap.

Get the Slip Silk Beauty Sleep Gift Set from Anthropologie for $119

14. A lofty comforter to curl up in

Credit: Buffy

The Buffy comforter is really as good as people claim.

The Buffy comforter has somewhat of a cult follow on social media, and for good reason. We tested this puffy, eco-friendly blanket to see if it lived up to the hype, and it definitely does! The Buffy Cloud Comforter is lofty and soft, and it makes you feel like youre sleeping on a cloud or marshmallow. It even uses recycled plastic as the fill, helping to keep plastic out of the landfills. Win-win.

Get the Buffy Cloud Comforter starting at $130

15. Sleep headphones so they can listen to a podcast in bed

Sleep headphones
Credit: Lavince

It looks like a headband, but it's actually a set of headphones to wear at night.

If youve ever tried to fall asleep with headphones on, you know its a difficult task. Corded headphones will strangle you, and earbuds will fall out or poke awkwardly into your skull. The solution here is these sleep headphones, which are basically a pair of headphones incorporated into a cozy headband. They allow you to listen to music or podcasts as you fall asleep, without any discomfort or worrying about rogue cords.

Get the Lavince Sleep Headphones from Amazon for $19.99

16. A bestselling book all about sleep

Sleep book

Learn all about why sleep is so important to our health.

The next best thing to actually sleeping? Reading about sleep and why its so important. "Why We Sleep" is a bestselling book that delves into the function of sleep and all the ways it can improve our health and well-being. Reviewers call the book fascinating and engaging, as its full of interesting information about sleep.

Get "Why We Sleep" from Amazon for $10.99

17. If youre feeling spendy, a mattress-in-a-box

Casper Mattress
Credit: Casper

I wouldn't mind if someone bought me a new mattress for the holidays...

A good mattress is essential to a good nights sleep, and some of our favorite mattresses-in-a-box include those from Nectar and Casper. If you want to win the holidays, you might consider giving the gift of a new mattress to your loved ones!

18. A unique pillow for people who canand willsleep anywhere

Ostrich Pillow
Credit: Ostrich Pillow

Who among us hasn't been tempted to nap at work?

Do you know someone who regularly falls asleep on benches, in cars, and maybe even at work? Well, theyll be able to take their cat naps much more comfortably with this Ostrich Pillowa cocoon-like head enclosure that provides cushion for your head and blocks out light and sound. Who knows if theyll actually use it, but it makes for an amazing gag gift.

Get the Ostrich Pillow Original on Amazon for $99

19. A collection of products for better sleep

Spray kit
Credit: ThisWorks

These three products all promote better sleep.

This convenient trio of products is designed to promote more restful sleep. The kit includes the brands popular Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray, and Stress Check Roll-on, all of which use soothing scents to relax your body and help you fall asleep faster.

Get the ThisWorks Sleep On It Set from Nordstrom for $19

20. Our favorite luxury comforter

Alberta comforter
Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau

This comforter is perfect for napping, sleeping, and burrito-ing.

A fluffy down comforter that can keep you warm and cozy all night? Yes, please. The Alberta Medium Warmth White Queen Euro Down Comforter from The Company Store won our top spot for best luxury comforter, and you can get it at The Home Depot (which now owns The Company Store) for more than $150 off.

Get the Alberta Medium Warmth White Queen Euro Down Comforter from The Home Depot for $239.40

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