Free home school online resources for educating your kids during lockdown

If you're stuck at home with kids to educate, then you're probably getting work sent to you from your teacher via apps like Seesaw or Google Classroom. But what about the other time in the day.

Thankfully there is no end to the online resources available at the moment - we've listed the best below. What's more, many celebrities have stepped in to offer free lessons and tuition on their social channels as well. 

This guide is skewed towards primary education, though many of the lower resources will also be relevant for secondary. 

Resources for home education

As we mentioned above, your child's school will probably be setting out learning for them, but if you need more stuff to keep your child or children occupied then check these sites out: 

  • Sky Learning From Home collections - available on Sky Kids, there are collections of educational programmes ordered by UK school Key Stage (Foundation, 1, 2). And there's also the Sky Kids app as well. 
  • National Geographic Kids - younger kids will love the activities here. 
  • BBC Learning - it's an old site, but there's still a lot of good material. And, of course, iPlayer Kids has plenty of educational content. BBC Bitesize is also great for revision.
  • Futurelearn - Free access to loads of courses. 
  • Blockly - free access to learn basic computer programming skills. Likewise check out Scratch.
  • The Kids Should See This - Educational videos, also check out Crash Course
  • Udeny - These free maths courses are created by professionals working at the cutting-edge of their field and have been taught to over 5 million students, including staff at top companies. 
  • Khan Academy - a comprehensive learning resource. It's US based, but a lot of the topics can be used in the UK. Especially good for maths and computing
  • Prodigy Maths - another that's more US-based but is decent. 
  • Duolingo - Learn new languages for free 
  • Mystery Science - check out these free science lessons
  • Seneca - lots of great summary content or GCSE or A level. Some access needs to be paid for. 
  • Oxford Owl for Home - free primary resources
  • Openlearn - free adult courses intended for those considering Open University, but it can be used by anybody.
  • Paw Print Badges - free packs and downloads.
  • Nature Detectives - activities for the garden!
  • Big History Project - secondary-level history
  • Geography Games - does what it says on the tin
  • Red Ted Art - arts and crafts for vbery small people
  • Twinkl - one of the best resources for worksheets. It's usually paid-for, but is free at present.

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