The Grouchy Ladybug Tells Time File Folder Game

This tells time file folder game has a Grouchy Ladybug theme. The focus on this file folder game is telling time to the hour and half hour. However, using just the hour or half hour cards would be fine. It will be up to you to decide what times you want your children to work on.

If setting the hands on a clock helps your children tell time, you can print out the ladybug clock below. It is part of a set of Telling Time Worksheets with Ladybug.

Getting the Grouchy Ladybug Tells Time File Folder Game

First, you will need to download the set.

Second, if you don’t have Acrobat Reader you will need to download it. The algorithm page is an Acrobat Reader PDF file.

Third, you must go to your download file and open the page.  You may be asked if you want the file to open right after you download it. You won’t have to hunt for it in your download file if you are.

Getting the Game Ready to Play

Making the Game Boards Reusable

If you plan on using the game boards over and over again, you may want to laminate them. The boards themselves could be laminated or the boards glued to a folder.

Below I have suggested products that you may want to use to cover them.

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Selecting Game Tokens

Any of the following objects would make a fun game token. Most of them are probably in your junk drawer or craft space.

  • Small Erasers
  • Paper Clips
  • Buttons
  • Bottle Caps
  • Small Pebbles

How to Play the Grouchy Ladybug Tells Time File Folder Game

  • Children will place a marker (button, bottle cap, bread tag, etc.) on the word Start.
  • Then they will take turns rolling a single die.
  • After they roll the will move forward that number of spaces.
  • When they land has the word card on it, pick up a ladybug time card. If they get the time correct, they will move forward one space. If the answer is wrong, they will stay on the card space.
  • The child who reaches the word End first wins the game.

Building Background

Before playing the game, you may want to read a book about telling time to your children. Below you will find some of my favorites.

The links below are affiliate links.


The book The Grouchy Ladybug inspired this telling time activity. It is a fun way to explore time telling.


The Completed Hickory Dickory Dock follows the mouse all through the day. It doesn’t just focus on climbing up the clock.


This fun book follows a monkey who follows a minute up a tree. It explores time and how it passes.

More Time Activities

Editable Telling Time from Sunrise to Sunset STEM Worksheets

Telling Time from Sunrise to Sunset

What Time is it Mr. Hermit Crab Telling Time Worksheets- This set of four telling time worksheets could be explored after reading the book A House for a Hermit Crab

What Time is it Mr. Hermit Crab? Worksheets

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