Caterpillar Count - a Free math activity

Make a fun and engaging math activity for your kindergarten and first grade math centers with our free Caterpillar Count cards!

Students will learn the order and position of numbers by completing a sequence of 3 numerals. They can take advantage of their knowledge of numbers before and after to help.

Students will:
  • take a caterpillar card and
  • complete it by writing the missing number with a dry erase marker
These cards can also be used in a variety of other ways. Team them up with numeral cards, number tiles or cards from another pack. Magnetic numbers could be used too.

Build the number

  • use place value equipment to build the missing number 

Play a number game

  • make a face down pile of cards
  • players take turns to flip a card and say the missing number
  • students keep the cards that they are able to identify until the end of play 

Write the room

  • write letters on the cards and on the recording sheet
  • attach cards to various places around the classroom
  • students walk with clipboards and record number sequences from the cards on their recording worksheet 


  • students working at a high level in mathematics may be able to create a number problem to represent the missing number 

This printable activity set also includes an editable version so you can create your own games and resources perfectly suited to your learning group. Find it over in our TpT store - enjoy! 

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