Letter Tree Play Dough Mats

Make learning the alphabet and letter-formation engaging and hands-on with our letter tree play dough mats.

Your little learners will 
  • roll play dough
  • form snake shapes
  • twist dough into letter shapes 
Laminate the mats to use with dough or use them with:
  • dry erase markers - write the letters
  • small equipment like counters, tokens and mini-erasers 
This activity is encouraging many dough skills that will help your students fine motor strength. All 26 letters of the alphabet are included in lower case. 

Each mat features the short rhyming text that students can say as they work away on their letters:
Look, I'm a letter, up high in the tree,
Roll and shape the dough, to make me!
We've also included a worksheet for follow-up so that students can transfer their learning about letter shape and proportions and track each letter. Tracking is a great precursor to tracing and  involves the students staying between the lines on the outline of each letter shape.

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