Siblings 2020 – April

What a month! We seem to have adjusted to this new normal of home life, it’s of course had it’s ups and many downs but it just feels eerily normal. How are you doing with this?

Anyway, another sibling post is here! I’m struggling to find things to update you on if I’m honest and I’m sure as the weeks of lockdown continue I may just end up sharing siblings photos without words. Eeeep!!!


I think that Freya has had the biggest sacrifice and loss through all of this. Her last experiences of primary school and enjoying time with her friends has been turned upside down.

Surprisingly she’s been quite resilient on a whole. Her attitude towards the virtual home school has been brilliant and she’s been spending far more time with us than she usually would. Freya quite enjoyed shutting herself in her room. I’m witnessing her beginning to play again.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some pretty low moments this month. Freya gets overwhelmed easily and it comes out in aggressive behaviour. She lashes out towards her sister, mainly Eva, and it’s awful to see. I want to jump inside Freya’s mind to find out why, because when questioned she has no idea, but at the same time I want to grab Eva and Elsa and protect them from the outbursts.


What a month for Eva! She started lockdown and virtual home learning in a really positive and motivated way. It was exciting to be able to help her learn as her teacher had commented on how she always wanted to know more. Then the Easter holidays came and her enthusiasm disappeared.

If I’m honest, she’s been the trickiest to home school. Eva puts up this mental wall between us and hardly does her work independently. Work I know she can do! It must be a huge change for her and ultimately I’m her mummy not her teacher. I’m trying to make home school a bit more interactive and fun.

Eva has a lot of energy. I’m pretty sure she’s been experiencing cabin fever, I’m very grateful for our garden and the sunny weather this month. Being able to open the back door and let Eva out to run off energy has been a blessing. I’m determined not to go for the daily walk we are “allowed” to have, but have questioned that decision with regards to Eva many times.


This littlest lady of ours is adoring life at home. Elsa has selective mutism and home is her safe place. She’s thriving. She spends her days in Eva’s shadow and their bond is tighter than ever right now. Elsa gets very tired by the evening and has become a bit emotional gone 6pm!

With regards to home learning, Elsa’s personality is very much that you cannot tell her what to do. She has to think it’s her decision or choice. So the work I put in front of her has to be exciting. When it comes to worksheets and limited resources to bring excitement to learning, Elsa’s home school has been challenging.

I’m finding that she responds better to watching learning videos or songs, she’s been doing Reading Eggs daily which supports her phonics and reading skills and Elsa has loved crafty or stocking activities. I’m not too worried about her home school as she’s only in reception, it’s very play based anyway. M


Having three girls at home day in and day out has come with its challenges. I’m finding myself nearly permanently in the kitchen, the dishwasher is put on more than usual as we’ve realised we don’t own enough dishes for three meals for five people each day. My ears are aching from the squealing and my head hurts some days.

But on a whole it’s been so wonderful to see a different bond form. A sort of “we’re all in this together” kind of bond. All three of them have had friendships put on hold, progress put on hold and changes that no one could have prepared for.

I’m so pleased to see them play more with actual things rather than always their iPads. They’ve been creating imaginative games of orphanages and schools, and goodness only knows what else. But they’ve been happy in each other’s company the majority of time.

I am so glad that they have each other as a constant source of entertainment and love.

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