16 Bathroom Design Trends to follow in 2020

16 Bathroom Design Trends to follow in 2020

Keeping on top of the latest modern bathroom trends can be a tough task. From year to year, all sorts of new color schemes come in vogue, as well as fashionable fixtures, fittings and systems. So weve decided to make it much easier for you to stay up to date with the very latest emerging developments on the bathroom scene, by compiling a list of 16 bathroom design trends to follow in 2020. Read on to discover some inspirational ideas to give your bathroom or en-suite a stunning upgrade heading into a brand new decade

1. Contemporary Lighting Solutions

Light fittings are a typically underrated element in the makeup of a stylish bathroom. But that could be set to change in 2020, with bigger and bolder contemporary lighting solutions set to come to the fore. Chandelier designs are an increasingly popular option, and this type of fitting would surely represent somewhat of a bathroom focal point. They can be quite expensive as such. Contrasting modern lighting options come in the form of understated downlights, which can be integrated into the ceiling. And another alternative is mirrors featuring dotted lights or a lighting strip, which will help to maintain a neat, compact vibe. The latter options are an especially tempting proposition for smaller bathroom or en-suite areas.

2. Freestanding Bathtubs

In all honesty, freestanding bathtubs could probably be included on any bathroom trends list dating back to the 90s. And theyll probably still be featuring in similar resources decades from now. A timelessly classic design vice, freestanding tubs are another component that can really dominate a space. Theres the opportunity to choose between modern finishes such as silver or black acrylic, or stick to a tried-and-tested ceramic white or copper model to retain a vintage aura. Selecting a clawfoot bathtub is another fail-safe means to introduce a grand sense of tradition to your bathroom.

black acrylic freestanding tub

3. Wall Hung Toilets

Incorporating a diminutive design, wall hung toilets often sport a box profile for a sharp sense of designer style. These fittings are ideally suited to smaller bathrooms, helping to maximize space and make room for the installation of other essentials. To further enhance space and create a coordinated appearance, a similarly styled wall hung bathroom sink could be fitted nearby.

4. Heated Bathroom Flooring

Trendy and practical! One of the most irritating parts of the day can be stepping onto cold bathroom tiles in the morning or at night. Now, with heating technology advancing at a rapid rate, heated flooring is becoming much more affordable and sought after. Especially so, the rise of electrical floor heating is allowing for a cost-effective resurgence in the popularity of the solution. With electric floor heating, a thin panel is fitted beneath the floor and controlled by a timer and thermostat. Electric floor heating can be purchased for around $700, relatively inexpensive in comparison with hydronic floor heating, which necessitates the installation of rubber tubes all throughout the house to circulate heat.

5. Hidden Storage Solutions

One of the most practical ideas on the list, concealed storage solutions can greatly improve the functionality of a bathroom. Typically, youll upgrade existing fixtures such as cabinets, shelves or bathroom vanities by incorporating extra storage room. For example, add miniscule components within a vanity for the specific storage of toiletries, segregating these items from personal belongings. You might also be well served to add extra shelves to bathroom cupboards if possible. Keep a concealed pull out stool close by if you can. These can prove invaluable to smaller bathroom users to reach towels or other items from higher up if required.

6. Open Plan Spaces

Open concept bathrooms are timelessly popular. In accordance with your personal preference, you can create a space primed for privacy or a wide open area. A liberating aura is to be expected from bathroom areas free of restrictive walls and barriers, so why wouldnt such a space stay in vogue for 2020?

7. Contrasting Tile Textures

Opt for contrasting tile textures to bring a subtle sense of dynamic flair to your bathroom decor. More than just an update from a touch perspective, some really interesting aesthetical alterations can be made with the introduction of diverse tiling. Weve already touched on underfloor heating (UFH) earlier in the article, so you might wish to opt for a heat-absorbing floor material as opposed to cold tiles if youre planning to invest in UFH. Theres also ample opportunity to update the tiles encased within your shower enclosure, opting for alternate patterns and colors to the rest of the bathroom. Give your bathroom a real sense of spontaneity with tiles of different patterns, colors and textures.

beige bathroom tiles

8. The Sound of Music

Whatever type of ambience want to set in your bathroom at any given time, the sound of music can help you achieve it. Whether you want a bright, bouncy and lively mood as you get ready for a night out, or a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to wind down in the tub after a long day at work, music is the answer. There are plenty of waterproof speaker options available, equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for the easy streaming of all your favorite tunes! Make your bathroom a musical hub of the home in 2020.

