Discover the best locking pegboard hooks 5060 60 pc locking pegboard hook assortment silver

Locking Pegboard Hooks 5060 60 Pc Locking Pegboard Hook Assortment, Silver

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Brand: Locking Pegboard Hooks

Color: Silver


  • 11 different styles of hooks included
  • Unique pegboard hook styles
  • Compatible with any 1/4" round hole pegboard
  • Commercial grade lock on pegboard hooks
  • Designed to stay put on your pegboard

Publisher: Triton Products

Details: Business owners, homeowners and individuals of all kinds are always looking for effective garage and tool storage solutions that provide organization, save space and make it easy to store all kinds of equipment and accessories. The revolutionary stay put pegboard hook is the ideal choice for heavy-duty Locking Pegboard Hooks, and it stands alone in Terms of high quality and versatile storage products. Stay put pegboard hook also works well with Triton’s heavy-duty polypropylene pegboard system, DuraBoard®. stay put pegboard hooks never fall out or drop tools on the floor, earning their reputation as a true heavy-duty tool storage solution. The stay put pegboard hook can also be used with the rest of the innovative family of products from Triton. Includes 11 different and unique pegboard hook styles: 10) 1" single rod straight, 6) U-Shaped, 6) 3/4-1-1/4 plier holder, 6) 1-2" plier holder, 2) 1-1/4-2-1/2 plier holder, 4) 1-1/2"-3" plier holder, 2) 2-1/4" Circle, 8) 2" curved, 5) 1/2" Circle, 3) 1-1/4" Circle, 8) 3-1/2" double, and locking screws

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Package Dimensions: 11.6 x 9.1 x 4.1 inches