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Rome Rome Rome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im sure if you google, it will come out 100 different pages, blogs, tourism agence, tripadvisor that recommend you to eat a whole lot of different stuff. But, here are what we have tried, recorded and our reviews. We picked out what we like from our research from googles, from all the pages above J. Watch our video to know the details of what the food looks like, the place ambiance and vibe, for the prices you can google their website or yelp. The list below follows the orders of the list in the video:

  1. Suppli Risotto Rice Balls Via dei Banchi Vecchi 143, 00186 Rome, Italy.


It was $3/each suppli, and there was 6 different kind. Our favorite was the Amatriciana which has tomato, pecorino, parmesan and mozzarella. But the rest of them were just as delicious with their own special flavors. I had still water, and my husband had the only beer they have left which was black beer. Watch the video to see more whats inside each of the suppli we had. Blue Ice Gelato Via dei Baullari 130, 00186 Rome, Italy

Website: gelateriacentrostorico.roma.it

Well youre in Italy, you can not NOT have gelato, right?? So, this is one of the many Gelato places that we tried, its just as good as all the other Gelato places around every corner in Italy. My husband had Cookie Gelato, and I had Crepe with Mint Gelato. It was amazingggggg. YOU GOTTA HAVE GELATO! And Its super cheap, like EUR3-4 for 2 big scoops.

Suppli Rice Balls a.k.a Rotta Balls
( Bnh cm chin vi cc loi nhn khc nhau)
  • Osteria Da Fortunata Via del Pellegrino 11, 00186 Rome, Italy

They dont have a website because Its a family business for the longest time. They have grandma and aunties making fresh pasta by the window all day long. They have little kids of the family clearing up the tables and set the tables. They are on Yelp and Tripadvisor if you want to see more. Their place is major in pasta, of course, but therere a lot of other items in the menu like pizza, sharing appetizers, desserts. However, we came here for Pasta, so thats all we had. Please watch the video to know more of what we had, and how it looks like, taste like.

We ordered 3 plates: Strozzapretti Carbonara, Gnocchi Ragu, and Ricotta Ravioli. We loved all of them and were able to finish all of them, lol. But my husbands favorite was the Ravioli, it was outstandingly delicious out of this world. We have never had any Ravioli like that in the US. Mine was Gnocchi, because I always have a big love for Gnocchi!!!!!! The Carbonara sauce was amazingly good with the guanciale.

Strozzapretti Carbonara Ravioli Gnocchi in Braised Oxtail
( 1 loi m st kem trng, Bnh gi kiu nhn pho mai Bnh bt khoai kiu vi st ui b hm)
  • Panificio Ponci Via Trionfale 36, 00195 Rome, Italy

This one is close to Vatican City, so we arranged our visit to this one after our tour of Vatican City (which was horrible, not the Vatican, but the tour with the radio and full of people pushing us to walk, we both got claustrophobic and had to leave the tour to get out, maybe we should have gone during the week instead of a Saturday which was crazily crowded). Anyway, this local deli place has pizza, freshly made bread, and their Porchetta is one of the main thing that on our EAT LIST J. So we had to go here and order them. Since its the local place, so a little Spanish or Italian come in handy, as they might not speak much English. It was also crowded so I didnt know there was an upstair sitting. We ended up having ours to go, and we walked to the nearest bench, sat outside and enjoyed our Porchetta with Focaccia Bread. It was actually pretty amazing. Can you believe you go to Rome, get good local food, and eat on the street? We totally prefer this experience over the Vatican tour. Watch our video to see how delicious their food is, and how I survive ordering the food with my Spanish. Lol

( Tht ba ch nng cun)
  • Anni 60 Via Giuseppe Zanardelli 21

This place is right next to our hotel, we were lazy that day after all the tour, so we decided to take it slow, just sit somewhere outside to enjoy the weather and Italy Architectures. This place didnt disappoint us with their Seafood Ceviche, it was the highlight of my day. The salad was really fresh, acidic from lemon, light sweet from the fresh seafood. And all the meat was cooked perfectly to the right crunch. My husband ordered a seafood pasta, which was good. I ordered an entre of braised veal, sadly it wasnt good. It was super dry and tough, nothing was braised about that. But we still want to go back their again for their Giant Seafood Salad. Check out the video to know how everything looks like & tastes like.

Seafood Ceviche
(Sa lt hi sn)
  • La Norcineria di Lacozzilli Via Ntle Del Grande 15, 00153 Rome, Italy

This place is like Panificio Bonci, a local deli with even better Porchetta. That day we walked in the rain for 30mins from our hotel, across the bridge to the other side to this place, so we can try their Porchetta. Lol, the rain sent us a sign not to go, but we didnt listen. The Deli was close as we arrived pretty late at around 8pm. They dont have a website, and on the map or yelp it didnt mention time of opening/closing. Were guessing they open during the day, especially for lunch. For sure next time we are here, we will have to try this place. Theyre family own from a few generations, and Porchetta is one of their signature. Be sure to try it and let me know how it goes if you do.

  • Peppo al Cosimato Via Natale Del Grande 9, 00153 Rome, Italy

So as we missed La Norcineria di Lacozzilli, we ended up at the next door bar/restaurant with their AMAZING PIZZA, the pizza that we never forget. The thinly crust pizza with crusted edge of Ricotta. And their tiramisu was outstanding too. Make sure you watch the video to know more about this place J

Ricotta crusted Pizza in tomato, basil, mozzarella
( Pizza d mng vi vin pho mai, st c chua, rau basil v pho mai mozzarella)
  • AROMA MICHELIN GUIDE RESTAURANT Via Labicana 125, 00184 Rome, Italy

Website: Aromarestaurant.it

10 course-meal here is something that I can not describe in writing, only because writing is not my strong suit, lol. But watch our video Rome Food Tour Part 2 to know the upclose each of course, from eggplant gnocchi, to lamb chop in ginger pineapple sauce, to langoustine pasta, to their amazing dessert that cooked in Liquid Nitrogen.

The amazing thing about all these Michelin Guide Restaurant is that on your last bite of your last course, you feel full, you feel just enough, you feel complete, yet instead of getting full from a big plate of fried rice, you get to try 10 different dishes, in each has 5-7 different elements combine to create a absolute smooth blend to your palate.

Purple Octopus in Lemon Foam, Pumpkin Puree, EVOO
( Bch Tuc Tm vi Bt Ct Chanh, St B , Vi du Oliu)
Eggplant Gnocchi, Tomato sauce, Pumpkin Puree, Coffee ground, Cilantro Oil
( Bnh khoai c tm, st c chua, b nghin, bt c ph, v du rau mi)

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