Halloween 'Let's Make Ten’ Math Worksheets

Halloween is such a fun time for kids. From getting to step out in your favorite costume, to the parties, to eating endless amounts of candy and pretty much all of the memories - it's no wonder why.

Just because it's a day filled with treats and festivities, doesn't mean Halloween isn't a fun time to learn. 

In fact, these Halloween math worksheets are just what every educator needs to get their little learners just as excited about addition, as they are about the festivities.

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If you're a teacher, these worksheets can even serve as add-ons to your classroom Halloween decorations. Simply set a designated area to hang them, such as a bulletin board, and let your students know how proud you are of them. 

Then, your students can take these worksheets home on the big day, along with their treats. 

Make It A Game
You can even set a timer with these worksheets and whoever finishes within a certain time-frame, correctly, can grab a handful of candy out of a plastic pumpkin - or whatever you may have. 

Then give all of the kids a few pieces for their efforts, at the end. 

Extra Practice
These 'Let's Make Ten' Halloween worksheets can also serve as some extra practice, or homework during the week of Halloween. 

Perfect For Math Centers
Once you print the worksheets out, try laminating them. Then, add these addition worksheets to your math center and have a few kids work on them at a time. 

However you use them, these worksheets will serve as much-needed math practice for early learners. They're perfect for the classroom, homeschool, or even after-school or weekend practice. 

The best part - they're FREE! Just press 'download here' below and the browser will open a separate window with the files. You can save them to your computer, device, or Google Drive and print them via the link. 

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