June STEAM Calendar of Activities 2023

June STEAM Calendar of Activities features challenges that celebrate June holidays and so much more. They can be explored on the final days of school or in the opening days of summer vacation. Either way your children will enjoy them.

Flip a Coin Day – June 1st

I Love My Dentist Day- June 2nd

National Egg Day -June 3rd

National Hug Your Cat Day – June 4th

World Environment Day – June 5th

National Yo-Yo Day – June 6th

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day – June 7th

World Oceans Day – June 8th

Donald Duck Day – June 9th

Ballpoint Pen Day – June 10th

National Make Life Beautiful Day -June 11th

National Red Rose Day – June 12th

Flag Day- June 14th

Megalodon Day -June 15th

Flip Flop Day- June 17th

Go Fishing Day- June 18th

Father’s Day- June 19th

American Eagle Day- June 20th

Seashell Day – June 21st

World Rainforest Day -June 22nd

International Women in Engineering Day -June 23rd

Swim for a Lap Day- June 24th

Catfish Day- June 25th

Pudding Day -June 26th

National Sunglasses Day – June 27th

National Paul Bunyan Day- June 28th

Camera Day- June 29th

Meteor Watch Day- June 30th

Downloading the June Holidays 2022 STEAM Calendar

The calendar is a PDF. Once you have downloaded, the set you will need to open it with a PDF reader like Acrobat Reader.

Exploring the Activity Calendar

You will be able to access the directions needed to explore each activity when you click on each of the June hyperlinks. After you get to each activity’s blog post, you will find a supply list and step-by-step activity directions.

Many of the activities offer free worksheets or recording sheets. You can use what they have for you to download or create your own versions of the activities if you like. The idea is to inspire you to explore STEAM activities with your children. You know what they can handle and how they like to explore concepts and activities.

A variety of different types of STEAM activities have been included on the calendar. You may find that some are more appropriate for older children while others are great for children of all ages. I think that some of them could be done with a partner or parent. However, some of you may have children that want to complete them on their own.

Books Based on the June Holidays

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My Dad


How to Code a Sandcastle

More June Activities

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