I Spy Feelings on Penguins Activity Pages

I have created a number of I Spy Feelings sets including one that focuses on birds and shapes. This I Spy Feeling set focuses on penguins.

The set also includes penguin feeling cards in B/W and color. While many of your children may know all the feelings displayed, others may not. Some may need to have flashcards beside them while they work. They can look at the bigger version on the card and then look for the smaller pictures on the worksheet that display the feelings.

You can decide just what your children will need to have available to them as they work through the pages.

Getting the I Spy Feeling Pages

First, you will need to download the set.

Second, if you don’t have Acrobat Reader you will need to download it. The algorithm page is an Acrobat Reader PDF file.

Third, you must go to your download file and open the page.  You may be asked if you want the file to open right after downloading it. You won’t have to hunt for it in your download file if you are.

Exploring the I Spy Feelings Activity Pages

  • First, you will want to go over the feelings displayed on the I Spy pages. You can do that by going through one of the sets of flashcards or going over the shapes displayed in the chart.
  • Then you will want to have your children figure out how many of each feeling there is displayed on the page.
  • Your children can write the number of faces found for each feeling with a number or a tally mark.
  • If you think your children will have trouble remembering that they have already counted a shape you can have them color the penguin as they count or put an x on them.
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