9. Statement Shower Systems

Theres all sorts of statement shower systems on the market in a wide variety of ultra-stylish modern and traditional designs. So essentially, theres bound to be an ideal option to suit any sort of bathroom decor. Ultra-contemporary shower panels are always a popular pick, and offering the delivery of a spa-like showering experience, its easy to see why. Several shower panel designs provide waterfall shower functionality, which you can learn more about the many benefits of in this guide. Essentially, you can look to invest in an eye-catching shower system that will allow you to enjoy a sensational daily shower as well.

bathroom music dial

10. Pastel Shades

The 2019 Milan Design Show put forward some interesting colors that are set to be huge in 2020. The dominance of pastel shades was notable, with pumpkin red, light yellow and champagne hues all touted to make an impact in the new decade. Each shade would add a touch of rustic quality to a home, and could be best suited to more traditionally styled bathrooms as a result. Of course, you wont want to be refreshing your bathroom color scheme on the regular. So if any of these fashionable colors dont suit your taste, consult our piece on 10 Timeless Bathroom Color Ideas for further inspiration.

11. Minimalist Vanities

Much like many of the 2020 bathroom design trends mentioned in this article, the maximization of space features prominently within this recommendation. Space-saving options such as console vanities are set to be all the rage, whilst diminutive sink-inclusive designs are sure to be popular as well. Something like the pictured 15.75 White Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity will bring clean, streamlined style to any bathroom, and will stand out especially well against a darker backdrop if you have stone gray or smooth black bathroom decor.

12. Retro Photo Gallery

An excellent idea not only for the bathroom, but elsewhere in the home too. Introduce family snaps for a beautiful homely feel. With your nearest and dearest adorning the walls, youll be reminded of blissful family times such as past holidays whenever you enter the bathroom. Perfect for an area of rest and relaxation. Black and white pictures are the safest options in terms of meshing well with any kind of surrounding decor, and will bring a retro aura to the space too. But if lighter pastel hues dominate your bathroom walls, then brighter images in full living color might work even better.

white wall hung vanity unit

13. Pick up some Plants

If youve followed suit with many of the design trends mentioned in this article, your bathroom is unlikely to include dull or drab traits to any real extent. But when you think about it, a lot of traditional bathrooms particularly can give off this sort of vibe unintentionally. Plenty of tiles, steel and stone will contribute to that feeling, so spaces littered with such can really benefit from a touch of green. Plants bring vibrancy and life to a bathroom, and tend to actually grow better considering the limited light levels, high humidity and general warmth of the space. What type of plant you opt for will obviously depend on personal preference, especially with regards to the size. Smaller orchid plants are a popular choice for a bathroom, infiltrating the space with an eye-catching shot of color without stealing attention from other fixtures and fittings. Spider and bamboo plants can achieve similar, whilst bigger and bolder options exist in the form of peace lily and ivy plants, as well as indoor azaleas to name just a few.

14. Magic Marble

Another design concept that could feasibly feature in any bathroom trends list regardless of the era. Timelessly classic in appearance and boasting evident quality in its makeup, marble will always represent a glamorous bathroom upgrade vice no matter how it is used. Marble countertops, walls, bathtubs and flooring all exude effortless designer style that will dominate the look of modern and traditional bathrooms alike. Marble countertops can be accentuated beautifully with golden details for a stunning luxe look, leading into number 15 on our trends list

15. Traditional Sink Faucets

The type of bathroom sink faucets you select will obviously be influenced by surrounding decor and the accompanying sink and its material. Traditional sink faucets are set to be a big hit in 2020, and faucets laden with a golden finish particularly so. The pictured Elizabeth traditional bathroom mixer faucet will complement a marble countertop sink ideally. Theres also wall mounted options such as the Elizabeth traditional wall mounted cross handle bathroom faucet if such a design better suits your bathroom layout. Each style incorporates a classic aura, but you arent solely restricted to gold finishes. Theres brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and chrome designs, to name just a few, that will provide the perfect finishing details to stone or ceramic sinks.

16. Work Wonders with Windows & Drapes

Windows can play a massive role in setting the tone of a bathroom. Their size, for a start, will determine how much natural light will flood into the area. And the location of the window can also largely dictate appropriate positioning for other fittings and fixtures. Windows stationed nearby bathtubs and bathroom vanities are often favored, offering lovely outdoor views for users to enjoy first thing in the morning. In 2020, drapes are a fashionable fancy as well, and theyre likely to be chosen for much more than the privacy they provide and their propensity to block out sunlight when required. In fact, the increasingly vast array of patterns and colors that drapes are available in make them a real aesthetical upgrade prospect. Drapes can also deliver a sense of warm softness to a bathroom, in idyllic contrast to the harder materials typically found elsewhere in the space.

elizabeth traditional bathroom mixer faucet

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