3 Ways to Use A Math Color By Number Worksheet

3 Ways to Use A Math Color By Number Worksheet

math color by number worksheets

Want to start using math color-by-number worksheets…. but don’t know how to start?

First of all, what am I talking about when I say math color-by-number worksheets?

These are a large bundle that I created full of worksheets that contain a fun coloring “reward” at the end of each page.

They are easy to check (because you just look at the picture!) and kids will actually want to take their time to make their picture look good.

I have 3 ways that you can incorporate worksheets into your day!

You’ll notice that all three of these ways I suggest include making color-by-number worksheets a routine.


A routine will allow you to have minimal prep work.

Students will know exactly what is expected of them, and how to complete the worksheet.

Teachers have enough on their plate, lower your prep time as well as your time explaining directions.

These math color-by-number worksheets will save you sanity and prep time because they contain TONS of math standards.

It’s the perfect way to do daily spiral review in 15 minutes a day!

Keep reading to learn all about these math color by number worksheets!

math color by number worksheets

#1: As a math center

Students will know exactly what to do if you start a math color-by-number worksheet routine!

Students will know to solve the problems, then color the picture.

The best kind of center is one that is effective for students, easy to prep, and minimal on directions.

Having a color-by-number station hits every single one of those boxes!

This is a worksheet center that students will actually WANT to complete!

Want students to be able to self-check their work?

You can have an already colored one available if you want students to have the ability to self-check their work.

Check out the bundle and see if they would work well in one of your math centers!

math color by number worksheets

#2: As morning work

Make it a routine that as soon as students come in the room and put away their belongings, they can start on these color-by-numbers as morning work!

If you have a morning cart (read more about it HERE!), then just make a pile of these handouts each morning for kids to grab on their way into the classroom.

Students will know exactly what is expected of them, and coloring is a calming way for students to practice math while also relaxing and getting ready for the school day.

math color by number worksheets

#3: Independent practice seatwork

After learning or reviewing a new concept, pass out the math color-by-number worksheet that corresponds with whatever topic or standard that you’re teaching!

Students can complete these at their seats as a way to show their understanding of a topic.

You’ll collect the papers when everyone is done and then assess what students know.

It’s a quick way to assess…. look at the picture!

You can quickly make a pile of pictures that have different colors, then you can figure out what those students do and do not know.

This is a way for students to concretely show what they know, plus they get a fun little treat at the end 🙂

math color by number worksheets

Where can I get these math color by numbers?

You can get them at Glitter in Third on TPT!

Click HERE to grab them!

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