12 Winter Art Sub Plans and Early Finishers


12 Winter Art Sub Lessons and Worksheets

This time of year so many people need art activities for early finishers, art sub plans, and just plain art lessons, that are not specifically Christmas themed. Here are seasonal art lessons that will excite your kids in December or the winter.

Art Sub Lesson - Beyond the Gingerbread Man

Winter child drawing of a gingerbread airplane

"Great engaging sub lesson. I teach choice art but only leave choice prompts for subs and this was perfect. No unhappy campers!"
— Kristen J.
Rated 5 out of 5
"I have bought several of these sub lessons and have loved every single one. This has made this year of frequently needing subs so much less stressful. Subs love them too. Thank you!"
— Jordan B.
Rated 5 out of 5

Art Sub Lesson - Ugly Christmas Sweater

Middle school drawing of an ugly Christmas sweater
"This was a super fun way to start an art project where we made "ugly tshirts". The students and I really enjoyed it!"
— Kim H.
Rated 5 out of 5
"My students enjoyed this classroom activity to fill a little time at the end of the semester before Christmas break. Very satisfied!"
— Stacey L.
Rated 5 out of 5

Draw a Gingerbread House

Elementary student drawing of a gingerbread house

"Such a fun lesson! I use this each year as a sub lesson. Def keeps kids engaged!"

"Good for a substitute lesson or quick activity."
-TpT Seller

Radial Symmetry Drawing for Winter

Middle school art drawing of symmetrical mandalas for winter

Rated 5 out of 5Extremely satisfied

"Great resource to have. Students enjoyed it."

"Great resource right before the holidays!"

Art Sub Lesson - Robots in Winter

Elementary art sub plan for robots in winter
"My fourth graders are loving this! The sample robot shapes and details sheets are a great reference for helping them to draw."

"This lesson was great for a sub lesson and the students really enjoyed it. The examples and ideas pages really helped them be successful. Definitely a keeper!!"
— Kim 

Rated 5 out of 5

Art Sub Plan - Doodle Monsters in Winter

Student drawing of doodle monsters in winter

Not Yet Rated

Art Worksheet - Create an Elf in Disguise

Student art worksheet with an elf

"Awesome! Wonderful resource for class project. Love it!"


"This one was flying off my counter during December!"


Art Worksheet - Winter Mittens

Not Yet Rated

Art Worksheet - Create a Gingerbread House

"This was great for early finishers in my Art class during the holidays."

"My younger grades love this and the other products like it. They are so excited when I pull them out."

Art Worksheet - Create a Reindeer in Disguise

"Perfect for right before winter break."


"My younger students love this one! I've seem some really cute finished products."


Art Worksheet - Create a Christmas Stocking

"Super fun! I used these as a pattern to make hanging stockings."


Art Worksheet - Create a Nutcracker

"Engaging for kids. Easy activity. Loves that the base model was a simple enough template that kids could turn it into any nutcracker they wanted."


"Good activity for early finishers! Using this in my music class during my Nutcracker unit. Thank you!"


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